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1064 A New Mutation!

After spending a few more hours discussing the details of the new experiment, Lady Sphinx excused herself.

As for the Runic Seed It was already on the way towards the witch empire.

Unbeknownst to the current development, Felix continued focusing his potion concoction, training, as well as his integration.

He was currently at 80%, and he intended to push to 99% before his next empyrean game, knowing that the Kraken\'s peak ability would be of a great help.


Two weeks later...

\'Felix, come to my lab at once.\'

\'Oh, on my way.\' Felix immediately dropped his elemental training and went towards Lady Sphinx\'s lab, assuming that she had finished with her experiments on the high elf\'s heart.

Take a seat.


Felix sat next to Lady Sphinx and kept eyeing her with an eager look.

There was a change in plans.


The high elf heart wasn\'t a viable option. Lady Sphinx shared, So, I chose a different path.

Before Felix could comment, Lady Sphinx beamed a solid container that was filled with soil.

She opened it up and reached inside, pulling an almond shaped green seed...It was as big as an adult\'s thumb.

Felix didn\'t need to be told that this seed was special as he could feel an overwhelming aura emitting from it like it belonged to a supreme entity.

\'Why do I feel Lady Yggdrasil\'s aura from it\' Thor questioned as he eyed the seed.

That\'s because it is hers. Lady Sphinx took her time to explain everything about the seed, from its origin to its utilities and reason for mentioning it.

After she was done speaking, Felix couldn\'t help but raise his eyebrows in surprise, I never thought Lady Yggdrasil was this capable.

Felix couldn\'t even fathom how was it possible for Lady Yggdrasil to create such a seed that had the complete runic codex written on it.

The fact that this seed could be used by others and bestow them the perfect runic manipulation was just phenomenal.

Why didn\'t she give them to other primogenitors Asna titled her head in confusion, I believe none of them would say no to having runic codex added to their powers.

We have thought about it and in the end, we deemed it to be meaningless and quite frankly useless. Lady Sphinx answered.

She is right. Thor supported, Primogenitors can\'t use any other element besides theirs.

So, why bother putting a foreign object inside their bodies just to receive another method of utilizing the same abilities

It was like owning a master key that unlocks all doors and still greeding for a rusty key that unlocks them as well, but much worse.

When she thought about it like this, it did make sense.

Primogenitors might believe that Lady Yggdrasil was peaceful and wouldn\'t harm them, but still, they wouldn\'t trust her completely to put her seed within their bodies...Especially, when it was going to add anything beneficial to their already stagnated development.

On the other hand, Felix had affinities to tens of elements...Obtaining runic codex would help him bypass the primogenitors\' dilemma and could start learning time spells, space spells, gravity spells...etc.

It all depended on his own talent in understanding the runes.

How about the elves I believe that Selphie could really make the best out of this seed...I believe that high elves have quite adaptive bodies. Felix asked.

Lady Yggdrasil has created this seed to help other races without runic familiarity obtain it.

So, she wasn\'t really interested in bestowing them to elves. Lady Sphinx added, Still, she did try it and ended up failing as well.

Is it because of their weak bodies Asna guessed.

No, their bodies were fine. Lady Sphinx replied, Their case is a bit unique as what caused the seed to fail the integration was their natural runes on their DNA.

As long as an elf posessed runes in his DNA, it creates a considerable conflict with the runic codex.

I see...The conditions for someone to pull off this seed is really too strict. Felix frowned, I am starting to doubt if this will work.

If it wasn\'t going to work, I wouldn\'t have called you. Lady Sphinx made a gesture with her head at the table, Now get undressed, so we can start.

Right now Felix mumured, I haven\'t prepared my mind.

There is no need. Lady Sphinx informed, You will be unconscious either ways.

Knowing that Lady Sphinx didn\'t like repeating herself, Felix swiftly got undressed and laid on the table.

May I know how will this work exactly Felix coughed, Will I have real wooden branches inside my body

Of course not...Lady Yggdrasil has done an impressive job modifying the seed to grow based on the bodies it is used on.

In your case, the branches will be as soft as blood tissues and will spread throughout your entire body. Lady Sphinx answered while wearing gloves, You can expect them to merge with your nervous system, bones, and even connect with your bloodstream.

I see...Will they be visible like veins Felix asked again as he watched Lady Sphinx\'s assistant inject him with anesthetic drug.

You will find out when you wake up...

That was the last thing that Felix heard before losing his consciousness...

Open him up.


Five hours later...

Felix started to mumble in his sleep while turning around in the bed.

However, the moment he did so, he was assaulted by a wave of pain coming from at the sides of his forehead.

This forced him to wake up from his peaceful slumber.

Ummm, why do I feel like something is protruding from my forehead... Felix mumbled with a muddled expression.

You will know when you look in a mirror. Asna giggled.

Without many thoughts, Felix displayed a holographic mirror and glanced at his muddled face.

However, the instant he noticed two long twisted wooden antlers protruding from his head, he snapped out of it instantly!

They resembled adult deer antler greatly as they had some branches on the side as well.

Though, they weren\'t as big as the real deal.

Aaaaah!! What are those! Felix cried out loud as he touched the wooden antlers with a dreadful look.

They weren\'t the only change he went through as his entire body had visible pistachio green veins coursing on his skin akin to rivers drawn on a map.

No need to shout. Lady Sphinx emerged out of nowhere and clarified calmly, They are an expected mutation.

Though, you should feel delighted to have them since they have an important practical use.

I am all ears. Felix quietened down the moment he heard that the antlers werne\'t for decoration.

Felix would always love useful mutations, no matter how they looked.

As long as you have them, you will never be required to use wands to cast spells like elves. Lady Sphinx smiled, They are made out of Lady Yggdrasil\'s sacred wood and have the runic codex written on them.

So, you can consider them to be the best wands in the entire universe.

For real! My precious antlers. He kept caressing them with a foolish wide smile, never been happier to have horns before.

Who could blame him Felix knew that wands played a considerable role in elves\' magic system.

Although all the wands were made out of Lady Yggdrasil sacred wood, there were tiers to them based on what area of the world tree they were cut from.

The closer to the roots, the better.

It might seem simple to own a sacred wand due to how massive the world tree was, but you couldn\'t be more wrong.

Elves never cut trees from their own planets, don\'t even mention daring to cut parts of Lady Yggdrasil\'s body.

In other words, they had to wait until Lady Yggdrasil\'s branches or twigs fall on their own and then harvest them.

This happened every decade whenever the season of autumn arrives for Lady Yggdrasil...But, that\'s a whole different story on its own.

Even when they harvest them and turn them into new wands, they still require Lady Yggdrasil to activate the runic codex within them.

This adds even more time since Lady Yggdrasil do this at her own comfort...It might even take centuries, and she wouldn\'t bother touching those wands, causing a shortage in the market.

With those Antlers, I will never have to worry about buying wands in my life. Felix smiled.

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