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After Felix was done analyzing the rules, he went straight to the participation list, wanting to make thorough scouting on his opponents.

He knew that some players might actually possess almost the same physical strength as him in this game.

After all, the minimum was the 3rd stage of replacement but the limit was the peak 6th stage of replacement.

The system\'s calculation was always based on humans integrating from awakening to the 6th stage of replacement using nothing but legendary bloodlines.

Since legendary bloodlines all give an enhancement of strength equivalent to 1k BF, it meant that peak 6th stage bloodliners possess 12k BF at a minimum without considering mutations and passives that boost their physical strength even further.

Any human wanting to partake in the UISG needs to have at a minimum this amount of strength.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t even make it past the promotion game as the competition to enter the universal platform was beyond fierce...Though, there were some humans who had done with skills and a lot of luck.

After Felix brought out the hologram, it appeared as such:

//Participants List:

] Doom\'s Day_1344(Orc): Silver Rank, Peak-Tier Wins 12 / Losses 4.

(For more details click on the name)

] Pretzel_1224(Winter Wolf): Silver Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 3 / Losses 6.


] Hell\'s Crow_4754(Crow Half-Ling): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 8 / Losses 3.


] Blood Merchant_2199(Noble Vampire): Silver-Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 5 / Losses 1 (For...)


] Unpaid Landlord_6996(Human): Gold Rank, Mid-Tier, Wins 6 / Losses 0.



] Molamu_4496(Kobold): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 11 / Losses 5.


] Anisa Life_9796(Marine): Gold Rank, Peak-Tier, Wins 13 / Losses 6.


As expected, everyone has a positive win ratio. Felix wasn\'t surprised by the many wins everyone posses as he understood that anyone who is attempting to enter the UISG wouldn\'t be an ordinary player.

They were all dragons among men and they should be respected for reaching the big league.

As for the differences in the ranks

That was understandable since the UISG was based on a strength range instead of a rank range.

After all, the Human race\'s SG branch couldn\'t be compared to the Dragons\' SG branch.

A bronze-ranked dragon could wipe the floor with a peak gold player.

That\'s why Dragons and some overpowered races get access to the UISG straightaway without bothering with promotions games and such.

They also get placed in gold rank, the starting rank of the UISG.

So no humans in my game...Typical. Felix commentated after he scrolled the entire list and didn\'t see another human.

Instead, he found quite a few players from the same race.

Like the two vampires, Blood Merchant, and Vanlord.

He decided to start with them first.

He clicked on Blood Merchant and was transported to his profile interface.

The first thing he noticed was the elimination number that reached barely 5.

Knowing that Blood Merchant was fighting against other vampires in his race SG branch, made it less surprising.

After all, the vampires were known for their tenacity, monstrous innate rejuvenation, and lastly immortality as long as they were able to refine quality blood.

Felix guessed that the vampires were the descendants of the Blood Primogenitor since they had limited blood manipulation as well, allowing them to reach the 2nd stage.

From some videos that he just watched of Blood Merchant, he had amazing external control of blood unlike him who had just entered the 2nd stage of poison manipulation and was learning how to utilize it more effectively.

After spending hours scouting and reading everything about his opponents, Felix asked the Jörmungandr, Elder, how do we know if any of these players are champions to primogenitors

You need to be signed up first in the primogenitors\' games so you can get marked. The Jörmungandr said, Leave that to me and the Sphinx.

Okay. Felix didn\'t understand much but he decides to focus on his own gameplay.

If he wanted to be always the hunter in this game, he needed to have a sharp mind and a solid plan.

Hence, the first thing he did was modify his UVR\'s room into a random apartment complex with ten floors.

The game didn\'t give away how the apartment complex was going to appear but Felix knew one thing...The apartments were going to have a wide space inside of them to facilitate the battle between the players.

After the creation of the complex, Felix gave himself one key to his room and another random one.

Then, he placed a holographic 30 minutes timer beside him and started testing how long it would take him to test all the apartments with his key!

While Asna was watching him in boredom, the Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx were in a conversation about the primogenitors\' games.

What do you think, should we sign him now or wait until he first wins the promotion game and enters the UISG platform Lady Sphinx inquired.

To sign him, we need to head to the primogenitors\' Assembly in the UVR and meet with the rest. The Jörmungandr pondered while scratching his purplish beard, This meant we will expose him to them and I believe that some of them are going to watch his promotion game.

It would be quite humiliating if he ended up losing the promotion game.

Lady Sphinx nodded her head.

She also had invested in Felix and didn\'t want to see those old fogies mock her for picking Felix with the Jörmungandr yet still losing his first-ever game against non-champions.

She knew that those old pricks were brutal in their roasting and she didn\'t want to be at the end of the stick.

However, it seemed like the Jörmungandr was sharing a different opinion than her.

He stood up with a faint smirk and said while glancing at Felix who was doing his hardest to find loopholes in the game design, I have full belief in the child.

Lady Sphinx glanced at Felix as well and gave a half-shrug before saying, When should I set the appointment of his signing

Today at 08:00 PM. The Jörmungandr said, There is no point in delaying it any further.

True. Lady Sphinx agreed.

She knew that the primogenitors need to sign their champions at least five days before their games.

That was long enough to discover every dirt about Felix.

So doing it now or five days later wouldn\'t make much difference.

It\'s done. Lady Sphinx said with a beautiful laugh, I have sent the word to everyone that I am rejoining the games without mentioning you.

I can\'t let my jormi goes without making an entrance.

Haha, I am too old for such childish moves. The Jörmungandr shook his head with a chuckle.

There is no such a thing for being too old for us primogenitors. Lady Sphinx quoted from a book she read, When we have all the time in the universe, we can be children, adults, or elderly at heart...Who\'s there to judge us

That is our biggest advantage and disadvantage. The Jörmungandr sighed with a bitter smile, There is no one to judge us...


A Few Hours Later...

In a wide-spaced assembly room that appeared like any other without any unique design or jaw-dropping decoration, flashes of light kept reoccurring here and there, filling up the empty wooden seats.

When they finally stopped, the assembly hall was packed with tens of humanoid creatures!

Every one of them had a distinctly unique shape, visage, and aura to him/her.

Some of them had breathtaking visages while some didn\'t even have a form, changing from a different mass to another.

humungous eye with a tiny slit, looking left and right at the rest.

One appeared like a shadowy figure while another was a humanoid creature with molten rocks, dripping down his arms.

Yet, the weirdest one had to be the singular humongous eye that was looking left and right at the rest with its tiny dark slit.

The overbearing auras they kept subconsciously releasing would turn anyone\'s legs into jelly.

This was the gathering of the peak, the gathering of one of the strongest beings in the universe, the gathering of the Primogenitors!

Yet this overbearing atmosphere was broken with a click of a tongue, coming from a fair-skinned bewitching lady, Tsk, because it\'s Sphinx, 40% of you old pervs decided to show up.

Last time when I introduced my champion, not even five came.

Standing 5\' 5 tall, this fair-skinned woman was releasing an enchanting feeling about her with every movement she makes or sounds she releases.

Her pink hair, dip-dyed at the ends with shades of light red, was elbow-length and left to hang below her waist.

It was long enough, it was touching nine thick fluffy creamy whitetails that were coming out of her breathtaking tight-fit sparkling grey dress.

Even without jewelry or makeup, she would give even Asna a run for her money at a beauty contest!

That\'s because we see your ugly face in every assembly unlike Lady Sphinx. A deep shallow voice was emitted from inside of a shadowy humanoid figure.

He appeared like a shadow that came to life as he also didn\'t have a face or any distinctive body feature.

It was obvious that he was either the Shadow Primogenitor or the Darkness Primogenitor!


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