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The arenas atmosphere froze.

The Ten Orders Spiritual Array had been liberated, but it had temporarily lost its direction of action.

Rao Yaoyao couldnt find the direction of the Golden Fate Dragon, and Dao Qiongcang was also astonished that the Cang Godhood Sword had lost the fate that was worth of hundreds of years of the Holy Divine Palace.

Both of them froze on the spot.

Those who were close to them could tell that something was wrong.

“What happened” Teng Shanhai asked.

The telepathic communication between Rao Yaoyao and Dao Qiongcang was carried out through sound transmission.

Outsiders did not understand what was going on.

On the ground, the people of Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range had recovered from their crazy state.

They burst into cheers, singing loudly about the power and virtues of the Holy Divine Palace.

However, high in the sky, Rao Yaoyao and Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom looked at each other.

They were both in an extremely bad mood.

Teng Shanhai did not receive any response to his question.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly appeared.

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A burp.

It came from the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale!

Rao Yaoyaos expression changed drastically.

She immediately turned her head to look at the black dragon scale.

Dao Qiongcang also seemed to have sensed something.

When he turned his head, even the saint phantom could not maintain its form due to shock.

It began to tremble.

“Ga ga ga…”

After the burp, a strange, miserable laugh came from the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale.

Following that was a sinister and deep sigh.

His voice was filled with praise as he said, “What a wonderful taste.

I havent had such a good meal for a long time…”

This voice wasnt loud, but it clearly entered the hearts of all the spiritual cultivators within the range of the tenth eras spiritual array.

Upon hearing this, the spiritual cultivators of Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range felt as if they had been struck by lightning, and they all fell into a daze.

“Who is it!” Teng Shanhais pupils constricted as he stared at the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale, and a bad premonition arose in his heart.

A wisp of black smoke rose from the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale.

In an instant, it expanded to the size of over 300 meters!

Higher voids, who were still awake, were all shocked when they saw this.

In the place where the black smoke lingered, there was an extremely dense golden mist that was tied up.

The golden mist seemed to be struggling violently.

At times, it turned into a distorted golden dragon, and at other times, it was tortured by the black smoke until it dissipated into an intangible mist.

“Isnt this, isnt this the Golden Fate Dragon summoned by the Cang Godhood Sword just now” Behind them, Reverend Huang Yangs eyes widened in disbelief.

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The Golden Fate Dragon had been eaten

How could this thing be eaten

“It really is you…” Rao Yaoyaos eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

She had never thought, nor could she imagine, that when she had relied on the Emotionless Sword Technique to channel the power of fate to slash at all the spiritual cultivators seven emotions and six desires on the ground, she would still be intercepted by the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon.

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon had even successfully eaten the power of fate within the sword technique.

This simply couldnt be explained!

“That strike of mine was clearly not aimed at the dragon scale…” Rao Yaoyao looked at Dao Qiongcang in a daze, wanting to obtain an answer from the Hallmaster Dao who was also at the saint realm.

The Golden Fate Dragon was lost.

The Holy Divine Palace had lost at least a hundred years of fate.

Even if she, Rao Yaoyao, was surnamed Rao, she would probably not be able to bear this loss in the future!

“Demon Emperor Black Dragon…”

Dao Qiongcangs saint phantoms voice spread out, but it was filled with solemnity.

No one could imagine that the Demon Emperor Black Dragons scales contained a wisp of the Holy Emperors will that belonged to its true body.

This Holy Emperors will was too difficult to activate.

But after taking a huge detour, it relied on the hundred years of luck in the Holy Divine Palace to incubate itself.

Killing a thousand enemies would make up for eight hundred of its own.

It was a sure win!

Rao Yaoyao lost her composure.

She could not bear the outcome of being teased, and black smoke appeared in her eyes unconsciously.

Seeing that the Golden Fate Dragon was still struggling in the black smoke, if an external force attacked at this time, it might be able to take back a portion of the Holy Divine Palaces luck.

Even if it was only ten percent, she would be able to bear a lot less responsibility in the future!

With this in mind, Rao Yaoyao did not hesitate anymore.

She pounced forward with the Cang Godhood Sword in her hand.

“How dare you tease me!”


The black smoke and the dragon scale seemed to have been frightened.

They did not dare to face the might of the Sword Deity head-on.

They retreated at the speed of light.

Rao Yaoyao took an inch and took a mile.

With the Cang Godhood Sword, the power of fate burst forth…


At this moment, a thunderclap sounded in the clear sky.

The voice of holy fury pulled Rao Yaoyao back from her crazy state.

“Do you still think that you havent lost enough power of fate” Dao Qiongcangs scolding voice rang in her ears.

“Take a closer look.

The Golden Fate Dragon has long been swallowed up.

Everything you see is an illusion!”

Rao Yaoyao suddenly stopped, as if she was enlightened.

After she came to her senses, her back was drenched in cold sweat.

When she opened her eyes again, as expected, the form of the black smoke coming from the dragon scale in the distance was completely different from what she had seen before.

There was no golden fog that was tied up in the black smoke and constantly struggling.

There was no sign of Golden Fate Dragon could break through the shackles in the next second and return to the Cang Godhood Sword.

The black smoke in front of her had long condensed into the form of a completely black dragon.

It was ferocious, sinister, and extremely vicious!

“So, its long gone…” Rao Yaoyaos red lips were agape as she was tongue-tied.

She had finally figured it out.

After that burp, the Golden Fate Dragon had already been completely swallowed.

What she saw later was just the phantom power of the Holy Emperor of the Black Dragon.

He wanted to make her pay for the loss of her wife and then suffer another setback!


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