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Chapter 3 – Girl and gryphons part two



“Guru, guru, gurururu”

“Gururu, gururu, guru, guru”

The little gryphons are chirping in front of me.

I was wondering what they were doing, and it turns out they were listening when I was singing a song I remembered, and are copying me.

I’m surprised to see them imitating the phrases I was humming so quietly, but it’s so cute.

There are six adult gryphons and four little gryphons in the nest.

The little gryphons spend a lot of time with me, while the adults do things like hunting.

The six gryphons all treat me very well, and of course, so does mister horse.

One gryphon in particular looks after me a lot.

She has a scar in her eye, and she is probably the mother of two of the little gryphons.

To be honest, I can’t tell the gryphon’s genders, but when I said “mother” she said “guru” so it’s probably right.

“Guru, guru, gurururu.”

The little gryphons are happily singing, and it made me imagine a little gryphon choir.

I think if such a thing really existed it would be very soothing.

If I knew more songs, I could probably teach them, but I don’t know a lot about singing.

Singing and music are things for the entertainment of people with a lot of money.

All I know is what I remember hearing people sing in the village.

The little gryphons surrounded me and started going around and around while singing.

They were singing while neatly lined up, but it seems they want to move while they sing.

Going singing in circles seems fun, but my eyes are spinning and I have to sit down.

I’m sitting right in the middle of the nest.

This nest was made by the adult gryphons, and it was enlarged after I got there.

I was really surprised to see how it was done.

The little gryphons got tired of singing after a while, and one clung to me.

He’s warm, and when I started petting his wing, he let out a soft cry.

I’m glad he likes it.

After seeing this, the other three approached us, chirping as if they were saying “me too me too”.

I pet them all.

Their fluffiness feels nice to me too, and since they like me petting them, it’s a nice thing for everyone.

An old man in the village once said that naming has a special meaning to monsters.

Thinking about it now that old man, who has since passed away, would admonish my parents for treating me too unfairly compared to my sister.

He was a nice old man.

That old man knew about it because he traveled a lot when he was younger.

As I remember this, I’m starting to wonder if I should name the gryphons.

If naming the gryphons and mister horse has a special meaning, would it be a good thing if I did it

But I have been leading a carefree life with them, naming or no naming, so I decided to think about it later.

A little gryphon is looking at me, deep in thought, as if he’s asking if something is wrong.

I can’t understand his cries, but I imagine that is what he’s saying.

“Thank you for worrying…”


The little gryphon suddenly chirped.

Maybe the little gryphon said something, because that day, the mother gryphon brought me all sorts of things from somewhere.

There are many things like stuff they had in their nest, and fruit from outside.

I wonder what I’m going to do, and as the peaceful and comfortable days pass, I still can’t come to a conclusion.

For the time being, I’m being pampered by the gryphons and mister horse, and leading a relaxing life.

I’ve been brushing them a lot, and I feel like I’m becoming good at it, but there isn’t anything else I can do.

After a while the adult gryphons started singing along with the little gryphons.

Their voices are like a choir, and it’s fun watching them.

Poor mister horse tried to sing too, but he seems sad that he can’t sing as well as the gryphons.

Singing, brushing, playing with the little gryphons, and being taken care of by the adult gryphons and mister horse is how I spend my days.

One day the gryphon with the wounded eye came back from her hunting with another wound.

It doesn’t seem serious, but I’m shocked.

“Miss gryphon…”

The hurt gryphon saw how shocked I was, and ended up consoling me.

Hunting always comes with a certain risk, but all this time they came back unharmed, so it’s a shock to see one of them hurt.

While looking at the hurt mother gryphon, I keep thinking about how much I love them, and how much I don’t want to see them get hurt.

I spent days thinking about it.

Then one day I had a dream where I felt like I was asked a question.

I don’t remember what it was, but I feel like I said yes.

After I woke up, the mother gryphon had changed.

—Girl and gryphons part two

(The girl that is probably the miko feels comfortable living with the gryphons and mister horse.

Then one day she wishes the monsters she loves so much won’t get hurt.)


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