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Chapter 81 – Spirit tree – Part two

I touch the trunk of the spirit tree with my hand, and it feels a little warm.

I look up, and see light coming from a few places.

Are all those spirits Freinet says I can save them with my magic energy, but can I really All I know is that I really want to.

I concentrate my magic energy into it.

I can’t say that my magic energy has recovered since the fight with the monster, but this is something only I can do.

I can feel magic energy leaving my body.

The moment it leaves my body, the spirit tree shines.

When it emits a bright light, the feeling in my hand disappears.

As I’m trying to understand what’s happening, I feel like I’m going to fall, probably because my magic energy is almost all gone.


Gaius stops me before I fall.

I look in front of me, and the spirit tree isn’t there anymore, but I can see three shiny things falling.

I reach out and grab one, and it turns out to be a small sapling with a few leaves.

Looking at it closely, I can see it’s shining.

Reimar and Riruha catch the other two.

The giant tree turned into small saplings I don’t understand.

I still feel weak, but I look towards Freinet, and just as she is about to speak to me…

“Who would have imagined…”

“To think we could witness the birth of sheltering trees…”

The elves seem moved.

Is this sapling in my hand the thing they call the spirit tree’s sheltering tree Can something be done as long as we have this There’s three of them.

I honestly know almost nothing about spirits or the spirit tree, so I don’t understand.

“Freinet, what happened”

“The spirit tree has gone into the sheltering tree state to pass itself to the next.

The spirit tree hasn’t always been here, it was here because a sheltering tree was planted by these elves’ ancestors, and it grew that large after a long period of time.

If this tree had more energy and the monster didn’t come, it wouldn’t have needed to bring forth a sheltering tree unless the elves had to move.”

So even if something happens to the spirit tree, it can be moved somewhere else as long as there’s a sheltering tree.

“If the spirit tree had energy, and that monster didn’t appear, it could have created a sheltering tree on its own.

And this village had lost its sheltering tree, which made things complicated.

But now that we have sheltering trees, we can save the spirits in the spirit tree.

Thank you Lerunda.”


Hum, what do we do, with these sheltering trees”

“We need to plant one somewhere, but probably not here.

The magic energy around here has become strange thanks to that monster, and it’s not compatible with the spirit tree.

We should plant it in a better environment.”

As we speak, I can feel the spirits close to the elves entering the sheltering tree.

“Those, spirits…”

“They will rest in here.

The spirits that just entered the sheltering tree will rest, and won’t come out for a while.

The other spirits that were growing in the spirit tree haven’t fully developed, so I don’t think they will be coming out either.

But since you’re compatible with us, I think even just a little magic energy from you will speed the process.”

Freinet says the spirits in the spirit tree won’t come out for a while.

I remember mister Sileva saying they are resting too.

Does that mean all spirits are resting now

I ask Freinet, and she says that since all the spirits contracted to the elves were born around the same time, they all rest during the same period too.

“…I see.

So mister Sileva and the others… Won’t see their spirits for a while”

I think that’s a little sad.

We managed to defeat the monster and save the spirit tree, but they won’t be able to see the spirits.

But mister Sileva sees the look on my face, and says.

“Do not make that face.

For us… It is enough that the spirits and the spirit tree have been saved.

In fact, I thank you Lerunda.

I thank all of you here for helping us.”

Says mister Sileva as he lowers his head.

After a few seconds, he raises his head and continues.

“We intended to offer you as sacrifices for the sake of our own survival, under the pretext of protecting the spirits, but the monster had been sapping the spirits tree of its power, and even if we did offer you as sacrifices, in the end all that awaited us was extinction.

Make no mistake, it is thanks to you Lerunda that we were able to escape a path that would lead only to destruction.

It was also thanks to you that the spirit tree was saved.”

I’m glad to hear him say this about me.

It makes me think I did a good job helping, and it makes me glad I tried so hard.

But mister Sileva hesitates for a second before continuing.

“But Lerunda… You are not normal, are you You formed a contract with a wind spirit, and used holy magic to that extent… What are you”

Says mister Sileva, and everyone else also turns my way.

Gaius, miss Lan, and mister Dongu.

Only they know that I’m probably the miko.

Everything that happened with the monster pushed me further into believing I’m the miko, but I’m still not certain.


I start talking.

—Spirit tree – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko gives the spirit tree her magic energy, and holds a sheltering tree in her hands.)


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