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He seems pretty normal

Yeah, he isn\'t even looking in our direction.

Surprised at the negative responses he got, Adam swiftly turned his head and saw that truly, Felix wasn\'t paying him any attention anymore, Instead, he was clicking with his finger rapidly in the air like a moron.

\'Was he looking at an invisible hologram before as well\' He pondered to himself.

As the captain of the Hiltons team, he also possessed an AP bracelet.

Thus, he knew that Felix was either currently playing a game on a hologram or chatting with someone.

This made him assume that Felix\'s earlier look wasn\'t sent to him but to the person, he was chatting with.


After a grilling 10 minutes of listening to Mr.

Jone\'s speech, the teams and the spectators were finally spared.

As soon as Mr.

Jones left the arena, heading to the VIP rooms which were packed with authoritative figures and the elders of the families, the host took the stage and announced the schedule of today\'s battle.

Without any surprises, The Maxwells were going first against the Waltons since those two were the first to fight yesterday.


Meanwhile in the Maxwells\' resting area...

Captain Felix, are you sure this plan is going to work Nathan asked Felix with a worried expression.

If Kenny is not complaining, why are you jumping around Felix gave him a side-glance and asked, Do you want to take his spot

The weather sure is nice. Nathan immediately sat next to Noah and stared at the sky with him, totally ignoring Felix\'s question.

Thank you for your concern brother Nathan. Kenny looked at him with a hopeless smile and said, Felix\'s plan might be the only one we have to win this battle without too many casualties.

\'Hehehe, you so bad to force him into this plan.\' Asna giggled at Kenny\'s expression.

\'For his traitorous action in my previous life, this is nothing.\' Felix narrowed his eyes, unnoticed by Kenny, and said, \'I will make sure to play with him until that day comes again.\'

Will the two teams please step in the arena!

Felix\'s conversation with Asna was interrupted by the host\'s loud announcement.

He cracked his neck and was the first to walk to the arena.

The rest swiftly chased after him.

They were already prepared and waiting only for the announcement.

At the same time, the Waltons stepped into the arena in a straight line, headed by the red-bearded captain Oliver and the teenager Micheal.

After everyone got on the arena, they immediately started forming a battle formation.

Felix\'s team surprisingly used the same formation as their last battle!

Three front-lines, two supports in the middle with Felix, two rangers behind them, Kenny and Johnson at the far left and right ends of the arena.

Oliver, who was in the process of laying out orders to take the A formation, stopped speaking at this sight.

Not in his wildest dreams, would he have thought that the Maxwells would actually repeat the same formation.

Didn\'t they think for a second that his team had already familiarized themselves with it This thought coursed in his mind.

Regardless, he still didn\'t drop his guard down, as he knew that battle formations could be repeated, but abilities synergies or offensive plans used would be totally different.

You see, battle formations were merely the positions in which a team decided to take against their opponents.

It heavily depended on the type of bloodliner.

If a team had more front-liners than their rangers or supports, the formation used would need to facilitate the front-liners into approaching their opponents.

On the other hand, if the formation depended on rangers, the total opposite would be required, which was helping the rangers to attack without getting threatened by assassins or front-liners.

After a proper formation was chosen, abilities synergies would be created in that said formation.

For example, the Walton team yesterday, used their captain as bait to force the Alabama team\'s front-liners into thinking that only by removing the buffers would they have a chance to win the battle.

The moment they left their formation, the battle was already over for them.

Captain what now Micheal, who was standing right next to his shoulder asked, Should we continue with our main synergy

Gleeful, Oliver nodded his head and said, Let\'s show them the price of being lazy.

After getting his approval, Micheal grinned and pointed each finger at his teammates\' directions, who were spread on their side of the arena away from each other.

They were standing exactly like yesterday in a wide circle around Micheal.

On the tip of Micheal\'s fingers, the same grey wires came out and whizzed each to its target.

No one was spared from having their waist connected with that wire.

It was clear that everyone knew beforehand about this, as all of them were wearing the same tough-looking leather belt that Oliver had on.

On the other side of the arena, Lexie was the first to buff the front-liners with her ability.

Though, this time she buffed Kenny and Felix as well!

After she finished, Olivia took over and started planting on the heads of Noah, Nathan, and Dale.

However, this time she actually planted one on Kenny\'s head as well!!

The sight ringed some alarm bells on Oliver\'s mind.

He didn\'t know why they did so, as it was obvious that Olivia\'s abilities activated only inside a specific range.

He had no idea the limit of the range exactly, but he was confident that it shouldn\'t be big enough for her to heal their assassin, who needed to stay far off from his team.

After all, how was he supposed to ambush their backlines, if he didn\'t come at them from behind

\'Whatever.\' He soon dropped the matter entirely.

What else could he have done It wasn\'t like he could order his teammates to keep an eye on Kenny.

If any one of them had a proper vision ability to do so, Kenny should probably not join the battle with his stealth ability.

Meanwhile, the spectators and the stream MC were laughing their asses off at the new addition to the flower boys band to bother about looking deeply into the reason.

Noah and the rest already had their images captured and spread out on the internet yesterday, going insanely viral.

It got so bad, Nathan and Dale had thoughts of going full commando without Olivia\'s healing in this battle just to avoid any further embarrassment.

Thankfully, Kenny who just joined their flower band took most of today\'s mocking jeers, letting them sigh in relief.

Alright, stop whining about Oli\'s ability. Felix looked at the last 5 seconds in the countdown and said, Noah, don\'t go too deep this time.

The moment Noah nodded his head, the host shouted at the top of his voice, Battle!

Every bloodliner with a morphing ability instantly used them!

They didn\'t want to transform before the battle began was because their energy was being sapped each second to sustain their transformation.

Only those with abilities like Olivia and Micheal had no issue doing that since they didn\'t have the same energy problems.

After a couple of seconds, Noah was the first to finish his transformation.


He used his ice mace as a cane, putting his weight on it while standing motionlessly.

Unlike the last time, he wasn\'t going to dash forward recklessly but remain with the team, moving as one.

He wasn\'t stupid to distance himself from the team after seeing what happened to Luke yesterday.

On another hand, Kenny and johnson were already gone out of sight, doing what they were supposed to do.

Putting pressure on the Waltons\' backlines.

After seeing that the Maxwells were taking a defensive stance, Oliver, who was hovering in the air on a grey tornado, frowned his eyebrows while ordering, Protect the buffers at all cost while I am gone.

Just like yesterday, he was buffed by at least three to four abilities, making his skin glow with two different colors while inside a transparent barrier.

This barrier was the one responsible for protecting him from projectiles.

For him to have that many buffs, it was obvious that his team had more supports than the rest of the teams.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50121576955298772 for visiting.

No need to worry Captain. Micheal, who was standing all alone in the center of the formation, flickered his fingers slightly, causing all of the wires to tremble.

I doubt anyone could ambush those linked with me. He snickered in a c.o.c.ky manner.

Micheal\'s confidence was based on the fact his ability *Metal Link* could pull anyone towards him in a split second.

Thus, unless Kenny or Johnson straight out went for the kill, he could save his teammates from dying.

He was certain that after hearing Mr.

Jones\'s speech, there was no way for those two to attack his teammates\' vitals.

Satisfied by his response, Oliver nodded his head and immediately flew swiftly towards Felix\'s team.

With his speed, it didn\'t take even a couple of seconds before reaching above them.

Without getting told what to do, Sarah and Isabella started hurling their elemental abilities at Oliver.

Phew, Phew, Bam!...

Oliver focused only on dodging those cats made of flame while letting the storm of pebbles to hit his barrier.

He knew that his barrier was fragile against powerful attacks but steady against those types of abilities, like flame rain or such.

Felix didn\'t bother to join the girls as he understood that his poison bombs were even more useless than those pebbles against that barrier.

After all, his bombs were made of mist and the barrier encased Oliver\'s entire body.

My turn!

After seeing that they were slowing down their attacks, Oliver pointed his finger at Olivia and Lexier, trying to use the same combo as yesterday.

However, before the small tornado finished whirling under their feet, Felix hugged their waists and jumped away in a swift manner.

Immediately after landing safely, he threw them on his shoulders instead of putting them down on the ground, making them yelp in surprise.

The hell. Speechless, Oliver\'s eyebrows twitched at the sight of those girls, having their feet and hands dangling down Felix\'s shoulders.

What made him and the spectators even more speechless was the fact Olivia was giving him a smug smile instead of feeling ashamed like Lexie.

His aim at the start of each battle was to always get rid of the supports before focusing on the rangers.

But now, how was he supposed to do so when they were being carried like that by Felix


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