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Chapter 928 The Rescue Mission ll

Get closer, he doesn\'t bite. Thor cracked a joke, hoping to relieve Mistress Candace\'s fear.

I...I will. Mistress Candace replied while edging closer towards Fenrir\'s gigantic head.

Although he was big, his size was incomparable to Thor\'s or Jörmungandr during their battles...They were able to reach the size of planets and even stars if they pushed their limit.

This was because Fenrir focused most of his time on creating Absolute Zero as his ultimate ability unlike them, who went all out on perfecting their size manipulation.

A few moments later, Mistress Candace had reached Fenrir\'s scalp and situated right above it.

If it wasn\'t for the ice world core being an empty chilly space, they would have had a different time even finding a method for Noah to approach Fenrir.

\'Kid, it\'s time.\' Lady Sphinx informed Noah from his mind.

Noah nodded his head in understanding.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t nervous...The life of his master depended on him pulling off his part of the plan.

Sensing his heartbeats increasing, Fenrir scolded the moment he opened his eyes inside Noah\'s consciousness space, \'Haven\'t I told you to always keep your emotions in check Unnecessary emotions are the enemy of wolves.\'

\'So, get your sh*t together.\'

\'It won\'t happen again, master.\' Noah narrowed his eyes with a stern expression after regaining control over his emotions.

He realized that his master was right...The plan was so easy, it was impossible for him to make a mistake if he kept his cool.

\'Are you ready\' Mistress Candace asked Noah telepathically.

Noah nodded.

Without further delay, Mistress Candace opened a medium void rift and morph herself as a tunnel...She connected with the edges of the void rift, making sure that not a single opening was there.

She had to be this careful since Noah would die instantly if a single void particle touched him.

\'It\'s secure, you can move.\' She assured.

Upon hearing so, Noah took a deep breath and held it in.

Then, he floated through the tunnel and exited the void rift.


Noah landed on Fenrir\'s hardened towering fur and held one of them tightly...Naturally, Noah had to be completely nude and without a bracelet since they would get frozen instantly and hinder him.

Mistress Candace was kind enough to censor his private parts even though she had no problems, staring at them forever.

Get going already. Lady Sphinx said to Fenrir after seeing that he was still hanging around her even though Noah was clearly touching a fur strand.

Something is wrong. Fenrir frowned with his eyes closed shut, I don\'t feel any connections with my body.

It must be the ice. Lady Sphinx shared instantly, I had a guess that it might act as a barrier if it was thick enough.

Must be. Fenrir nodded in agreement.

When everyone noticed that Noah wasn\'t excused even thought he was touching the fur strand for a few seconds, they figured out that something must have happened.


It\'s the ice. Lady Sphinx answered before they ask, It\'s too thick for Fenrir\'s wisp of consciousness to establish a connection.

Where does that leave us Thor inquired with a stern tone.

The kid has to crack the ice. Lady Sphinx said.

Is that even possible for him Felix frowned.

He might not be there, but he could see that each fur strand was completely encased in a thick layer of transparent solid ice.

Because each fur strand was at least fifty meters long, the ice covering it was thicker than four dam walls stacked against each other.

Indeed, I also don\'t see a way for him to break it quickly. Jörmungandr supported, He can\'t use tools since anything he brings will be frozen instantly.

For now, tell him to return until we think of something. Thor said, In fact, call Fenrir to the meeting as well.

After Noah returned inside Mistress Candace\'s aircraft, she closed the void rift and waited for further instructions.

What do you think Thor asked while eying Fenrir, Do you believe that mute can break off the ice from your fur strand

With his current strength... Fenrir shook his head.

If it was a regular ice, Fenrir would have believed that Noah had a shot at breaking apart after spending some time grinding it slowly.

But this ice was even tougher than exterior of the ice world.

It was used to handle the increasing weight of the ice world for a reason.

Everyone went silent at his response.

None of them thought that they would end up in such a sticky situation...The plan was simple and required not much effort from either Mistress Candace or Noah.

This made them believe that there was a high chance of it succeeding...Unfortunately, variables existed everywhere and always appear when least expected.

If only the chill wasn\'t so dreadful, a single small plasma bomb would have done the job. Felix sighed, knowing that nothing could bypass that crazy chill.

How about you Asna suggested while looking at Mistress Candace, Can you use some void abilities to break the ice I believe that void energy can disintegrate even the toughest material in the universe with time.

Everyone glanced at Mistress Candace after they heard so, making her shake her hands nervously, I am a void succubus, I can\'t channel void energy like Sir Felix or Lord Nimo...My specialty is mental attacks only.

Thought so. Felix smiled wryly.

If Mistress Candace was capable of controlling void energy, she would be considered to own limited void manipulation.

But that wasn\'t the case...She was created by Paragon of Sins and given a specific set of abilities.

Forget about channelling the void. Lady Sphinx ordered calmly, Move inside the fur strand and open a void rift on it.

The rift will split the ice and the fur strand, exposing the cortex.

Oho, that\'s a good strategy. Thor supported, It will defintely work.

The others reacted the same, knowing that almost nothing survive if the space itself got split apart.

When in doubt, always split space apart!

I will try.

Mistress Candace situated herself above the tip of Fenrir\'s fur strand.

Then, she opened a perfectly sized void rift on it.

As expected, the fur strand got separated immediately under the relieved looks of everyone watching.

Because of the lack of gravity, the separated half got removed on its own and started to float randomly.

Send Noah quickly before the cold freezes the exposed cortex and build another thick layer of ice. Felix rushed.

Without delay, Mistress Candace opened another void rift near the exposed cortex and created another tunnel.

Noah swiftly got out and extended his palm at the exposed cortex.

The moment his palm connected with it, Fenrir\'s wisp of consciousness started breaking into ice particles from Noah\'s mind...He logged out the instant their strategy worked.

A few seconds later, Lady Sphinx informed Noah, \'Get out of there, your master must have already reconnected with his main consciousness.\'

The moment he heard so, Noah pulled back his arm and turned around...He placed his feet on the strand cortex and bent his knees.

Then, he launched himself inside the void rift, reentering Mistress Candace\'s aircraft.

Mistress Candace closed the void rift and sped outside the ice world, knowing that nothing much could be done by them anymore.

It was up to Fenrir to wake himself now.

How long do you think it will take elder Fenrir Felix inquired as he eyed the ice world.

Who knows Thor replied, All we can do is wait.

I see.

Feeling like it was going to take a while, Felix opened one of the permanent streams on the ice world and started watching it.

Unlike Mistress Candace\'s consciousness stream, everything was colored and in high definition.

Felix glanced at the chat and saw that it was pretty dead.

Tens of comments were flying here and there about the origin of the ice world.

Some were confident that it was a natural-born phenomenon and others were certain that it was related to a mysterious being or a race.

It\'s surely heated even though the stream is empty. Felix chuckled as he read those comments.

Felix opened other streams that had different angles of the ice world and situated them for everyone to see.

Then, he waited with a look of anticipation.


Tens of thousands away from the ice world, there were countless space stations situated around it, resembling satellites orbiting a planet.

All of those of space stations had many various spaceships docked on them.

The majority were space cruises with a hundred thousand tourists on a journey through the cosmos.

The ice world was one of the popular destinations.

At the moment, most of the tourists were sitting in open restaurants under transparent dome, allowing them to eat and view the ice world simultaneously.

Unbeknownst to them, they were truly at the perfect place and time to witness one of the greatest scenes in the history of the universe...

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