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Chapter 1090 Kill Steal!

That\'s precisely Felix\'s goal...He knew that he must take any chance he had to eliminate the other teams as well.

This would help him reduce competition and also earn more points on his overall performance in the game.

So, Felix kept condensing the Argadite bullet, turning it darker and darker...Although he had lost the passive, it didn\'t matter much since he easily picked it up again on his own.

After Felix was finally satisfied with the bullet, he coated it with a protective Coltnel pink gemstone.

Then, he pushed the bullet inside the sniper rifle\'s chamber and closed one eye while squinting the other on the white serpent\'s torso.

He knew that the distance was just too far, and it would be extremely diffuclt to land the bullet if he aimed it at the serpent\'s moving head.

\'Boys, come on out and help me.\'

The moment Felix finished his preparation, he created two crystallized copies of himself and made them lay next to him.

They naturally posessed two wisps of his consciousness.

\'I will be responsible over the last section...Felix 1 will handle the first section and the middle section will be left to you Felix 2.\' Felix disclosed calmly.

\'On it.\'


Both wisps of consciousness replied to him causally, which was quite a freaky situation...It took a while for Felix to feel comfortable by it.

They might have exact characteristics of Felix, but they still obey the main consciousness.

The reason Felix summoned them in the first place was because of the insane number of electrical rings.

He still couldn\'t control such a large number manually on his own, making him divide them into three segments.

While Felix was on his last preparation stages, Aquamia and Fagur were seen struggling to slay the white serpent.

I can\'t hold it any longer! Make your move already! Aquamia yelled out loud as she used humongous water chains to lock down the white serpent in one place.

The white serpent wasn\'t making it any easier as it kept freezing the water with chilling air before gaining control over it.

Crash!! Crash!!

The instant it broke apart the ice chains, it turned them into weapons, launching them towards Aquamia.

Meanwhile, Fagur was also using his shadows to capture the white serpent and limit its movement.

Both of them were trying their very best to make the serpent lower its head to the ground, so Fagur could easily pop next to it from its shadow and sever it.

\'That\'s it.

Just a bit more...\' Fagur mumured as he watched the serpent\'s head being pulled by water chains and shadow hands.

Just as the white serpent was about to get into the perfect position for him to make a move, its pupils expanded abruptly as it looked into a different direction.


It let out a terrifying hissing noise before it started to enclose on itself with an ice shield...This had taken both Aquamia and Fagur by surprise.

Before they could even properly discuss its peculiar behavior, their danger instincts started tingling out of nowhere.

They didn\'t know what was happening or what was coming, but as veteran empyrean players, they didn\'t spend even a split second to think about any of this!

Was it enough, though

No one knew as their eyes were soon consumed by a blinding flash of light before followed by an thunderous explosion that travelled around the entire moon four times!

All the players stopped whatever they were doing and looked in direction of the explosion.

The close ones were able to see a breathtaking mushroom cloud, hitting the ceiling of the transparent dome...While the ones on the other side of the moon, merely heard the noise.

\'That\'s a big one.\' Mipopo commentated causally, \'You think it\'s Jaygat again\'

\'I don\'t know, and I don\'t care.\' Daydreamer replied indifferently as he continued on his journey.

\'And I thought I was the boring and silent one.\' Mipopo cursed under his breath as he followed him, leaving the giant mushroom behind him.

Meanwhile, the prime suspect of such explosive nukes had his eyes glued on the mushroom.

\'Looks like that kid is still not giving up.\' Elder Forester chuckled as he looked at his partner, knowing that no one else but those two were capable of casting such a mass destructive explosion.

Unless, someone brought with him a legendary scroll.

\'Even better.\' Jaygat smiled coldly, not feeling threatened by Felix in the slightest.

He knew that Felix was strong and had an abnormal resistance to fire, but that didn\'t affect his confidence one bit.

He was considered as one of the true senior dragons in the universe, living for an unbelievable period of time.

Compared to him, prince Domino would merely appear as a baby chick.

\'Let\'s keep going, big guy.\' Elder Forester laughed softly, \'Nothing will matter if we remained in second rank.\'

On the other hand, Garr and Knight Guard N8 gave the explosion merely a blink of their focus since they were fighting another celestial.

Still, Garr had Felix and Marquise Sebastian in his mind.

\'Hopefully, Sebastian will take care of that brat on his own, not involving me into this.\' Garr wished to himself.

He still had no clue that Marquise Sebastian was sent packing by Felix since Queen Ai didn\'t share such information.

Since allying with other teams was forbidden, it wasn\'t possible to contact him telepathically.

\'Focus.\' Knight Guard N8 gave him a cold stare after reading his brain waves, which translated to reading his exact thoughts!

\'F*cker, I told you to stop that sh*t.\' Garr cursed him angrily, not liking having his thoughts being read.

Unfortunately, Knight Guard N8\'s mental prowess was simply on another level, making him capable of doing even more than that.


Back to Felix, he could be seen sprinting away from the mushroom cloud while glancing behind him once in a while.

He had already received notification that he had slain the Frozen Serpent Celestial, which pleased him greatly...There was no way the snake was going to survive such a destructive explosion.

Though, when he checked the explosion zone, he didn\'t spot either Aquamia or Fagur.

Knowing that at least Fagur could easily protect himself inside the shadow realm, Felix understood that he was still in danger.

He could just as easily be chasing him from the shadow realm right now.

Landlord has made the right decision to back off after taking his shot.

Though, will it be enough to escape Ulfang commentated while displaying Aquamia and Fagur both emerging from shadow of a boulder.

Felix believed that only Fagur should have survived his explosion, but he couldn\'t be more mistaken!

Right before the explosion occurred, Fagur had dragged himself and Aquamia inside the shadow realm!

When the replay was played on the side in slow motion, it clearly showed that Aquamia was covered inside a dark sphere before getting pulled inside her own shadow!

He already mastered the advanced ability Shadow Transportation, not bad. Siren commentated with a pleased tone after her champion was saved from elimination.

While she was a bit nervous that her champion might not survive Felix\'s long-distance ambush, Erebus was as cool as a cucumber for this sole reason.

I gave him some pointers years ago. Erebus smiled faintly, I also didn\'t think he will be still training it.

Felix wasn\'t the only one capable of learning advanced abilities.

In fact, he was still a newbie compared to those monsters, who had all the time in the world to focus purely on advanced abilities.

Shadow transportation was one of the hardest ones as it allowed the owner to change the exterior structure of his target to make it compatible with the shadow realm.

Hence, making it possible to allow even non-shadowborns to access the shadow realm.

How do you feel Fagur asked calmly as he looked at Aquamia, who was holding her stomach with a twisted expression.

Like my organs were flipped upside down!

Shake it off. Fagur narrowed his eyes in direction of Felix, We have to catch those two bastards and get our points back.

He didn\'t even need to guess...He was certain that this was the work of Felix since Jaygat wasn\'t capable of pulling this off from such a long distance.

You go ahead, I will catch up. Aquamia cursed, Save me that human! I will make sure he goes through the same pain!

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