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Chapter 961 Railgun Rings Technique!

The instant he sent this message, Felix extended his palm forward and mumured, \'Railgun Rings.\'

Five medium-sized rings manifested tens of meters in front of Felix...They were positioned one after the other in a calculated and precise distance.

\'External manipulation\' Prince Domino sneered as he eyed the electrical rings, not feeling an ounce of danger from them, \'Will he strike me with lightning from that distance Even I don\'t have such a wide ran...\'

Before prince Domino could finish his sentence, his slits were widened in disbelief at the sight of Felix\'s crescent battleaxe appearing as sudden as ghost right in front of his face!!

It was engulfed completely in electricity and spinning faster than a plane\'s engine fans!

Albeit shocked, prince Domino\'s reflexes were so great, his head automatically moved to the side.


Alas, he was still a bit slow as his left cheek got grazed slightly by the axe\'s blade.

The battleaxe continued its journey for a split second before returning to Felix\'s hand akin to a boomerang.

Felix caught it easily and placed it on top of his shoulder.




This time, it was the dragons\' turn to be dumbfounded by current the development...Not in their wildest dreams did they expect for prince Domino to get hurt in the first move!

What kind of ability is that

The clan heads were left surprised and mostly curious about how were those electrical rings capable of enhancing the battleaxe\'s speed to the point it surpassed ten times the speed of sound!

Because of Thor\'s entire race had been exterminated by the Darkin faction, there weren\'t any lightning elementalists in the upper echelon!

So, even though the element was common, even the head clans almost never saw true lightning elementalists.

It has to be electromagnetism. Clan head Ygos guessed.

His answer was right but not complete.

Felix had created those five rings and used external lightning manipulation to control the electromagnetic force without being in contact with it.

If it wasn\'t for his external manipulation, the best he could do was create an ability the same as Thor\'s Ordnance!

In a sense, the Railgun Rings were an upgraded technique of Thor\'s Ordinance that didn\'t require much energy consumption and also allowed him to propel any projectile at high velocity!

\'Doesn\'t feel good to bleed, right\' Felix smirked faintly as he eyed prince Domino\'s cheek, that was spewing blood down his chin.

\'Wound, what wound\' Prince Domino replied with a faint snicker after his cheek got healed almost instantly.

\'Don\'t worry, there is more.\'

Felix extended both of his hands forward and activated his regained ability, *Gemstone Arsenal*.

Under everyone\'s eyes, thousands of different weapons created purely from gemstones emerged behind and above Felix!

There were red Argadite gemstones swords, spears made out of blue gemstones, and even green gemstones arrows.

Every colored gemstone represented a unique attribute!

Only when he had demonstrated such a image did everyone started to truly see him as a gemstone elementalist!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix released only the blue gemstones weapons at prince Domino through the five electrical rings.

Every time a gemstone weapon pass through a ring, its speed get enhanced tremendously.

By the time the blue gemstone weapons exited the fifth ring, it disappeared out of sight and emerged right in front of prince Domino!

This time, prince Domino wasn\'t taken by surprise and was ready to evade the gemstones projectiles.


However, the instant he evaded the first blue gemstone weapons, he felt like the air had lost its resistance or the gravity wasn\'t doing its job properly.

This resulted in having his his speed and reflexes reduced significantly!

For that reason, the upcoming blue gemstones weapons landed directly on his body, bombarding him continuously.

When the salvo had ended, prince Domino wasn\'t harmed at all.

Felix expected this outcome as he had used the blue gemstone for its attribute instead of dealing damage.

\'What did you do to me\' Prince Domino asked Felix with a suppressed furious tone.

Who could blame him He felt like he was floating in space, making it hard for him to hold his balance.

\'Me Nothing.\' Felix smiled, \'Take your complaints to gravity.\'

What Felix had just used were anti-gravitational gemstones called Nabemite!

Unlike the anti-gravitational sand that gets created from stones turning into sand with time, Nabemite were found in specific rare meteors.

They were known to affect the surrounding gravity around them...Because prince Domino got hit by many of them, the gravity was almost nulled around him temporarily!

No matter how great prince Domino was, there was no way he could overpower gravity and restore his balance.

Felix used the Nabemites first to set up his real assault!

Boom Boom Boom!!

Hundreds of green gemstones weapons were sent next towards prince Domino! Half of them landed successfully on him.

Just like Nabemites, prince Domino\'s reflective scales emerged unscratched from the bombardment.

However, the same didn\'t apply to his energies as the green gemstones were capable of draining all sorts of energies from organisms by touch.

They were called Etttelites and were considered extremely dangerous as the moment someone touch them, they stick to the person and suck him off dry!

Luckily, in the case of prince Domino, they exploded and got corroded by his flame during first contact.

Still, that contact happening hundred times had managed to drain prince Domino physically, elementally, and most dangerously, mentally!

Prince Domino was physically perfect, and his elemental energy pool was massive.

However, his mental energy was good but not as great as his other qualities.

To make matters worse, it had an immediate negative effect if it was drained instantaneously.

Agonizing headache!

Before the viewers could react to the sight of prince Domino holding his head in pain, Felix railgunned the explosive red Argadite weapons!


A series of deadly explosions greeted prince Domino, stunning the dragons alike.

All they could do was watch with mouth agape as their public proclaimed prodigy, getting his ass absolutely demolished by a neverending salvo of explosions!

\'It\'s the end.\'

Before the explosions could settle down, Felix tightened his grasp on his battleaxe and hurled it as hard as he could at prince Domino.

The battleaxe went through the Railgun Rings and boosted itself until it became five times faster than the speed of a bullet.


The viewers merely managed to see the lightning trail of the battleaxe entering the explosions and emerging from the other side in the blink of an eye!

\'Was he hit!\' Clan head Kyrsun\'s eyes widened in shock and delight.


When Felix caught the returning battleaxe, everyone switched their focus to him instinctively...More accurately, they stared at the blade of his battleaxe.

When they saw it stained completely red, everyone sucked a deep breath in disbelief and horror.

\'This can\'t be real.\'

Even the black clan head Ygos\' expression had changed for the worst, finally showing some emotions on his indifferent face.

Everyone\'s minds went to the worst possible scenarios.

The fact that battleaxe had returned with that much blood on it, implied that it had actually cut off something out of prince Domino!

Knowing that Felix had one of the best visions in the universe made them believe that there was no way he wouldn\'t aim at prince Domino\'s head!

So, they ignored everything and turned to explosions clouds that were dissipating with the wind.

The moment prince Domino was exposed in the open, some sighed in relief, some held their heads in frustration, and some were too stunned to react.

Good effort, truly excellent effort. Prince Domino mumured with a creepy wide smile as he eyed Felix.

Some viewers didn\'t know what to think at the sight of him smiling like that even though he was missing his entire right arm!

To make matters more creepy, he was actually holding it with the other arm without showing a single ounce of pain.

How could he feel pain when his anger had already crossed past the boiling degree

At the moment, everything appeared red in his eyes besides Felix, who was highlighted with a darker shade.

I can\'t believe he actually cut his arm.

He really pissed him off.

He is a dead man walking now.

The clan heads all showed Felix sympathetic expressions.

When red dragons get angered, their strength increase significantly, but they lost some of their emotional control.

When royal dragons get pissed off, they receive an all rounded enhancement to their strength, senses, speed, and most importantly, their crazy rejuvenation.

All of this while keeping their emotions in check!

Under Felix\'s eyes and the viewers, prince Domino took his severed arm and placed it on top of his shoulder.

Just like a monstrous creature, the arm got attached back perfectly in less than a second!

\'You have had your fun.\' Prince Domino cracked his shoulders as he eyed Felix with the same creepy smile, \'It\'s my turn.\'

Felix felt shivers when the Queen delivered this message to him and saw prince Domino\'s devilish eyes.

Prince Domino\'s strength was already horrifying enough, forcing Felix to be careful around him.

Now that he was pissed Felix believed that he should have reached 150k if not more!

That\'s an entire 40K BF difference! Even the void suit wouldn\'t help much against a single punch from him!

Clearly, you aren\'t in the right mental state to keep fighting me. Felix showed him a sincere smile and said, As a friend, I would rather not bully you in such bad state.

Before prince Domino and the viewers could digest his bullsh*t, Felix turned around and manifested ten Railgun Rings in front of him, creating some sort of electrical tunnel.

Then...There was no then, Felix had entered the electrical tunnel and disappeared out of sight under the dumbfounded looks of the viewers and prince Domino!

Prince Domino wanted to chase after him reflexively, but he was left in despair after realizing that Felix had reached Mach 20 instantaneously!!!

In other words, no one in the dimensional pocket could catch him!

\'Did I just get beaten for no reason\'

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