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When Fang Xian and Bao Qian arrived at the Flower Scattering House, the sky was dark and two strings of red lanterns were hanging in the ancient attic.

Slightly getting closer, the flow of sentimental music seemed to come to the ears.

Not until a female attendant with a smiling face entered the front door.

Fang Xian sensed an odor of cosmetics assailed his nose.

”Today’s flower queen, how did the selection go”

Bao Qian handed out a dime of silver and asked casually.

”Both masters, you came just at the right time, Miss Yan Ran and Miss Qiu Ping were about to compete in the same arena ……” replied the female attendant with a smile on her face when receiving the tip.

”Let’s go over there and sit down.”

Bao Qian nodded and pulled Fang Xian to sit down at the side near a corner, waiting for the good show to start.

Fang Xian directly regarded the place as a restaurant.

He ordered a few hot dishes, and cold dishes, with a variety of snacks.

He found the taste was unexpectedly good.

Ignoring the surrounding, he tried to satisfy his appetite for the food.

Not knowing how long it took until the string sound of some musical instrument was heard suddenly.

        The sound of the zither was like the sound of the clear spring water, flowing slowly.

Even Fang Xian, this robust man, felt good about this music piece.

It implied the zither master’s meticulous attention while playing the music.

He tilted slightly and saw a young girl in a pale-yellow palace dress on the left side of the stage, fiddling the strings of the zither with her fingers.

Next to her, there were two maids, one was holding an incense burner and the other was holding a fan.

”The moon falls behind the tips of the willows, people meet up at the old bridge by then …… it is unknown if the moon is still the same moon, the pretty woman is unable to seek for ……”

Among the moving guest, a feature with a red garment suddenly came in sight, right on the right side of the stage, singing and dancing lightly, with the moving and singing in tune with the flow of the music.


Next to it, Bao Qian had been repeatedly praised: “Today we happened to listen to the song and verses, then our coming was not in vain.”

From the raised sign, Fang Xian learned that the lady on the left was Qiu Ping, and the one on the right was Yan Ran.

He didn’t know what kind of relationship these two ladies had.

Generally, there was a rivalry between those trying to defeat each other in the same arena.

Each was the opponent of the other but could cooperate very well in the performance.

When they had finished singing, there was a lot of applause from all around.

Besides that, there were generous guests directly throwing down the gold flowers.

”The flower queen is selected here, and the one who gets more gold flowers wins ……”

As Bao Qian explained to Fang Xian, he pulled out the jade money, and bought a few gold flowers to give away, without any discrimination, he threw them to both ladies, and each got the same amount of flowers.

Fang Xian saw that the golden flowers were exquisitely made, each might cost at least several taels of gold.

He just could not help but get stunned.

”This is Heavenly Blade Star Lu Gongzi, saying congratulations to Miss Yanran!”

Suddenly, a loud bellow came out of nowhere.

Immediately, it was like a showering rain of flowers, hundreds of golden flowers fell from the sky, falling into the right high platform.

”This Lu kid ……” Bao Qian shook his head gloomily and had nothing to say.

Since whom he met was a local tyrant, he could do nothing 

Fang Xian looked upward and saw a figure in white-robed figure appearing on the platform, with a gold-sheathed scimitar hanging from his waist.

He looked very chic and unrestrained.

”Many thanks, Mr.


Lady Yan Ran blushed and bowed modestly.

If there was no accident, that night’s flower girl was her, and Lu Yong was also the first benefactor.

But just then, some accident did come out of nowhere.

”What a beautiful girl! Come and drink with me.”

One drinker seemed to have had too much to drink and rushed directly to the high platform.

”This guest ……”

Below the stage, of course, there were Scattered Flower House fighters, but this drinker also seemed to have the mastering of the martial arts.

Just a few light movements of the shoulders had toppled and threw out a few vigorous fighters.

”Hey …… Miss Yanran! Tonight, you’re mine.”

The drinker, covered in the smell of alcohol, was about to pounce on that Yanran.

”Humph! Looking for death!”

Bao Qian shook his head to himself.

He ignored the fact that the Flower House must have kept the experts of martial arts to keep guard on their people.

Even if there was the Heavenly Sword Star at the scene, how can they tolerate the one who had been so audacious

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A strange expression flashed in Fang Xian’s eyes, and then he shook his head: “I said, I’m not going to make a move.”


Bao Qian’s expression changed.

When he was just about to say something, when he saw Lu Yong with a flash of anger on his face, flinging down, “Where is the vermin, come out!

His leg kicked out in mid-air.

With the dashing and elegant posture, he appeared to be a young hero.

But in an instant, the looking on the face of the restaurant drinker changed.

Without the slightest expression on his face, he looked indifferent and unusual.

It seemed either his own life or the lives of others were worth nothing in his eyes.


It was the terrible sound of knuckles bursting out from his body, flowing from his legs to his waist, and from his waist to his fists.


His hand turned into a posture of the tiger claw.

He directly kicked Lu Yong into the mid-air.

”Seek death!”

Pouncing In mid-air, Lu Yong was too late to change his moving technique, but the Innate true aura spread to his right limb with such energy, that it was enough to crack a monument or break a stone.

It was somehow observable that the drinker did not properly practice true spirit, he was only an Acquired martial artist.


But the next moment, Lu Yong fell to the ground, and a painful expression appeared on his face: “Who the hell are you ……”

”Having been in the martial arts circles for years, performing Picking Stars to kill!”

The drinker replied coldly, and blood suddenly emerged all over his body.

An even more ferocious and terrifying aura emerged.


He let out a roar like a wild beast, he suddenly pounced on his body and launched seven punches in a flash.

Boom boom boom!

The air seemingly filled with the sound of an explosion, as if each of his punches was a deadly arrow shot from a strong crossbow!

         Of these seven punches, surprisingly, each punch was comparable to an ordinary Innate expert’s full power strike.

But it was faster! More poisonous! More vicious!

Bang Bang!

Lu Yong only had time to raise his sword sheath to block three punches, and the remaining four bombarded him.

It was noticeable to Fang Xian that behind Lu Yong’s white clothes, suddenly there were four more fist marks, the bloody fist marks!

The two stood still.

It was unknown how long it took before a sharp voice of a female broke the silence, “Murder!”

”This is not a place to stay for long, let’s go away.”

Fang Xian threw down jade money, pulled Bao Qian from the spot, and quickly walked out of the Flower Scattering House, there was indescribable surging in his heart.

Not only did he see an Acquired kill an Innate, but he also saw the techniques of the martial arts he displayed!

’That move of the fist, the instant seven punches in succession, accompanied by the tiger-leopard-thunder sound …… is by no means common…… it gave me the feeling that it matched the remnant picture of the white tiger somewhat… …No! How about, this remnant of the white picture, perhaps the general outline of the opponent’s martial arts!’

He looked to the front as if to measure the distance to some destination.

and eventually said, “Does Brother Bao know that killer”

Bao Qian looked stupefied, “Having mingled in the martial circles for years, practicing the Picking Stars murdering technique …… naturally is the first assassin organization in the martial arts, the member of Picking Star Tower! Unfortunately, Lu Yong, if he was alert, didn’t miss the Innate hand method, as long as the draw knife in hand, never did he reach such a state ……”

A new generation of martial arts, died in a such dramatic way, making Bao Qian feel a strong sense of unreality.

”On the contrary, I think that even if he is alert, as long as there are a few more assassins, he will surely be killed…… life and death combat, it does not necessarily all depend on the realm or level of skill …… of course, the martial artist of the Acquired level can kill the Innate, which is surprising beyond compare.

Bao brother, can you recognize that martial arts of that sect”

Fang Xian seemed to ask the question he cared about the most.

”That is the ‘Seven Killing Fists’, should be the incomplete part of the of certain Innate martial arts……” Bao Qian shook his head: “The martial artists of the Acquired level when strongly practice Innate martial arts, will inevitably destroy themselves, the most frightening thing about the Star Picking House is that all its assassins with Acquired level have the lost body of knowledge in themselves, if the Innate master doesn’t find out it momentarily, it will bring about his fall. 


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