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Disclaimer: This is my first time writing 18 scenes, please bear with me >.come over#[r-18]_47610904950400760 for visiting.

Exactly, once in a while. He gave her a straightforward answer.

She flinched at his brutal honesty, but she still didn\'t sound a single complaint to him.

She simply hung her head low silently.

Felix waited for a couple of seconds, and she still didn\'t speak.

He knew that she just gave him her silent agreement.

As he expected, deep down she just wanted the same as him.

As for feelings, real feelings They take a long time to cultivate and not suddenly appear from a single word or look.

Now that we got that out of the way. His smile turned cold instantly as he asked, Tell me, which punishment do you deserve after keeping me waiting

He truly wasted no time, as he got into character immediately.

She wanted to be dominated then he would gladly fulfill her wish.

Nora stood frozen at his bone-chilling tone with parted lips and legs trembling slightly.

She didn\'t let a single sound.

Are you trying to keep me waiting again He asked.

Nora lowered her head with flushed cheeks and answered with a stutter, No,n, no.

Good, now tell me how I should punish you. He said.

Nora opened her mouth and said, I think I co..

Wrong answer. Felix cut her off suddenly.

Then, he stood up and approached her with his hands behind his back and his dreadful slits thinner than a string.

Of course, he used his real eyes to meet her up.

Nora felt scared at this sight, but at the same time her heartbeats speed up in anticipation of her punishment.

\'ahh, is he going to slap me Abuse me I feel hot just thinking about it.\'

Nora\'s mind was turned upside down with dirty thoughts, as she watched Felix\'s hand gently rub her cheek.

However, Felix did none of what she wanted.

After all, he planned to punish her not to reward her.

He was not a retard to not understand her type.

So he just teased her like this, from touching her cheeks to slightly putting a finger inside her lips.

Yet, before Nora gets to indulge on it, he took it out, leaving her breathing ruggedly with hazy eyes.

Felix smiled at her begging eyes, yet he remained composed in his punishment.

After a while of this torturing teasing for Nora, he found that she couldn\'t take it anymore.

And so he stopped and went back to his seat, leaving her leaning on the table as support.

Listen well, and listen carefully. He informed, Tonight, you have neither opinions nor ideas.

Tonight you are my servant, my pet, and my slave.

You do what I tell you, and only what I tell you.


Nora nodded her head softly in agreement.

This was what she wanted in the first place, to be completely submissive to him.

Her heart begs for it, and her mind couldn\'t stop thinking about it.

Good girl. Felix smiled, Now stand near me, and undress slowly.

I want to savor your body.

Nora blushed at his order but still moved as he willed.

She stood two meters in front of him and began to slowly unveil her pale skin with her back facing him.

Felix observed the elegant curve of her back beneath the dr.a.p.ed fabric of her mini black dress.

Yet, this alluring sight was further enhanced after she removed her dress from the top, exposing her shoulders first, then her red bra that was connected with multiple strings, reaching further down.

Nora paused and turned her head towards him with anticipation in her eyes.

Felix understood what she wanted and praised her with a slight nod.

Satisfied with his praise, Nora offered an enticing smile with her red lips and continued to pull her dress down while bending slightly in his direction.

Felix eyes brighter up a bit at the sight of her, exposing an irresistible peachy rear that had merely a thin red string between her butt cheeks, covering her sensitive parts.

After undressing fully, she stood straight and faced him, embarrassed to make eye contact.

On the other hand, Felix savored her nude body that was wrapped like a charisma gift with s.e.xy laced red lingerie, connecting her bra and panties with multiple tight strings.

She was almost a different species with her narrow waist, her b.r.e.a.s.ts round as gr.a.p.efruit.

Plus, with that enchanting lingerie she was wearing, her breathtaking visual increased significantly.

Nora, look at me. Felix ordered.

Nora lifted her head and stared at his eyes bashfully.

Your body is truly a piece of art. He praised her genuinely, making her blush even further.

But this time she didn\'t dodge his eyes but stared at them affectionately.

What do I do now She asked softly.

Come sit on my lap.

I want to take a closer look. He ordered her with a mild smile.

Nora submissively sat on his lap with her legs closed tight and hands on her thighs.

Felix felt the warmness of her peachy rear on his leg and couldn\'t help but grab it with his hand and squeeze it roughly.


A m.o.a.n escaped her lips at his rough grip.

But, she still let him continue kneading her rear as he wished without resisting.

Soon, he let go of it, leaving it as red as her face.

Felix smiled and pulled Nora closer.

Her torso was touching his, and her full b.r.e.a.s.ts pressed onto his chest.

Her breathing became a bit heavy as she felt his body heat.

Her legs that were closed tight couldn\'t help but open up slightly, gesturing him to touch her sensitive part.

Felix ignored the main dish for now and lifted her chin with a finger.

She looked at him with exaltation and adoration.

What do you want me to do now He whispered softly, while his lips almost touching hers.

I am your servants for tonight.

I don\'t have wants. She answered with a soft breath hitting his face.

Good girl.

He touched her cheeks with his hands and rewarded her with a passionate kiss.

Nora hugged his neck tightly and kissed him back impatiently.

She waited too long for this moment, and now she desired nothing more but to have him ravage her for tonight.

Felix felt her rashness and complied by sticking his tongue inside her juicy mouth.

Nora panted irregularly as she felt his tongue twirl around hers, turning her entire body into mush and her mind completely blank.

She laid on his embrace and let him assault her lips, tongue, ears, and neck as he pleased.

The only thing, she was doing was rubbing her b.r.e.a.s.ts on his chest boldly to alleviate her stiff sensitive n.i.p.p.l.es.

Yet, that was not enough for her.

So she spread her legs widely, exposing her wet red panties for him to see, and stroked her most sensitive part gently while m.o.a.ning in pleasure.

Felix stopped his foreplay after seeing her impatience to be devoured.

Why did you stop she asked while continuing to touch herself.

Felix chuckled and put his fingers inside her red panties.

He then showed her his wet sticky fingers and said, How could I continue when you are like this

Nora blushed and closed her legs in shame.

Felix laughed and lifted her suddenly, then walked towards his bedroom.

Let\'s carry on in my bedroom; I got quite a few surprises waiting there for you.

Nora\'s eyes enlarged in anticipation while looking at the bedroom in front of them.

Felix entered and closed the door shut with his leg.


Felix what are those toys and tools! Her exclamation escaped from the cracks of the door.

You will see later. Felix laughed in a lewd manner.

After a while, only suppressed m.o.a.ns and flesh clapping with each other resounded e.r.o.t.i.cally in the living room.

A wild party was going inside that closed shut door unbeknownst to Felix\'s neighbors.


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