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Chapter 876 Lady Sphinxs SurprisingGenerosity

“Ouch, you are going to suffer boy.”

Thor gave Felix a sympathetic look, knowing that the hammers core was merged with more than ten unique and precious materials.

The ** he had to go through to get them was simply unimaginable.

“Master, where did you find those materials” Felix asked.

“I didnt find them.” Thor chuckled, “I simply lucked out on them during my cosmic journeys…For example, Mjölnirs handle was made out of the purest Moon Titanium.

I found out in a pocket dimension, where it was filled with just moons.”

“There were many other materials that ended up in my hands by trading with my peers, or taking them forcefully from civilizations who didnt know their true value.” Thor concluded, “All in all, you are going to have a tough time getting materials with the same value…Especially in this overcrowded Era.”

Felix couldnt help but sigh in frustration.

He understood that if Thor was having trouble gathering those materials while he was a god in his Era, it would be a hellish experience to do the same in this Era.

Although the universe wasnt fully explored yet, it was believed that more than 40% had been already covered by the alliance, leaving the other 60% in utter darkness.

New galaxies and races were being discovered every day.

That aside, 40% meant that a significant number of resources had been plunged already.

“You dont have to freak out.” Cyclope chuckled, “We have yet to even decide on the weapons design.

If you listen to my suggestions, I will make sure to not make something that requires an impossible to find materials.”

Upon hearing so, Felixs heart was settled a bit.

“So, do you also want a hammer” Cyclope inquired.

Since the core material of Mjölnir would be salvaged, there was no point in making another hammer again.

It was better for Felix to think carefully and choose the perfect weapon for him.

“Hammer is good.” Felix recalled his crescent battleaxe and said with a firm tone, “But, I am more comfortable with an axe.”

Felix has had a great time with his crescent battleaxe to the point, he doubted if he could even replace it when the time comes to switch to the divine weapon.

After all, the divine weapon would have taken a century or even more to make and thats when Cyclope was given all the materials.

In other words, it could take even longer depending on his speed of gathering those materials.

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In this time, Felix would be using mainly his crescent battleaxe since there was no weapon thats better than it besides divine weapons.

Hence, he knew that if he was going to make a weapon, it better be as close as possible to his crescent battleaxe or all that time spent on using it would have gone to waste.

“An axe…Hmm, you also want its body made out of vines” Cyclope inquired.

“Yes.” Felix nodded.

ꜰʀᴇᴇ wᴇʙ ɴovᴇʟ.


“Do you want it to be double-edged axe or just one bladed axe while the other side is a blunt hammer” Cyclope explained the differnece for him, “Double-edged is more flexible since you can strike with both sides, but one-sided blade is all rounded.”

Cyclope created two holographic images of the two axes and swung them at the same time.

It was clear in Felixs eyes that the forces differ as the one bladed axe carried more punch due to the weight of the hammers head supporting it.

“In addition, the hammer side can be used as a shield to block attacks due to the thickness of the materials.” Cyclope added.

“I see.” Felix rested his chin on his palm and kept eying both versions of the axe.

He liked the fact that two bladed axe can help him attack with both blades, making his battle style a bit more flexible.

However, at the same time he loved the idea that the one bladed axe could be used as a defensive measure and also as a blunt weapon.

Felix understood that there would be situations where cutting and piercing wouldnt be as useful as forceful blunt strikes.

“I think one bladed axe will be better for my future.” Felix decided firmly, “It will be a bit weird to get used to it at the start due to using two bladed axe, but I can adapt with some time.”

“Good decision.” Cyclope nodded.

Even Thor was a bit happy about Felix picking the one bladed axe since the traces of Mjölnir wouldnt be completely erased.

“Now, lets talk about the materials.” Cyclope created a long holographic list and displayed it before everyone.

“Shadowsatin, Frostlead, Electric Gold, Aspectlace…Ancestral Dragons Scales, Nature Goddesss Ancient Roots…What am I reading”

Felix had no idea whether he should feel worried or not since he never heard about any of those materials.

The only material that made his heart skip a beat was the Ancestral Dragons Scales.

Just the name was enough to make him know that getting this material was going to be almost impossible!

The ancestral dragon was the first dragon to be ever born in this universe…His strength was comparable or even higher than some primogenitors!

For such being, every single scale was being cherished and protected by the royal family.

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Hell, Felix doubted if even some royal dragons had access to see those legendary scales.

Yet, he was being asked to bring ten of them

“I told you the materials will not be easy to get.” Thor smiled wryly as he eyed the dumbfounded Felix.

“Hmm, I have some Shadowsatin, Electric Gold and Aspectlace.” Lady Sphinx informed with a frown, “I am missing the rest, though.

Can they be replaced”

“Master…” Felixs eyes widened in surprise after realizing that Lady Sphinx was planning to empty her treasury of such precious treasures for him!

“Dont give me that look.” Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, “I told you that I will take care of you after you won me twenty-four monoliths.

Plus, those materials are just sitting in my treasury since they can be used only for forgery.”

Felix knew that she was saying so to make him feel better about accepting her assistance.

There was simply no way those precious materials would be used for mere forgery…The rarer the materials, the more utilities it would have.

“Some materials are core ones that cant be changed like Ancestral Dragons Scales and Nature Goddesss Ancient Roots since one will be used for the body and the other to coat it…The rest can be changed for other materials of similar properties.” Cyclope responded to Lady Sphinxs previous question.

“I see.” Lady Sphinx soon displayed a holographic list before Cyclope and informed, “Those are the current precious materials in my treasury, pick the ones that can be used for his divine weapon.”

“Ohoho, you must really like the kid to invest this much in him.” Cyclope smiled widely and began scrolling down the list.

Whenever he spotted a material that could be used, he swiped it to the left.

In a few moments, he reached the bottom and shook his head, “You will be missing Nethersteel, Luminous Nylon, and Sparkcobalt.”

Although Lady Sphinx treasury was rich with treasures, she was still unable to accommodate all the required materials for the divine weapon.

“I see…I believe Nethersteel can be obtained from Dwarven Empires treasury.” Lady Sphinx shared, “Ever since they found this type of material, they never managed to craft anything with it and decided to put it away until the day a new legendary forger arise and do the material justice.”

“Your Intel is correct.”

Cyclope nodded in agreement, knowing that he was the one who handed the material to his first students, hoping that someone would be able to craft a divine treasure with it.

Unfortunately, all of them failed miserably, and he had no patience to spend more time teaching them his ways after realizing that they werent truly gifted in it.

Though he kept such thoughts to himself.

“As for Luminous Nylon, and Sparkcobalt, I can ask around and see if anyone in the circle has them.” Lady Sphinx said.

“Thank you, master…Truly, thank you.” Felix could only bow his head respectfully, knowing that Lady Sphinx didnt like it when things became emotional.

“Dont thank me yet.” Lady Sphinx sighed, “You still need to obtain the Nethersteel, ancestrals dragons scales, and Lady Yggdrasils ancient roots on your own.”

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