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Landlord did it again!! Only two bombs to get rid of a player.

This newbie keeps making a joke out of veterans.

Is anyone going to stop him!! Marlion automatically put the highlight on the large screen while shouting at the top of his voice.

The spectators were cheering before he even commentated, as they were watching Felix live humiliate his pursuer with one bomb.

Questions began to arise in the VIP rooms within the stadium, whether he was even a newbie.

The VIP spectators were more knowledgeable than commoners.

Thus, they could see what the commoners couldn\'t.

At this instant, the way Felix was playing was showing an experience that could only be obtained after playing a hefty sum of games.

Knowing how to pace and conserve energy, not chasing after eliminations, not making rash decisions.

The list goes on and on.

All of those details were not supposed to be on an unranked player.

Unranked players were supposed to be dumb, scared, nervous, and have no idea what the f*ck they were doing.

After all, they were participating in Supremacy Games for the very first time.

it was common sense that the first game and even the second were always the hardest.

more than 99% of unranked newbies lost their first games.

It was bound to happen to the best of the bloodliners.

Even the current top-ranked players lost their first games due to the lack of experience.

Yet, Felix, a supposed newbie was literally making the veterans in the game appear like they were the newbies.

This sight baffled the VIP spectators, making them switch their focus to him, planning to watch him during the entire game.


Above the normal seating, in one of the VIP rooms.

Such a clear contrast, Wind Cloud used a total of 31 wind blades yet still didn\'t even damage his car. Said an elderly woman with long grey hair to another elder that was sitting beside her.

Indeed, meanwhile Landlord relied only on the exterior environment to his advantage to save energy. The other elder rubbed his golden beard slightly and added with a smile, It\'s clear that he is confident of his chances in emerging as the champion.

How about we invite him to the clan She asked suddenly.

Hmm, well he is a poison user and even with a legendary bloodline. He pondered while looking at Felix\'s car sidestepping the lava bursts from the river.

Soon, he nodded his head and decided.

Alright, if he managed to win the race, we will extend an invitation to join as an outer member of the Clan.

Well, I do believe he deserves to be an inner member. The elderly woman gave a mild smile and added, But the clan sent you to scout for talents, not me.

So it\'s your choice.

We will see that later.

For now, let\'s observe how he deals with those he caught up to. He said, smiling.


Felix slowed his speed slightly, trying to keep his distance away from three hovercars in front of him.

They were driving near each other in a triangle formation without fighting.

Tsk, three-member alliance, exactly what I needed. Felix rubbed his eyebrows in irritation.

He was having a tough time finding a way to deal with them perfectly without wasting his energy or taking too much damage.

Especially without getting delayed any further.

He didn\'t want to entangle himself in the fight.

It was not worth it.

A couple of minutes quickly passed by, and Felix merely kept observing the surroundings and the players ahead of him for any loophole to take advantage of.

Suddenly, the leftmost car had its window pulled down just slightly.

Smoke was coming from that opening.

The player was definitely smoking a cigarette.

It wasn\'t against the rules or anything.

Felix was glad that it wasn\'t.

His eyes glowed with delight as he finally saw the opportunity he needed.

Hehe, if I used that inducement, I won\'t need to do anything.

With an evil wide grin, Felix snapped his finger and a bloodish red bomb was created on top of his hand.

Then, he put it at a tube connected to his front launchers and waited patiently.


A sudden lava pillar rose from the river near the alliance formation, forcing them to split apart in panic.

NOW! Felix immediately pressed the launch button while aiming at the car with its window lowered.


The Bomb rapidly headed towards it unnoticed by anyone due to the lava pillar and its red color.

It camouflaged itself neatly with the atmosphere\'s bright red light. 



Ecstatic, Felix celebrated with a fist pump after seeing his bomb explode near the window of the car.

Although the majority of the mist was left outside of the car, still a small part made it in.

Felix didn\'t care if 1% or 99% of mist got in.

As long as the player inside the car took a whiff, he would be poisoned without resistance.

Showtime. He rubbed his hands together while eying the assaulted car in anticipation.

He even slowed down his speed to further to avoid their detection.

He wanted nothing to mess up with his plan.


That pillar scared me to death! Relieved, a chubby man wiped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve.

After doing so, he hastily pressed his AP bracelet\'s screen.

Ultracraze, Warshock are you guys alright! He asked.

I am good MightyMonka, I dodged successfully. A stuffy voice came from MightyMonka\'s Bracelet.

Good, How about you Warshock

No one responded to him.

He looked at his window and found that Warshock\'s car was fine.

So, he was quite confused about not receiving confirmation.

You Motherf*cker!

However, his confusion was soon replaced with rage after seeing two sides cannons suddenly pop out of Warshock\'s car doors.

They were pointing straight at his enraged face.

He quickly tried to dodge by pulling the wheel to himself, trying to uplift his car.

Unfortunately, he was too near to be missed or given enough time to pull that off.

Boom! Boom!

Two spiky golden cannonballs crashed into his car.

One shattered his window and hit him right in the head, while the other penetrated his car door easily landing on his chest.

The distance between them was so close, the cannonball\'s penetration power was beyond massive.

MightyMonka sat unmoving with two spiky balls stuck on his body.

His eyes were losing their l.u.s.ter gradually.

Yet, he had only one thought in his mind even when felt that his death was approaching.

\'Why now\'

Exactly, why now

He knew that betraying each other was imminent.

But he assumed that wouldn\'t happen until at least they reached the last lap.

Otherwise, the entire alliance was meaningless.

Too bad, he didn\'t know that there was a serpent stalking them all along, planning just for this moment.

Warshock!! You f.u.c.k.i.n.g retard! Why did you have to ruin our alliance now after all the effort we had to go through to build our trust! Beyond Livid, Ultracraze roared with bloodshot eyes.

Who could blame him though

Everything was going smoothly.

They eliminated those who targeted them and ignored those who left them alone.

The only thing they focused on was to reach the finish line first.

But now everything was ruined by a single attack from Warshock.

There was nowhere in hell that Ultracraze would carry his partnership with him after seeing his other ally\'s fate.

Wait! I swear it was not me! He attacked me first; I was simply protecting myself. Warshock did not even realize he was poisoned, as he frantically tried to defend himself.

He wasn\'t lying though.

He really saw that MightyMonka was pointing at him with a finger, sizzling with electricity.

He saw the same gesture before when MightyMonka was dealing with a player.

That player, who was assaulted by that electric finger got paralyzed for ten seconds straight before getting finished off by Ultracraze\'s behemoth car.

Terrified that he was going to be dealt with in the same manner as that player, he decided to attack first.

You bastard, I was planning to leave you.

But you dare look down on my IQ like this!

Ultracraze immediately slammed his Heavy fortified car against the squishy car of Warshock.

Ultimately, for him to have those kinds of massive canons installed in his car, it only signified that he gave up on installing defensive parts.

His car standard parts didn\'t have a chance against Ultracraze\'s behemoth car.


Warshock\'s car didn\'t survive even the first collision as it dove down towards the river lava rapidly.

He was smashed from above by Ultracraze\'s car front bumper, which seemed like a flat metallic silver hummer.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Stop!! it was really not me!! Scared out of his wits, Warshock kept cursing out loud while pulling the wheel to himself, trying to stabilize his car from falling any lower.


Thankfully, he managed to do so right as he reached a few meters above the lava river.

Bastards they must have allied against me without my knowledge.

But why did they act now Warshock slapped the wheel in anger and confusion over the entire situation.

He was just as bewildered as MightyMonka.

However, before his thoughts started to wander, his car roof was smashed by a Spherical hummer, bending it in a weird shape.

Ultracraze stood above Warshock\'s car, wearing a belt that had a long chain connected to his car.

He huffed through his mouth as he lifted that hammer high above his head like he was about to deliver judgment.


He brought it down without a single ounce of hesitation.

This is for looking down on my IQ!! He shouted while lifting his hammer again.

Stop!! You will get us both killed.

Frightened and shocked, Warshock removed his seat belt and lowered his body to the limit while still trying to lift his car upward.

Only a few meters separated him and the lava river.

Just one unlucky lava pillar popping out near him and his fate would be doomed.

Unfortunately, each time he lifted his car a bit, another hammer smash ruined his efforts.

Only you will die, moron! Ultracraze lifted his hammer again and said in utter disgust, It was truly the worst alliance one can ask for! Now f*ck off.

Please Don\'t!! Warshock begged out loud, yet the hammer didn\'t pause its descent for even a split second.


This time the hammer connected with Warshock\'s head after not being able to lower himself any further.

He truly got hammered to death unjustly.

Why did I ally with such a noob. Irked and still livid, Ultracraze pressed on a button in his belt and the chain rolled back, bringing him towards his car, that was on an automatic drive.


Confused, Ultracraze lifted his head slightly after hearing a sizzling sound.

Immediately after, his eyes gaped in horrification at the chain that was being corroded by an acid green mist.

Before he could even comprehend what he was seeing, the chain snapped in half.

Nooooooooooo!!!! He screamed while free-falling into the lava river.

Plop, plop

His hammer was the first to sink into the river, and then he followed after.

Even when his body was being melted by the lava, his shrieks never stopped resounding in the area.

A couple of seconds later, he quieted down forever.

Till his death, he had absolutely no idea what had just happened.

Nothing personal. Felix accelerated above his sizzling bones with a nonchalant expression.

Not a hint of sympathy was in his eyes after he watched Ultracraze burn to death.

After all, mercy had brought him too many betrayals and problems in his previous life.

He already learned his lesson and he would be a fool to repeat the same mistakes here again.


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