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Yuanwu City.

Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower.

”It’s finally here.


Fang Xian looked up, looked at the golden plaque, and sighed.

”Yeah ……”

Next to him, Bao Qian was also full of gasps.

That day in Guangyang City, due to the assassination of the Heavenly Blade Star, the caravan of merchandise was delayed for several days before the journey could be resumed.

It was a long and windy journey, but they finally reached their destination.

”Although there are branches of Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower in various counties, the one here is the headquarters …… collecting a large number of rare and exotic treasures, as well as Innate martial arts, so I think Brother Fang, you will be able to gain something.”

Bao Qian introduced the group of martial arts to Fang Xian.

The treasures of the Innate martial arts were too valuable, so of course, it was impossible to keep the copies in every branch of the counties, but they were directly kept in the headquarters, otherwise what if they were looted

Therefore, if Fang Xian intended to exchange for the Innate martial art, he could only come here.

”Two distinguished guests ……”

Several greeters approached with smiles on their faces.

They were surprised when they looked at the plaited bamboo hats on Fang Xian and Bao Qian’s heads, which were covering the upper parts of their faces.

”You all go down and let me personally serve these two guests.”

A steward suddenly stepped forward and ordered the others in response to a certain hand gesture made by Bao Qian.

”As ordered.” Having welcomed the guest, they stepped back.

Bao Qian, together with Fang Xian, followed the steward to one of the boxes on the platform of the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower.

”Since the two guests are going to a hidden place, I will have to deliver them here.”

The steward twisted some mechanism on the bookcase, and the screen opened suddenly, revealing a passage.

He was standing beside.

He bowed his body, while his eyes followed Fang Xian and Bao Qian entering the dark passage.

The passage was not long and soon they reached an underground room.

There is a breeze flowing through the place, it doesn’t look like an enclosure at all, and the display of various furnishings looked so luxurious.

”This mission of the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower enables us to come in easily and receive a credential.

Only the credential is recognized, not the person.

After an exchange is done, there is no entanglement between them, they are free from any involvement.”

Bao Qian from the beginning was very familiar with this place as he sat down on one of the rosewood chairs and explained it to Fang Xian.

’If it was really clean later, staying here, one wouldn’t have been targeted by Du Wan, but of course, it could be one’s problem ……’

Fang Xian muttered to himself and sat down as well.

Some while later, a secret door opened and a man wearing a mask and a suit embroidered with threads of golden copper came in, “The two of you …… I would like to know ……”

Bao Qian threw out a token straight away, “I am Jia Chou the Thirteenth! This time, I am here to introduce an expert and receive a mission.”

”So it’s the Thirteenth Great Men of Jia Chou!”

The masked man stood up and saluted, examined the token, and nodded, “I wonder who is the one you recommend”

In the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower, to be able to put in order according to the level of the martial arts, those who could be ranked Jia Chou were all Innate masters, and of course, above Jia Chou, there was the even the more mysterious ‘Jia Zi’ level, the title of a patriarch that only a few people such as the founder of the sect could receive.

”Of course, it’s also an Innate, this introduction of an Innate, I remember it’s always been a long-term task, right” Bao Qian said in an old-fashioned manner.

Fang Xian looked at the masked man’s inquiring gaze and flicked his fingers.


Mixed Elemental True Spirit left his body and left a deep engraving mark on the rosewood table.

”True spirit leaving the body, it is truly Innate!”

The masked man nodded, “Please wait for a moment, both of you ……”

He walked out of the secret room and came back a moment later holding a tray and handing a golden token to Bao Qian first.

He explained, ”This is the proceeds of the mission ……” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”

Turning to Fang Xian, he handed him a token similar to the one Bao Qian had thrown out earlier, “This is the credential, please keep it, my lord ……”

Fang Xian casually caught it and found that the texture of the token was not gold or jade, and the number ‘fifty-seven’ was engraved on the front, while on the back, there were the two ancient words, ‘Jia Chou’.

”Fifty-seven There are at least fifty-six precursors ahead of me And the sequence is still of Jia Chou” Fang Xian’s heart flinched.

 Fang Xian learned that these people could be driven indirectly even though they had not joined the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower, which was enough to prove the horror of the Golden Wind Drizzling Rain Tower. 

”The task list, with the exchange directory, is included here, please read it carefully, my lord!”

The masked man handed over two more books.

Fang Xian casually flipped through the mission list text, only to see that most of them were tasks of escorting or assuming personal command, which demanded strength ranging from Innate experts to Acquired.

The page behind was about the rewards, ranging from one to several golden tokens, as well as silver and bronze tokens, and so on.

”This kind of payment is the general equivalence developed by the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower”

With a thought in his mind, he flipped open again the book on Exchange.

On the first page, it was clearly stated, ‘Innate Martial Skill – (Mad Demon Staff Technique), exchange price: five golden tokens.’

”This method of martial arts is going to be ruined, unfortunately, it is also for the Innate ……”

Fang Xian turned to the next part.

”Innate Martial Skill – (Five Claps of Evil Thunder), exchange price: five golden tokens.”

”Internal Energy Heart Technique – ( Chao Yang’s Energy Picking Technique), exchange price: three golden tokens.”

”Innate Martial Art (Incomplete version) – The Book on the Seven Killing Fist), Exchange Price: two golden tokens.”

In addition to martial arts of Heart techniques, more exchange titles followed, from precious materials to a specific job.

Fang Xian even saw the option to change money directly.

”A thousand taels of silver, exchange price: one silver token.”


After reading it, he closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something.

Next to him, Bao Qian had decided early on, not to start exchanging, but choose to accumulate merits instead.

The masked man was not in a hurry and he just waited quietly. 

”Among the Tower, can you accept Inner Strength of Heart Techniques as an exchange” Fang Xian suddenly opened his mouth to inquire.

”That, naturally, there …… is,” the masked man replied quickly.

After all, different internal energy techniques were suitable for people with different physiques, and as long as they were big powers, they would try their best to collect them.

”Then please see this one,  does your faction keep the record”

Fang Xian thought about it and tore a few pages off of the Green Jade Heart Technique and handed it to the masked man.

Having faced so many dilemmas, he was not afraid of difficulties any longer.

and the matter of the sect extermination which involved the Green Jade Sect in the district was no longer in his mind, even if it was exposed, it was nothing to him.

It was Bao Qian, who behaved on the contrary.

His eyelids jumped when he heard the name ‘Green Jade Heart Technique’.

”This internal energy heart method can only be considered as ordinary, the advantage of this method is we can practice it smoothly, without bias ……” The masked man looked at it carefully: “In this faction, there is no record on this kind of exchange, if you exchange it, you can get two golden tokens.


Fang Xian agreed straight away.

Although he knew that the Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower were very profitable.

Once it was sold to them, they could bid three golden tokens to sell many more times.  they didn’t care much for the things gained from robbing.

He took out the original version, “I want to exchange it for the Seven Killing Fist!”

”I see, please wait a moment my lord ……”

The masked man nods and walks out.

”You …… so you have this idea” Bao Qian looked at Fang Xian and was somewhat dazed.

”I’ve read the mission, it’s too difficult to exchange for complete Innate martial arts, and it often takes a long time …… I’m impatient with this, so I’ll simply take an incomplete version of innate martial art that I can get right away.

Only something which I can manage to get my hands on right away is something truly belongs to me!” Fang Xian replied seriously.

”That’s true …… Thinking about it, when I was trying to exchange the Mad Demonic Staff Technique, that was really ……” Bao Qian nodded with deep feeling and some regret.


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