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Chapter 899 The Agreement l

Ten minutes later…

Felix was escorted to courtroom by Anastasia and Selphie.

“Selphie, you can return if you like.” Anastasia said while standing in front of the courtrooms door.

“No, I am staying here.” Selphie shook her head.

If she was given permission to enter with them, she wouldnt have hesitated to follow them in.

“We will be back soon.” Felix patted her in the head gently before stepping inside.

The moment the gate closed shut behind him, Felix focused on humongous round table and the many white dragons on it.

They were all in their dragon forms, making them appear as intimidating as ever.

Felix ignored the rest and kept his eyes affixed on the clan head Kyrsun, feeling a crippling authoritative pressure directed at him.

‘Spiritual pressure! Felix knew instantly that he was being subjected to his spiritual pressure.

It was much higher than his, making him understand that the clan head Kyrsun could literally kill him off if he went all out!

Before he could think too deeply about clan head Kyrsuns motives, the pressure had dissipated akin to a gentle breeze.


Felix, please join us.” Clan head Kyrsun welcomed with a kind smile.

“I am truly honored to meet one of the top ten strongest beings in the alliance.” Felix bowed his head respectfully before walking towards the table.

Since the table and the chairs were suspended in the air, Felix wore the symbiote suit for a split second before blinking on top of the chair.

Then, he removed it and affixed his tuxedo while still standing above the chairs top rail.

It was simply impossible for him to sit on it when the chair was big enough to accommodate the dragons.

“Before anything else, I would like to apologize with how the party went.” Clan head Kyrsun sighed, “We dragons can easily get agitated if something happen that affects our pride.”

When Felix told everyone that he had been invited by prince Domino to his team, this was naturally going to rub them off in the wrong way.

After all, they were trying their absolute best to get recruited to any team, yet they still had small hopes of getting approved.

“I dont mind.” Felix smiled faintly, “I have part of the blame too.

I should have refrained from telling the truth.”

“No, we dragons value nothing more than the truth.” Kyrsun stressed.

“I guess we have something in common.” Felix joked, making Asna roll her eyes at his shamelessness.

The clan head and officials didnt see through Felixs facade as they smiled in approval.

“May I ask why I was summoned here” Felix inquired in a straightforward manner.

“We like to know your reason for rejecting prince Dominos invitation.” Clan head Kyrsun said bluntly, not trying to hide his intentions.

“I am simply not interested.” Felix shrugged his shoulders, “I want to spend the next few years in the galaxy in peace instead of involving myself in politics unrelated to me.”

“Thats understandable.” Clan head Kyrsun nodded, knowing that Felix was right to feel this way since the ceremony could get pretty political in the blink of an eye.

“However, do you know everything about the ceremony” One of the officials asked.

“I know its a ceremony held between the four royal clans for the sake of deciding on the next challenger for the elder dragons position.” Felix answered.

This time, he was being truthful.

His Intel was limited about the ceremony since anything related to it was blocked by the Queen Ai from leaving Icarius Galaxy.

All he knew was that every century, the elder dragon must be challenged for his position by another dragon from the royal family.

It was done like this, so the elder dragon wouldnt feel too complacent in his position and give up on seeking strength.

At the same time, it was a chance for other dragons to dethrone the elder dragon and become the new leader of all dragons.

Since the royal family was split into four clans, it wasnt easy to decide on a new challenger with simple conversations or by taking turns.

Dragons respected strength fore and foremost.

This meant that every century, only the strongest could be picked from the current batch of heirs.

The way decided to achieve so was by holding the heirs ceremony every half a century.

“You are right, but even though its called heirs ceremony, the four clans can send anyone they wanted to represent them.” Clan head Kyrsun shared.

If only the heirs were being sent every half a century, there would be no point from the ceremony in the first place since they would keep sending the same dragons over and over again.

Thats why all royal dragons could apply to be the team leaders or part of the team to represent their clans or even other clans.

Nevertheless, the final decision still belonged to the clan heads.

“Unlike the previous cycles, This ceremony will be led by my daughter Anastasia, prince Domino, prince Arentis, and lastly princess Chozzaza.”

“All of them are direct heirs of the clan heads, making the upcoming ceremony even more serious for us.” An official said with a stern tone.

“I see.” Felix nodded in understanding.

He already knew that the white clan must be desperate to win the ceremony.

He had read that they almost never won a single ceremony.

This tradition was going on for a long, long while now…God knows how much their losing streak had reached now.

The fact that Anastasia would be representing them this time against other heirs meant that their lose would taste even worse.

“Honestly, we dont really care about challenging the elder dragon…We know that it is simply impossible for anyone to defeat him, dont even mention doing so with our healing sacred flames.” Clan head Kyrsun smiled wryly.

Felix had to agree with him.

There were still recorded battles of the current elder dragon, completely dominating the platform and anyone in it.

Although he had retired eons ago, he was still being challenged once in a while by one of the top ten players in the platform, hoping to dethrone him.

Alas, no one managed to achieve so…To make matters worse, the elder dragon never allow his challengers to survive.

This meant that the moment someone decided to challenge him in a battle for the number one spot, he better make sure to write his will beforehand.

“We know that you want to keep yourself out of the politics in our royal family, but we still wish that you can lend a hand to our clan.” Clan head Kyrsun stopped beating around the bush and finally came out with it.

“Naturally, it wont be free.” One of the officials enticed, “Just with your participation, we will help you get what you desire.

If you helped us win it, then our rewards would make you leave our galaxy without an ounce of regret.”

“This without mentioning the sacred treasures and other goodies you would find in the dimensional pocket…You can trade them with imaginable treasures from any dragon you find.”

Felix knew that their offer was already too generous since most dragons were fighting for simply a chance to enter the dimensional pocket.

In fact, most of them would have paid the clans anything as long as they were allowed entry.

Who could blame them

The dimensional pocket was left by the ancestral dragon himself…It was filled with sacred treasures that were able to enhance their bloodline purity significantly!

There were even cases of some red clan royal dragons taking them and being able to awaken unique new attributes!

Naturally, this was merely a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, but still, most dragons would pay anything to get their hands on this opportunity.

If the news of Felix getting paid to participate in the ceremony, there would be defintely an outrage.

“Your offer is really tempting, but still.” Felix shook his head, “I have to decline.”

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