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How arrogant!

The spectating higher voids were shocked by Hallmaster Daos domineering words.

Facing the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons sword, Dao Qiongcang stayed still after saying those words.

It was as if he was planning to let the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon split him into two.

However, just as the demonic sword was about to reach him, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon really stopped!

“You brat…”

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, who was covered in black mist, was surprised.

He twitched his mouth and said, “As expected of someone who was praised by him.

You even dared to scheme against me!”

Dao Qiongcang smiled and said calmly, “Whether its the Golden Fate Dragon or the Ten Orders Spiritual Array, they are all uncertain factors.”

“In your plan, you might have expected Ai Cangsheng to shoot an arrow.

However, you did not know what the Holy Divine Palace will do after Ai Cangsheng…”

“Its you!” The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon interrupted.

He landed in front of Dao Qiongcang, and the two of them actually began to communicate peacefully.

Dao Qiongcang smiled and he said softly, “Maybe its me, or maybe its something else, but the Golden Fate Dragon was an accident.

I suppose you managed to appear by relying on the power of devouring something like the Golden Fate Dragon… If Rao Yaoyao didnt make a move, you would have swallowed my power instead.

Or perhaps, the Ten Orders Spiritual Array or a demi-saints power, right”

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There was a look of shock in the Black Dragons eyes as he fell into silence.

The scene of everyone discussing their battle plan on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island flashed in his mind…

Bazhunan summoned the leader of the Black and White Veins and laid out the battle plan one by one.

It was the process of the battle between Dragon Scale, Demonic Sword, Ai Cangsheng, and Rao Yaoyao.

According to his calculations, nothing should go wrong.

At the end of the discussion, he even specially instructed the Devil Emperor Black Dragon.

“Devil Emperor Black Dragon, as soon as your lingering will is born, you only need to bewitch the spiritual cultivator from Dongtianwang city and Yunlun mountain range

“You must know that with the nature of the Holy Divine Palace, they wont leave the innocent people to die.

As long as you dont target people like Rao Yaoyao, those decent people wont tear off the last layer of their mask and start their shameless tactics.

“As for the external force, if they want to remove the influence of your Black Dragons power on ordinary spiritual cultivators, they would need either of these three.

One is Rao Yaoyaos Cang Godhood Swords power of fate.

Two is Dao Qiongcangs divine force.

Three is when the other demi-saint on Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe takes action… However, the third possibility is extremely slim.”

“No matter what, as long as they take action to save the spiritual cultivators, theyll fall into our trap.

You only need to swallow the power of fate or a demi-saints power and recover about 10% to 20% of your power.

Afterward, you can carry out the final plan.”

“But remember this!”

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon vaguely remembered how serious Bazhunans tone was when he said the last sentence.

At that time, he said this.

“Perhaps you will face Dao Qiongcang or Hua Changdeng but please remember that they are all juniors to you.

If you are angered by them and ended up wasting excessive power on them, resulting in the failure of the final plan…”

“Your remnant will die on Shengshen continent, and your true body will die here!”

Bazhunan pointed his finger at the ground of the Inner island of the Abyss as he spoke.

His thoughts flashed and the Devil Emperor Black Dragon regained his composure.

He stared at Dao Qiongcang who was standing right in front of him but remained unmoved.

His eyes showed a hint of fear as he said in a muffled voice, “As expected, humans heart is really dirty.

Saint Beasts evolves physically and you guys evolve your brains…”

After pausing for a moment, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon could not resist his curiosity and said, “I really want to dig out your brain to take a look at what else you have guessed.”

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Dao Qiongcang waved his hand and crushed the “Ambition” and “Courage” in front of him.

The corners of his lips curled up as he said, “I have a feeling that you are stalling for time.”

Shock appeared in the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons eyes.

He couldnt make a move because it would waste his energy.

However, Dao Qiongcang didnt have such scruples.

Facing the Black Dragon, Dao Qiongcang flipped his palm and the Ten Orders Spiritual Array shook.

“Divine secret, Holy Light of Saint Punisher!”


At this critical moment, a rainbow light descended from the sky and enveloped the Black Dragon before it could react.

At the same time, the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale was also engulfed by another ray of light.

Both of them started to tremble.

Breaking apart…


Everyone stared in shock as the body of the Black Dragon, as well as the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale, were destroyed bit by bit by the Holy Light of Saint Punisher.

“He died just like that” Everyone was in disbelief.

Only when the Holy Light of Saint Punisher reached the end of its punishment did its power dissipate.

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon and the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale were completely shattered.

However, there was still a devil sword that was struggling violently in the air.

The 21 famed swords had been famous since ancient times and had existed in the world for countless centuries.

In terms of hidden power, there were very few treasures in the world that could be compared to such an ancient supreme treasure.

Naturally, holy power was unable to destroy the devil sword, the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord!

At this time, no one understood what the devil sword was struggling about.

After all, the entrapment of the Holy Light of Saint Punisher had disappeared with the Devil Emperor Black Dragon.

Only Dao Qiongcangs face had a hint of realization.

His eyes filled with solemnity as he said in a low voice, “So, its not the dragon scale, but the devil sword.

Is this the true body that you entrusted the remnant of your thoughts to”

“Ga, ga, ga, ga…”

Strange laughter suddenly floated down from all directions.


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