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Chapter 1095 The Gods Raid! Lll

\'Let\'s retreat for now...Argh!!!\'

Before Felix and the others could even consider walking away, they were all assaulted by an intense flash of light, forcing them to close their eyes tightly and lower their heads!

The only one, who managed to swiftly recover, was Garr as he had used his darkness element to counter the extreme illumination.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt his blood run cold at the sight of the golden statue standing in front of them with many of his palms clinched into fists!

With him being this close and emitting light everywhere, he truly resembled a god coming down to punish puny mortals like them!

Garr didn\'t spend even a split second thinking of the unimaginable teleportation of the virtual god.

The first thing he did was hide inside a pool of darkness without alarming anyone!

Still, Felix and the others swiftly manifested their protection abilities around them even though they had no clue what was happening...Their danger instincts screamed at them to do so!


Good thing they listened as the virtual god started plummeting the crater with hundreds of destructive fists and palms!

They were so powerful, the moon was cracking like it was being assaulted by an earthquake!

\'Sole X-ray Vision!\' Felix swiftly canceled the visible light, leaving only electromagnetic radiation that allow him to see bones and such!

This helped him open his eyes and negate the intense blinding light completely!

The first thing he saw was countless sets of humongous boned arms smashing the area, and the skeletons of his allies struggling to fend against this onslaughter.


Suddenly, Felix looked up after hearing cracking noise of his white adamantine dome!

\'Sh*t! We will be dead in a few seconds at best!\' Felix quickly reinforced the integrity of the crystal dome and made it much bigger to defend against his allies as well.

Felix knew that he still needed them to defeat this behemoth.

\'Elder Forrester, quickly create an underground tunnel to get us out of here! Garr, use a layer of darkness to cover the crystal dome! The rest reinforce my barrier!\' Felix shouted in the telepathic channel, taking the lead since he was the only one capable of seeing and doing something about it compared to Garr.

\'On it!\' Elder Forrester gave up on his own soil barrier and focused on digging a tunnel beneath them.

Meanwhile, Garr popped out of his darkness hole and covered the crystal dome with the darkness layer even though he didn\'t like to be ordered by Felix.

The oath they took ensured that he would also do his best to defend the alliance\'s interest...After all, there was no point in allying together if a couple of players were planning to sit back and chill.

As for Aquamia and Knight Guard, they used pressured water and mental pressure to reinforce the crystal dome from the outside.

Only Jaygat stayed unmoving since his fire was absolutely useless against such attacks.

\'The tunnel is ready!\' Elder Forrester disclosed from within the giant hole behind them.

Before Felix could say anything, Jaygat and Garr were the first to ditch their positions and escape through the tunnel.

Fortunately, Garr\'s external manipulation range was at least eight kilometers if not more.

So, the darkness layer still protected the others after he was gone.

\'Cowards!\' Aquamia cursed them.

\'Go ahead first.\' Felix permitted Aquamia and Night Guard, not bothering too much with Jaygat and Garr.

\'Alright.\' Knight Guard N8 nodded expressionlessly and flew inside the tunnel.

\'This still doesn\'t make us even!\' Aquamia left an irritated remark as she chased after Knight Guard N8.

After everyone was gone, Felix felt that the link to his group telepathic channel was being cut, giving him the cue to begin his retreat.

Crack Crack Crack!!

However, the crystallized dome started cracking much faster, forcing him to focus on reinforcing it again!

Landlord has been left in a pitch! Ulfang commentated as he showcased the cracked crystal dome through the chaotic thrashing of the golden arms.

He will be doing us a favor if he died here. Arthur remarked with a hopeful tone.

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Unfortunately, before the Darkin faction members and the rest of Felix\'s enemies could even feel the same hope, it was destroyed by the sight of him creating five crystallized domes layered one beneath the other!

This gave Felix the time to escape through the tunnel, knowing that each crystallized dome would buy him a couple of seconds!

Crack!! BOOM!! Crack...

That\'s precisely what happened as by the time the virtual god destroyed the last dome, Felix was already tens of kilometers deep underground with his allies!

The virtual god finally stopped his neverending assault after realizing he sensed no one below him anymore.

Just like a robot, he pulled his arms back to their resting position and remained frozen in his place, not bothering to chase them down.


\'What do you guys think\' Elder Forrester inquired while continuing to dig forward.

\'Everything about his assault was unexpected.\' Aquamia replied while chasing him from behind with the others.

\'The fact that our most powerful attack failed to deal any serious damage is enough to let you recognize that the game is done for.\' Garr remarked while peeking at Felix with a faint smirk.

Just like Marquise Sebastian, he was also tasked with making Felix\'s defeat his priority...So, he was pleased by the whole **ty situation even though he was also part of the alliance.

pared to the other two heads.\'>

\'Where are you leading with this\' Garr scoffed, not liking that Felix was giving everyone a bit of hope.

\'Isn\'t it clear\' Knight Guard N8 replied expressionlessly, \'Each of the virtual god\'s head is responsible over one aspect of his strength.\'

\'In other words, he can only use two heads at once.\' Aquamia added, \'This is his weakness.\'

\'It doesn\'t seem like it\'s a useful one.\' Garr retorted, \'We had our asses handed to us even when he used the powers of two heads.\'

\'It matters since now we can actually plan properly to defeat him.\' Felix narrowed his eyes, \'The only reason we failed to kill him is because of his metal defenses and light healing powers.

So, we just need to find out about which head is responsible for those two elements and decapitate them.\'

Felix wasn\'t sure at the start about the true weakness of the virtual god, but now he was convinced that the heads are the key to slaying him!

\'We have to start with head responsible over the light element.\' Elder Forrester remarked, \'It provided him with the speed of light, insane healing, and also blinding effect.\'

\'He is right, as long as we don\'t get rid of it first, all of our efforts would be for naught.\' Aquamia nodded.

\'How will we do that, geniuses\' Garr sneered, \'You forgot that of his heads are covered with Strucrase metal and even nukes didn\'t damage them.\'

Everyone went into deep thought at the sound of that, knowing that this was more complicated than it appeared.

If they started with the metal head, the virtual god would use the light head to teleport away and come back after recovering his metal head.

If they targeted the light head first, it wouldn\'t be easy to take it down with the extreme defenses from the metal head.

\'The worst part, we still don\'t know what the fourth head is responsible for.\'

\'Don\'t forget that he will be able to use his mental attacks if we removed one of his heads.\'




\'No wonder this is worth 5 million points...\' Elder Forrester sighed, \'It\'s far too hard with just us.\'

\'Good, good, good, fall back to despair.\' Garr grinned in his mind as he looked at everyone\'s distressed expressions.

However, when he turned to look at Felix, he couldn\'t help but feel threatened.

He saw him sitting in a mediation position above a horse-like golem with his eyes closed shut and deep wrinkles in his forehead.

From time to time, he mumured something before shaking his head.

\'Don\'t tell me he is actually thinking of a plan to win this...\' Garr soon laughed in his mind, \'Heh, even if he is Landlord, there is no way he can find a tactic to pull this off!\'

\'Absolutely no way!\'

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