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\'Hahaha! I might not have innate traits like witches but I do have my bloodline abilities!\' Felix laughed loudly while closing off his lightning containers.

He truly had his eyes closed the entire time when concocting as he kept thinking as a witch and what a witch needs to do to concoct potions.

He never considered once utilizing his assets to enhance his concoction since they weren\'t mentioned in his taught lessons.

So he was always being swept away with the tide, not stopping for second to think or test his assets on potion-making!

For witches, it was as clear as crystal that they needed microscopic vision, extensive knowledge, advanced mental control, and lastly a good innate trait if they had it.

Those were the only things they had to concoct potions.

But for Felix He had poison manipulation, lighting abilities, and even more upcoming abilities and manipulations!

All of this could be combined in his potion-making to create the most efficient system of concoction just for him!

Such a slowpoke, and you wonder why I didn\'t accept you as my student. Lady Sphinx fired shots casually.

Cough, fair enough. Felix didn\'t dare to retort or create excuses to defend himself.

He knew that he could totally excuse himself by mentioning that he was constantly busy with training, studying, dealing with business matters, preparing for the games, and more matters that were eating up his focus on daily basis.

The fact that he managed to find out about all of this right after the game concluded only shows that he was truly too stressed to bother with potion-making.

Hmmm, this opens up many many paths for me to concoct potions. Felix rested his chin on his hand and thought out loud, Lightning quick reflexes make it possible to work ten times faster than my usual speed.

This will help me with rank 2 potions the most since they are the ones that require potioneer to be extremely fast and perspective.

He tapped his finger on the table with a frown, Though, as long as I don\'t find a way to contain lightning within me without relying on my mental control, it will be tough to concoct rank 2 potions.

For rank 1 potions, Felix merely needed to eliminate the microorganisms and follow the recipe.

By using his lightning-quick reflexes and photographic memory, Felix wasn\'t feeling any more pressure to concoct them anymore.

Even the stress of the exams had been washed away as he knew that 20 days was more than enough to master all the potions that he missed without needing anyone\'s help.

However, for rank 2 potions, that\'s when things get serious.

Alright, let\'s leave rank 2 potions for later. Felix rubbed his hand with an eager expression, I still haven\'t tested my poison\'s effects on those microorganisms.

Felix knew that it was a long shot since there wasn\'t a poison out there that was potent enough to kill those tough microorganisms while at the same time not affecting the sensitive material...But, he was willing to attempt it.

The first thing he did was choose which inducement would be the best in this situation.

After giving it some thoughts, he settled with a less potent version of corrosion.

That\'s because it was one of the only inducements in his possession that could kill and obliterate the remains of the microorganisms.

Killing them wasn\'t enough, they needed to be fully getting rid of for the concoction to turn out alright.

Soon, he activated his quantum vision and dove right back to the microscopic world of another material.

When he targeted those microorganisms, Felix took deep breaths and imagined a micro version of multiple poisonous needles in his mind.

He started by tens and ended up having hundreds of thousands of them swimming in his mind.

Without losing focus, Felix channeled his inner poison energy to shape up those micro versions of needles and emerge from his palms.

As he ordered, a mass of greenish energy rose from his palms and went on its own to engulf the material.

While it appeared ordinary to others, Felix was able to see that the poisonous needles were raging a war against the microorganisms.

However, not a single ounce of delight was in his face as he could see that the material was getting hit as well plus corroded!

\'Damn, this is the minimum corrosion amount, yet it still affects those materials negatively.\' Felix shook his head and snapped his finger, deactivating everything at once.

Just as he tried to go for another attempt but with a different inducement, Lady Sphinx stopped him, Don\'t waste your time.

If it was possible to concoct rank 1 potions by relying on destructive elements, everyone would have been doing it by now. Lady Sphinx clarified calmly, It\'s simply impossible to not affect the materials while using destructive elements.

Only mental energy is harmless unless we wanted it to cause harm.

Upon hearing so, Felix felt like it was quite a shame that it wasn\'t possible to rely on his poison.

After all, his quantum vision consumes huge a amount of his mental energy to stay active.

If he could reduce his mental energy consumption by adding poison to the mix, it would be a good upgrade.

Too bad, he could only give up on the thought now.

Soon, Felix created all the materials for rejuvenation potions and placed them neatly on the preparation table.

All of them were still fresh and needed to be prepared from the start.

Felix wanted to see how much time he would take to concoct the rejuvenation potion since it was the only potion that was predecided to be in the exam.

After all, to get Apprentice Potioneer Licence, it was a must to concoct a rejuvenation potion.

The final 1st-semester exam was merely a much harder version of the license exam since the witches would be required to concoct 6 potions and take exams on six theoretical courses which they been taught.

Only those who scored C in total advance to the next semester.

The rest They had another 6 months to try again.

If they failed, they would get expelled straightaway!


Next Morning...

Felix unmuted his inbox after eating his breakfast, wanting to see if anything was interesting sent to him.

Alas, the only thing he found was invitations above invitations.

The only difference from the previous times was that those invitations were from a bona fide Origin Realm Bloodliners!

I can\'t ignore some and accept some, so...Pretend to be dead. Felix said while shrugging his shoulders.

The only ones that deserved an actual rejection email were his Organization\'s allies.

He wrote a polite rejection letter, telling them that he was busy with the exams.

Then, he wrote one with his Organization, simply telling them that they weren\'t interested at all.

As for invitation to talk shows, interviews, celebrity shows..etc

Felix deleted them all so leader Emma wouldn\'t bother him with accepting one or two to advertise his brand.

Ring Ring!..

Soon, Felix received a call from his subordinates to update him on the errands he gave them yesterday.

Any difficulties Felix asked.

No boss! Erik informed, I have managed to purchase 40 bottles successfully.

Tell me their distribution. Felix requested.

I found only 10 Avion\'s species epic tier 5 bottles in 20 shops that I have visited.

However, I got 15 fire and 15 wind bottles.

Good job. Felix praised and requested, Send me the serial codes, I will be taking care of it.

Without hesitation, Erik had emailed him everything and left Malak to cover her own update.

Sir Felix, I have yet to get someone. Malak clarified, The three auctions that I am planning to visit are going to be held in the next two weeks.

Just do you. Felix said casually.

Felix preferred that she was taking this slow instead of heading to the public slave market and getting him trouble instead of subordinates.

After all, the slaves in the public markets were the ones who were treated as slaves for real instead of those strong bloodliners with rules and rights.

Since those slaves were going to be part of Malak\'s exploration crew, they needed to be either the best or at least they had good behavior.

Soon, Felix hung up after wishing her good luck.

Then, he opened Erik\'s email and copied the serial codes.

Then, he sent them to Fatty Bodidi and told him to ship everything to the cargo company he always makes dealings with.

Because he was in a different galaxy, this delivery would take at least 15 days to reach him.

That\'s only if he used another deliveryworm who was situated in the Witch Empire.

\'10 bottles.\' Felix wished, \'Hopefully, it\'s enough to reach 75% at least.\'

Felix was currently at 51% integration and he didn\'t want to join another individual game with only those abilities.

He knew that he would be studied and researched before the game.

This entailed that his Kamikaze strategy wasn\'t going to be as effective as in the previous game since the players wouldn\'t be retarded to get near him anymore.

Because his poison manipulation wasn\'t that good yet, this would leave him with fewer options to play the game.

\'There is still two months before the reset, let\'s focus on the exams now.\' Felix snapped his finger, morphing his pajamas into the Academy\'s clothes.

It was time to return to the campus after more than three months of absence!


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