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Ten days later...10 minutes before the start of the game...

Felix was currently sitting in the living room in a meditation position while having multiple holograms before him.

One was showing the trending news, another was for bounties, and the last one was for supervising his shipment\'s location.

For the news, his game was currently in the top 10 SG trending news in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Hundred trillions of humans were planning to watch it either on the stream, live, or pirated version if they couldn\'t afford it.

The reason there was this much attention spotted in this game was because of the strength level of Krialder from the Talism Race.

He was ranked in low-tier platinum and he possessed strength that was equivalent to a newly risen Origin Realm Bloodliner!

So most viewers were actually anticipating that Felix would lose this hard since in their eyes, no matter how much strength he manages to gain in those two months, it would never be enough to overpower an Origin Realm Bloodliner.

That\'s because the physical strength of a newly risen Origin Realm Bloodliner was 30K BF! Let\'s not mention the strength of his mental abilities/elemental abilities.

If it wasn\'t for such a massive difference, it wouldn\'t have been extremely difficult to reach the Origin Realm.

When Felix read their comments, he also knew that they were right.

He was way out of his league due to his monstrous MMR...But, due to the game\'s unique design, everything is possible!

During those ten days, he made sure to create many plans and skills to take advantage of his abilities fully in the air.

As for his bounties they did increase in numbers but not one of them had surpassed the 50 Billion SC bounty on him signing a slavery contract.

Lastly, the shipments hologram was displaying the latest purchased C Grade natural treasures and multiple Avion\'s bloodline bottles that were going to help him reach 99% and awaken Thor, hopefully!

In a short while, Felix had closed all holograms after seeing that only ten seconds were left before the teleportation.

He had already played cards with tenants in his mind for luck and his mental was rock solid.

As for castrating himself He didn\'t bother to consider it.

If it wasn\'t banned to drink potions three days before the game, he would have drunk a potion that was capable of lowering his testosterone considerably to avoid getting heavily affected by Sensation\'s charm abilities.

Still, he already prepared a counterattack in case she got too close to him...A surprise that would most definitely be memorable in Kumiho\'s mind.


Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!...

Above a peaceful blue lake that was clean to the point it was able to perfectly reflect, the blue sky, mountains, and trees around it, Felix and the rest of the players\' bodies had begun to reconstruct rapidly.

A moment later, all of them opened up their eyes and looked around them with an intrigued expression.

\'A lake Is our MC going to be marine-based\' Felix guessed while looking around him, wanting to find a place to take a seat.

Alas, they were in the middle of the lake without a single object to sit on.

Left with no choice, Felix shrugged his shoulders and sat on the water itself, not caring about his diving suit getting wet.

When he looked around him, he noticed that Sensation was staring at him while wearing the same pink kimono.

Probably, she had the anti-chill suit underneath it.

Felix sent an airy kiss to tease her a bit and turned around, looking for Salz Master.

He spotted him positioned between two players, having his arms crossed above his chest.

He wasn\'t doing or saying anything.

Felix ignored the champions for now and started scouting for other threats in this game that were just as dangerous as them.

Starting off with Krialder.

He had white straight hair that slightly revealed a craggy, friendly face behind its stalks.

Squinting gray eyes and several moles were spread elegantly on his left cheek.

He would have appeared exactly like a normal human if it wasn\'t for his earlobes being extremely long, reaching down his chin.

He was wearing a yellow robe with long sleeves, hiding his hands and possibly weapons within it.

\'If it wasn\'t for the ban of the spatial card, he would have been considered as the strongest threat in this game.\' Felix narrowed his eyes, \'Though, I still need to be careful from his Talismans.

He probably had stacked his allowed 50 inside his robe.\'

Felix didn\'t read much about the Talism Race since there were thousands of races and he couldn\'t know about all of them.

However, he did know the basic knowledge that everyone should know.

While Vampires were known for sucking blood and being eternal, The Talism Race was known for having a similar innate trait to the Dwarven, as it allows them to etch abilities on small pieces of paper!

Those papers were being referred to as Talismans.

They could have only one ability etched on them and used only once.

While the dwarven were using their language Khuzdul to etch words on futharks to power up artifacts, the Talismians were using ancient runes that could be utilized just with their innate trait.

They couldn\'t etch anything they imagined as they were confined within their own element.

So, A Fire Talismian would not be able to etch water-based abilities on Talismans.

The reason why Talismans weren\'t mentioned much in the UVR or purchased by fighters like Artifacts was because only those with the same innate trait as Talismians were capable of utilizing them!

So, they were useless as a product, making the Talism Race miss out on potentially an untapped market!

The only talisman that could be used by others was curse-related Talismans since they didn\'t require to be activated.

But this wasn\'t enough to make them have the same contribution as Witches or other Utility Races.

Hence, they were forced to join the gamers just like everyone else lest they get kicked out!

Thankfully, their physical strength was decent, unlike commoner humans.

In addition to their Talismans, they were considered a force to be reckoned with.

To balance them out in the games, they were allowed to bring only 50 Talismans that were created by themselves.

So a player couldn\'t bring 50 Talismans of all sorts of abilities, powers, and elements.

Based on the information he read about Krialder, he was a Triple Elementalist Prodigy of Fire, Wind, Lightning!

This meant, he was able to bring 50 Talismans from those three elements, which translate to 50 unique abilities!

The worst part, his abilities could be changed from a game to another so it was almost impossible to guess which abilities did he prepare for this game!

Felix and the rest weren\'t wary of him for no reason!

\'Oh That human is sure staring hard.\' Krialder waved his hand with a polite smile at Felix.

Felix gave him a head nod as a greeting and looked away, focusing on other targets.

By the time he finished, the peaceful water started sending tiny waves from the center to the edges.

The players all dropped whatever they were doing and focused on the middle of the lake.

Soon, they were slightly surprised to see the emergence of a green lotus followed by a humanoid head!

The head had handsome male features but his skin was dark green and his lips were yellow.

A moment later, his entire body followed after, emerging fully from underwater while seated in a meditation position on another lotus flower.

\'Ahh, a member of the Lotus Clan.\' Felix smiled, \'Not a bad choice as an MC.\'

Everyone sighed in relief after seeing him as they knew that the flora Race citizens were incredibly humble, polite, kind, and straightforward.

It was always nice to have such a judge instead of a kind like Luna.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

I am Kayn Handrail and I will be your judge and commentator. Kayn bowed his head slowly and spoke with a comforting tone, It\'s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.

Most of the players bowed their heads back in greeting.

Upon seeing so, Kayn tapped his finger on the water once.

Immediately after, a thin wall of water had risen in front of the players and stayed afloat above Kayn\'s head.

When they focused on it, they saw that it was actually a screen, showing a shriveled yellow land that was filled with cracks on the floor like the sky hadn\'st rained for centuries on it.

This is the black desert in planet Chainides. Kayn clarified calmly, It\'s going to be your landing spot.

No one reacted to the news.

They already knew that their landing spot was going to be like this so their chances of survival from the fall would be minimized.

Landing from 250km with no parachute at this brick-like surface was a death sentence to all of them.

There might be some of them who planned already on survival ideas without parachutes but they still weren\'t going to focus on them since it was too risky.

Better leave those plans for emergencies and focus on securing a parachute.

Soon, the image on the screen had changed to a clear view of the planet like it was taken from outer space.

The planet\'s curve and the yellow color of the atmosphere caused by the dried deserts were in full view to the players.

The sight was sure breathtaking but the players ignored it and focused on tiny white platforms that were placed in a single long line, stretching for about 100 meters.

Felix inhaled deeply to calm his nerves as he kept staring at those platforms that appeared like they were suspended in space.

They were the players\' jumping pads...Most viewers with a fear of heights had their hearts skip a beat after imagining themselves standing on them.

Skydiving from space without a parachute The terror was crippling!


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