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Along the cobblestone street illuminated by warm lights, I glanced at the skewers I had bought at a stall while eating them.

In front of me is Makina-san, who is deliciously eating grilled squid…… Hmmm, she really has a completely different impression from the usual Eden-san.

From what Alice said, it seems that Eden-san was being mindful of her dignity and created the personality I normally see, and that her current personality is more genuine.

Well, putting aside whether her usual behavior is dignified or not, I feel like I got to know Makina-san better today.



This is because, although a considerable amount of time has passed since we started going around the bazaar, Makina-san hasnt gone out of control.

No, to be more precise, she hasnt gone out of control because Alice is quick enough to detect the signs of that happening and stop her.

Perhaps, Alices ability to foresee the situation is so great that shes able to detect the signs of her going on a rampage much more quickly than I can, as there isnt even a dangerous situation that occurred at the moment.



[———-Hahh! My child is paying attention to me! This must be a sign that he wants Mother to spo——— Fguhhh!]



Even now, when she was about to say something, she sent a sharp handchop to her throat and prevented her from speaking.

It was a very quick and decisive action.



[……Hey, Alice.

If one wants to stop others, you would normally use a more humane method, you know Not a brutal method like using a hand chop to peoples throats……]

[It would be alright as long as you dont get out of control.]

[Even if you tell me that, there would be times when its difficult for me to do that.]



And most importantly, maybe because they were best friends, Alice had no reservations about Makina-san, which is why she was able to quickly stop her from going on a rampage.

……When I mentioned how great Alice is doing and wish that she would be there when I meet Makina-san in the future, she said “That would be dreadful for my stomach, so please excuse me from that” with a serious tone of voice, so I guess shes actually concentrating a lot in foreseeing her actions.



As I was thinking about this, Makina-san suddenly smiled and patted my head.



[Hmmm! That was fun!!! I was able to see the cuteness of my child, and I had fun going around the bazaar, so Im satisfied.]

[Unnn Does that mean were calling it a night]



Hearing Makina-sans words, Alice tilted her head and asked back, to which Makina-san mischievously smiled at her.



[No, this is “the days end for me”…… Im going to talk with Shallow Vernal for a bit, and from here on out, “you lovers enjoy yourselves”.

Ive set up a fireworks display that will go off in about an hour, so enjoy that as well…… Ahh, by the way, I recommend the area around the shrine grounds over there for a better view.]



Errr, from what I understand in Makina-sans words…… I think she was saying that she was satisfied with the three of us hanging out together, and that from here on, Alice and I should have a festival date.

I wonder if she was being considerate I guess Makina-san would really be mindful when it comes to her best friend Alice.

Besides, her proposal itself is quite appealing.

It certainly was fun when the three of us hung out together, but the fun I feel while going around only with Alice feels different.








Hearing Makinas sudden suggestion, a dubious expression appearing on her face, Alice spoke in a whisper so that Kaito wouldnt hear her.



[……What the heck are you planning now]

[Fufufu, its an opportunity, Alice.]

[What are you talking about]

[You see, I made it so that my child wouldnt be able to remember anything that happens in this place within this world when he returns to the other side…… so even the shy Alice can flirt with my child as much as you want!]


I thought you were up to something, but what stupidity are you up to now……]

[Well, I just wanted to thank you for all the help youve given me lately…… Go make lots of love with my child~~ Well then, see ya!]

[Ahh, wait, Makina!]



After giving a mischievous grin to the blushing Alice, Makina disappeared and the remaining Alice let out a deep sigh.

Although she didnt like how the situation had been set up for her, Makinas proposal was very appealing to Alice.

She felt that if Kaito forgot what happens here when they return to Trinia, she would be able to be more daring than usual.

And above all, its easy to see from his expression that Kaito is also very eager about this…… As Alice had a complicated expression on her face at the fact that she had been taken for a ride, she was thinking that she should be bold for once.








In the meantime, Makina had returned to her white space, where she lightly waved her finger and a rift appeared in the space, reflecting Shallow Vernals face.



[What is it]

[I had a suggestion……  You see, we had a contract where, in return for bringing my child here for a minute, I would “provide information about my worlds festival and stuff related to it”, right]

[Yes, what of it]

[No, I just thought it would be easier for you to understand it if you actually saw the festival rather than me explaining it to you verbally, so I created a space that recreated that festival…… Is it okay if I “temporarily move that space to your world”]

[I see, I dont mind.

Are you going to guide me around right away]

[No, I have a few things in my schedule already, so Ill just teleport it there first, then Ill guide you later.

Once I finish guiding you around, Ill bring it back to my world……]




After getting Shallow Vernals approval and closing the Space-time rift, Makina grinned.

Indeed, “events in the special space within Makinas worlds” would be forgotten by Kaito after he returns to Trinia…… but that doesnt include “events in the special space that has been moved to Shallow Vernals world”.




















Makina-chan : [Alice is a late-blooming flower after all~~ Even though she really wants to flirt with my child more, she just wont obediently follow her desires…… Well, as her best friend, I have to give her this much support!]



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