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The finals of the Maid Olympia are finally about to begin.

The two finalists clashing for the championship are the Super Maid of Heart, Beatrice-san and Super Maid of Technique, Alexandra-san.



“Now, at last, the final match to determine this year’s champion is about to begin.

Competitor Beatrice and Competitor Alexandra, in terms of their past performance, you could say that they are almost evenly matched.”

“Yes, the power of both sides is quite close.

No, not only between the two of them, as there are also no big differences in ability between all the Super Maids.

That’s why, when it comes to battles between Super Maids, the slightest strengths and weaknesses can be the difference between victory and defeat.

What we should pay attention to would be the match format drawn.”



As the audience watched with bated breath, the match format selected by the lottery magic tool was……



“Annnnnd…… it’s out! Tea Showdown!!! Oh my, this certainly is a match befitting the finals of the Maid Olympia.”

“It’s a very simple match.

Both sides will brew tea and the judges who will be drinking it will vote on which one is better…… It’s for this reason that it’s a competition that clearly shows the difference in techniques as a maid.

Then, in such a match that gauges one’s techniques, Alexandra would be at an advantage.”



This may indeed be an appropriate competition to determine the superiority of a maid.

However, in terms of technique, Alexandra, who is also known as the Super Maid of Technique, is probably stronger.

If this is the case, as Ein-san said, Beatrice-san may be at a disadvantage.



While I was thinking about this, all the tools, including tea leaves, were prepared in front of the two, and just as the battle was about to begin, Alexandra calmly spoke.

The sound on the stage was made audible to us by Loudspeaker Magic.



[Let’s have a good fight, Beatrice-san.]

[Yes, let’s have a good fight…… Even so, you have a big smile on your face, don’t you]

[No, it isn’t that I will be negligent.

You are without a doubt an excellent top-notch maid…… However, I’m sure you know that I’ve never been defeated in a tea match in the Maid Olympia even back in the past.

That’s why, I have confidence.]



Surprisingly, Alexandra-san seems to have been undefeated in tea matches in the past.

Well, from what I heard from Alexandra-san, it seems that she became a maid after Ein-san entered the Hall of Fame and stopped participating in the Maid Olympia, so she probably never had a match against Ein-san…… Even so, the confidence of an overwhelmingly strong person drifts from her current appearance.

Confronted by such an Alexandra-san though, Beatrice-san fearlessly smiled.



[Yes, that certainly is the case.

Your tea techniques are excellent.

In a match like this, I would have lost…… the “past me”, that is……]

[Past What do you———- Wha!]



Immediately after that, Beatrice-san’s body emitted a dazzling light.

This is…… the light of Maid Burst that Luna-san used earlier…… No, like I said, why the heck do you glow in that state



“Whoa, Competitor Beatrice has activated her Maid Burst!”

“……How strange.

It may indeed be useful for those with low Maid Power, but for her, who was already complete as a maid, the Maid Burst will not have a big effect.

Especially when it comes to tea, is there really someone that her Maid Vision can envision…… “



In response to Beatrice-san’s Maid Burst, both the Live Commentator and Ein-san seemed a little perplexed.

Certainly, there had never been a scene where a Maid Burst was used in the battles between the Super Maids.

Judging from Ein-san’s commentary, it doesn’t seem like there’s much point in using that technique for maids that had mastered their craft at the level of a Super Maid.



[……Maid Burst I don’t know what kind of Maid vision you’re pursuing here, but even if you pursue the same Maid Vision Lunamaria was pursuing, it won’t lead you to a good result, you know Each completed maid has their own form.

Using Maid Burst at our level would only break our form……]

[……Just the other day…… I had seen the God of Tea.]

[……God of Tea]

[She…… has reminded me of what is most important in my heart as a maid.

Having reached the position of Super Maid, I had been stagnant.

Before I knew it, I had lost the passion to aim for the top that I should have had in the past.

For this reason, I dedicate this match to Master, who reminded me of my Heart that Pursues an Endless Ideal, and above all, the essence of what it means to be a maid.]



Declaring so, Beatrice-san began to brew tea.

And the moment she saw her movements, Alexandra-san’s eyes widened in astonishment.



[……This is! A tea angel…… has manifested behind her back!]

“Whoa, what could this development be! A beautiful tea angel has appeared on Competitor Beatrice’s back!”

“……Now, this is quite a surprising turn of events.

It seems like she has crossed one big bottleneck.

The bottleneck called Super Maid…… Her gestures…… Fufu, it seems like she’s still unable to manifest that God of Tea she speaks of, but she was still able to bring about a technique to manifest a tea angel…… Wonderful.

This is the moment of evolution for one maid.”



……No, the heck are you all even seeing! I can’t see anything at all! What the heck is that tea angel you all are talking about!



[W- What a beautiful angel…… Is this the truth Beatrice-sama has arrived in!]

[By any chance, is that Nebula’s…… Fuuu, I guess that’s to be expected of her.

What a magnificent angel.]

[……Kaito, you can see it]

[No, not at all…… What about you, Lilia-san]

[I don’t see it.]



Apparently, Frau and Luna…… and the maids around us can see some sort of tea angel.

Are they seeing some collective hallucination I mean, I’d really rather not be in the minority who couldn’t see something most people here could.

I didn’t think that, even just when the Maid Olympia was about to end, I would be reminded of how abnormal these maids are again.




















Serious-senpai : [Remembering the feeling which can be said to be their starting point as a maid, she regained her strong enthusiasm and broke out of the shell known as Super Maid.

Just looking at those words, it looked like the awakening of a hot battle…… As expected, maids are dangerous, and it’s amazing how they’d come to that incomprehensible conclusion.]

: [I can’t really describe how I feel, looking at all these extreme theories about maids on Christmas Eve……]











T/N: Nevermind, I couldn’t rest.

Going back to the usual schedule.

Posts might still be slightly delayed though.


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