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As a bystander, she could clearly see the battle situation at a glance.

Naturally, her train of thought was very clear.

“In this situation, as long as the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow hits, even if the opponent is the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, it wont be able to withstand the influence of the power of evil sin.”

“After all, although Lord Cangsheng is a demi-saint, the Evil Sin Bow is one of the nine supreme divine weapons.

In the hands of a demi-saint, the power of the Evil Sin Bow is almost limitless.”

Pausing for a moment, Rao Yaoyao reached out in the direction of the nine arrows, “Also, dont forget… These nine arrows are not only shot out by the Evil Sin Bow but also assisted by the power of Hallmaster Daos Divine Secrets Array!”

Only then did Teng Shanhai seem to understand the situation, and he let out a sigh of relief.

However, before he could finish exhaling, he was shocked to see that after Dao Qiongcang threw out the “Nine Arrow Nail Divine Array”, the phantom itself was like a moth flying into a flame.

It pounced in the direction of the Dragon Pearl, completely defenseless.

“Whats happening” Teng Shanhai was stunned.

He even thought that he was hallucinating.

Was Hallmaster Dao seeking his own death That was the Dragon Pearl that contained the full power of the black dragon, how could he dare to go over without any defenses


It must be that he, Teng Shanhai, was foolish so he was unable to see through Hallmaster Daos true intention.

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Rao Yaoyao said solemnly, “Our last choice is to use the incarnation of the saints will to embrace the Dragon Pearl and perish together.”

Teng Shanhai was stunned, “Isnt this suicide”

Isnt this what a layman like him would do when he was at the end of his rope But this person is Hallmaster Dao!

Dao Qiongcangs move was indeed out of Teng Shanhais expectations.

After all, Hallmaster Dao in his impression shouldnt have been forced into such a state.

Rao Yaoyao said helplessly, “Our opponent is Bazhunan…”


A painful cry sounded from the spatial crack.

The remnant will of the black dragon was hit by nine arrows.

Without the protection of the Holy Emperors power, it could no longer withstand the power of evil sin.

It could only let its body wither and its consciousness collapse.

“God damn it, Dao Qiongcang, I have spat out the Dragon Pearl.

Why arent you targeting the Dragon Pearl but me!” It roared in pain.

At this moment, the remaining power of the nine arrows of the Evil Sin Bow had yet to wipe out all of its remnants.

From afar, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon sensed a powerful summoning power from the Dragon Pearl it had spat out.

That summoning power contained another terrifying power.

It was as if the sacrificial ceremony of the evil godhood had begun, and it had become the sacrificial offering.


The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon wasnt stupid.

It only thought for a moment before it reacted.


The part of the power that didnt belong to the Dragon Pearl was the remnant of Bazhunan from the contract ceremony.

In the final plan, it was only instructed to spit out the Dragon Pearl, afterward, its job was done.

Even the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon didnt know what Bazhunan had left in its Dragon Pearl, and what he wanted to do with the power of the Dragon Pearl.

It thought that after spitting out the Dragon Pearl and completing the plan, it could use its remaining remnant to influence the way of the heavens and leave a dragon seed in the Shengshen continent so that it could hatch in the future.

But now, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon understood.

Bazhunan still needed a last step to accomplish what he wanted.

That step required the Holy Emperors remnant to activate all the power of the Dragon Pearl in an instant.

However, Bazhunan did not mention any of this during the planning of the battle.

Not a single word!

Not even a single word!

“God damn it, Bazhunan! God damn it, humans! I have given my all and even poured my blood and sweat.

Yet you did not even let my remnant will off.

Your hearts are really dirty!”

“Damn it, all of you deserve to die!!!”

Along with the last hysterical roar, the nine arrows did not extinguish the remnant will of the Black Dragon.

Instead, the power of the Dragon Pearls contract ritual completed the sacrificial plan ahead of time, swallowing the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons consciousness through space.

In the spatial crack, the nine arrows had clearly hit their target, but now that they had lost their target, they could not help but fall into confusion.

Then, the nine arrows shattered, turning into evil sin light spots and disappearing.

In the sky above the Yunlun mountain range.

Dao Qiongcang gathered the Ten Orders Spiritual Array.

He wanted to use the array to embrace the Dragon Pearl for the last time.

But before the array could touch it, the Dragon Pearl cracked in just a hairs breadth away.

The Dragon Pearl, which contained the full power of the Phantom of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, did not explode, nor did it cause the surroundings to shake.

There was only one voice coming out of it.

It was an impassioned voice from Bazhunan, who had borrowed the power of the Holy Emperor to spread his voice throughout the five domains of the continent.

“The foundational roots of Saint Ascension do exist!”

“Im in Sky City right now.

Ill give you the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord of the 21 famed swords, the Saint Origin Crystal of Saint Ascension, and the countless treasures that Ive found in Sky City!”

“The era of the Saints is coming!”

“Sovereigns, cutting paths, higher voids … all the spiritual cultivators who want to become a saint, come find me! Come find me in Sky City!”

“My name is Bazhunan!”


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