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“Cultivation is difficult, difficult, difficult…but I always want to achieve longevity!”

Fang Xian had already died three times and did not want to die again.

What’s more, he feels that his soul’s lifespan is also limited, and this is a very fundamental condition, otherwise, he will not be able to reincarnate.

It must be resolved!

The Taoist Primordial Spirit of this world, known as the endless life essence, the real immortal on the land, must have a wonderful body and spirit, without the troubles of the body and soul, as long as he does not suffer a catastrophe, he can live forever.

“Original Spirit, Original Spirit Realm… Forget it, I still think about how to promote the Talisman Realm…”

Fang Xian smiled bitterly, pulling his thoughts back to reality.

”Since the inheritance has been obtained, it is natural to scrap the current process and rebuild it.

This can’t be done sloppily… Fortunately, there is a method of dispersing the power in the inheritance, but it still needs to be contemplated first…”

”Besides that, the two volumes attached to the book will also require some effort.”

This ‘Spirit of Heavenly Fire’ cultivated supernatural powers of flames and had quite a talent in alchemy and refining, and the two volumes he left behind were very delicate.

”Jade bait is the easiest to preserve.

It can replenish vitality and thicken the foundation.

It is also suitable for me who’s going to rebuild from scratch… Well, and this Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror, I have to sacrifice and cultivate it as soon as possible.”

Fang Xian first looked at the attached volume of the refining tool.

This book is all-inclusive and contains a lot of refining techniques, which opened his eyes.

It turns out that no matter the orthodox sect or unorthodox sect, the most widely circulated still is the ‘Malignant Star and The Big Dipper Restrictions’.

’Malignant Star and The Big Dipper Restrictions’ is just a general term, and it is called differently in each sect, such as Shushan’s Gengjin Malignant Star Restrictions, Xuanguang Authentic Sect’s Twelve Big Dipper and Malignant Star Restrictions, and so on.

The way of refining tools, first use precious materials to refine the embryos and then insert the restrictions.

The quality of the embryos determines the upper limit of the restrictions.

In the beginning, the first one to be refined must be the restricting of the malignant stars, and the highest that can be refined is up to the seventy-two level, which is called the ‘Malignant Star magic tool’!

And the 72-level Malignant Star prohibition can be combined into a Big Dipper prohibition, and the magic weapon at this time can be called the ‘Big Dipper Magic Treasure’!

If the 36th Heavenly Big Dipper Restriction can be refined to completion, after experiencing a few calamities, it can be transformed into an immortal restriction, and add to the collection of rare treasures in the immortal mansion.

But such rare treasures may not be produced by a sect for thousands of years.

Occasionally there are one or two pieces, which are also left by the ancient immortals and become the treasures of the Xuanmen faction.

This is the refining method of Taoism, which pays attention to grinding really hard to cultivate their martial arts.

In addition, there are other methods, such as flying sword!

Flying Sword focuses on materials and pays attention to the purest among the pure.

It is melted into a furnace with rare treasures of heaven and earth.

Once a passing flying sword is smelted, it is equivalent to the magic weapon of Big Dipper, and the top ones are even comparable to the rare treasures of the immortal palace.

As for the lower ones, most of them are called non-flying word-shaped magic tools, or like the one Fang Xian had, which cannot even be considered a magic tool.

Finally, there is the magic way, the magic way is the most refreshing, regardless of whether the material is valuable, as long as you are willing to kill, the more creatures you kill, the better the material of the embryo, and the prohibition does not require dozens or hundreds of years of hard work.

Curse, seduce the demons of the heavens to come, and then refine it or directly surrender to a series of restrictions, it is very fast, but such a magic weapon is the easiest to have a backlash against the master.

This kind of evil way, The Heavenly Fire only mentioned it but did not include it at all.

Most likely they did not look upon it well.

The Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror in the jade box was once the treasure of Heavenly Fire Master’s protection of Taoism.

It is mainly made of Nine Heavens Meteorite Iron and Red Flame Copper Essence, Earth Lung Poison Fire, Great Thunder Gong Fire, Heavenly Meteor Fire, Hundreds of Lights and other strange fires are integrated into it, and nine psychic fire dragons have been refined.

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It was only later that in order to overcome a calamity, the Master Tianhuo directly gave up this treasure with a secret method, blocked the doom for himself, and was knocked down from the peak of the magic weapon in one breath.

Now he only has six levels of Tiangang forbidden, so what remains are very treasured magic weapons.

The foundation is also still there, so it can be remade.

The “Zifu Heavenly Book” naturally recorded the method of sacrifice and refining.

Fang Xian learned it, meditated for a while, and the magic power entered the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

This ancient bronze mirror was slowly suspended in mid-air, with a hint of red light exposed, a faint dragon roar, and a somewhat reluctant look, probably because it disliked his mana being too low.

After three days in a row, Fang Xian had somehow refined a treasure and put his own brand on it.

His divine sense penetrated into it, and he could feel the infinite fire, a large sea of ​​fire, among which three fire dragons seemed to be dormant and cultivating.

In the cave, Fang Xian’s eyes flickered, and a magic trick hit the Nine Heavens Profound Fire Mirror.

Xiong! Xiong!

On the mirror surface, there was a crimson red, and suddenly nine red fire snakes were released.

These big snakes were covered in fire and scales, and their eyes were agile.

They wandered in the void and released endless waves of fire.


Fang Xian took the magic formula and liked it quite a bit: “Although we can’t summon the fire dragon yet, the nine fire snakes can somehow stand on top, whether it is released to burn people or protect the body when facing the enemy, they are all excellent.

After he was familiar with the magic weapon, he went out to inquire and found that the mountain stream was quite calm and there were no powerful people around.

He immediately returned to the cave and prepared to make an important decision – to scatter and rebuild his energy!

Master Tianhuo was indeed a senior ascensor, there was no problem in the way of cultivation until the primordial spirit realm.

For Fang Xian’s complex mana is difficult to even enter the talisman realm, so why not abolish it

As for the true biography of Shushan

Whoever likes to go they can go, he is the most impatient of this.

Although the Shushan Sword Sect has true preaching methods, supernatural powers, swordsmanship, and several famous flying swords in the world, they are only true disciples of Shushan, and they have to go to school slowly, even if they are less than other disciples.

‘Test’, how could it be so refreshing to take out the bottom of the box directly from Heavenly Fire

Not to mention, if you have little success in your studies, you have to be sent down the mountain.

In order to carry forward the Shushan Mountain, you don’t know how many evil people you have to fight, how many secret realms of heaven and earth, how many troubles you solve, how many times you get trapped, and how many times you spend.

How many human relationships and fate you will have to ask the seniors to help, only to get arrogance as a reply!

Do people really not die Even if there is a lot of qi in the body, if you don’t die for a while, you will have too many causes and effects.

I am afraid that it will be extremely terrifying to become a fairy!

In comparison, took over the inheritance of the Master Tianhuo, at most find him a successor in the future, accumulate some merits for him, do a few things, and then it can be settled, which is already very cheap.

And if you get this inheritance, you can settle down and cultivate into an immortal with ease.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing

”Master Tianhuo cultivated the “Zifu Heavenly Book”, majoring in Tianhuo supernatural powers, and it can be cultivated to become an immortal, which is enough…”

After pressing many worries, Fang Xian smiled and started to dissipate.

He carefully, according to the method in the Zifu Heavenly Book, dissipated the mixed mana in his body bit by bit.

After seven days and seven nights, the original mana was exhausted, and Fang Xian became a mortal again.

All kinds of losses and worries come one after another, because of external demons.

Fang Xian thought like a knife, beheaded them one by one, sat in silence for three days, opened the jade bottle with jade bait, took one, and began to practice again.

”Among the Taoists, the first step into the Tao is called ‘Hundred Days of Foundation Establishment’.

When a ten thousand zhang tall building rises from the ground, this foundation cannot be neglected the most…”

He has been in seclusion for more than three months, meditating and practicing qi every day, and cooperating with various exercises, he has trained this body to be clear inside and outside, and his energy and spirit have reached a peak.

Immediately, when the morning sun was rising one day, Fang Xian came to the entrance of the cave, closed his eyes and meditated, thinking of a Zifu True Talisman in his heart.

His consciousness was lifted up, it seemed to penetrate into the Nine Heavens, and then a trace of fresh air fell down, merged with Chaoyang Purple Qi, and turned into a source of mana, with a dense purple Qi that traveled all over the body.

”Finally… I have broken through the ‘Yanfa’ again.”

After a long time, Fang Xian got up and said with emotion.

This purple mana is real mana, and the quality is extremely high.

One is equivalent to dozens of mixed mana before him!

Even in the Xuanmen, if the mana is divided into different qualities, it will definitely be among the best! 


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