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A small beacon of light.

Inside the abbey dedicated to the masters of Five Lake halls.

Fang Xian's eyes casually swept across the place.

The room is very spacious.

The bed and bookcase are made of a kind of ‘fragrant wood' that exudes a special fragrance.

There are several splashed ink landscapes hanging on the surrounding walls, and there are antique furnishings in the corners.

Previously, the deputy director Xiaozha personally hosted a banquet.

The hospitality, the exquisite dishes, the wine, and the meat, and even maidservants providing service, faintly implying that they can be summoned at will when loneliness comes at night, the wooing was quite obvious.

"The rich atmosphere is compelling..."

Fang Xian has no intention to move but sighed secretly in his heart.

Sure enough, if you don't break past the ceiling, you won't know the ecology of the upper class.

This kind of life, I am afraid that the villagers of Daqing mountain, can't imagine it in their wildest dreams.

"Compared to these, I still value them more..."

Several things were neatly placed on the tabletop.

The first was the exquisite clothing and identity badge representing the guardian of the Five Lakes Halls.

Next, the fifty taels of silver were an entry reward, five taels equate to an ingot, hence a total of ten ingots, shining brightly under the lights.

Finally, there are two secret manuscripts, which Fang Xian values ​​most.

"Tiger style and crane style"

After joining the Five style sect, you can naturally practice Five Style fists, and even those who are rumored to have made great achievements may not have the qualifications to receive the internal strength techniques and the ‘true seed'.

This was also the reason why many idle martial artists choose to join the sect.

It's just that this road is difficult.

After all, he only joined in halfway through, and not by affiliation with the sect.

Fang Xian doesn't value the ‘true seed' and only cares about the qualifications to learn the internal strength techniques.

Of course, this qualification is not just given away, merits must be made for the sect in exchange for it.

Today these two martial arts secret manuscripts were a reward for getting started, and there will be no such incentives after that.

Even if you want to learn the complete Five style fist techniques, you would need a lot of merits, let alone internal strength techniques.

'As for the qualification ‘true seed' It's even more difficult, it was like holding a carrot in front of the donkey… '

Fangxian first opened the Tiger Style fist manuscript and found that it was the same as the Fierce Tiger Fist he had learned.

Even the Fierce Tiger fist, which was slightly modified after observing the tigers in the deep mountains, was better than the Tiger style fists.

He then opened the Crane Style Fist manuscript.

The corners of this manuscript were yellowed and some are damaged.

It was probably read countless times before.

Five style sect takes the tiger, crane, dragon, snake, and monkey as the foundation of the five style fist to establish themselves; taking the strength of the tiger's roaring mountain forest, the lightness of the white crane's wings, the vigor of the dragon driving the fog, and the flexibility of the snake, the posture of the old ape on the tree...

can be described as a master of external strength.

But in fact, you can achieve acquired success through special training, and you can just dabble in the other ways."

Fang Xian turned a few pages, his eyes lit up when he saw the establishment of the crane style fist.

Practicing boxing requires energies, and energies are the pillars!

Pillar technique is the foundation of these techniques which require external strength.

He stealthily learned the Fierce Tiger Fist technique, but because his pillar techniques were not cultivated to their essence.

So, now he had no choice but to continue studying the tiger in the deep mountains.

And now, the real 'white crane pillar technique' was in front of him.

"White crane pillar technique!"

Fangxian took a deep breath, He balanced on one foot, his hands spread wide open like white cranes.

The pillar was not dead, but alive.

Don't stand dead, but stand alive!

"The mind does not move, but the heart does not move! This was indeed true...

the appearance looks like a human pillar, and it is useless if you don't learn any skills!"

After an hour later, Fangxian slowly finished work, opened the 【Talent: Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】, and a few lines of text appeared in front of him:


【Talent: Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】

【Fierce Tiger Fist: Sixth Level】

【Crane Style Fist: Not Mastered】


"This retarded cheat key, there is no extra point, bad review… "

As soon as he saw his attribute panel, Fangxian had the strong urge to burst into tears.

Not only is it rigid, but it also only can display.

Some time ago, I tried various methods, such as secretly killing, contacting various objects, etc, but I didn't see it drifting out any potential experience value.

It seems that apart from recording, it does not have any use at all.

These six levels of Fierce Tiger Fist were all hard work put in by himself.

"Fortunately, if the foundation is set, the follow-up will be simpler, with a little thought, reaching the peak of the day after tomorrow, achieving greater strength, and then breakthrough True Chi!"

Fang Xian set himself a small goal.

As for the empowerment of the "True Seed", he didn't even think about it.

He, who is determined to stand at the pinnacle of this world, was not bothered to do the things to grow the seedling.


the palace guardian today seems to hate me, maybe we should settle the root cause of the problem… "

Fang Xian blew out the lights and sat cross-legged on the bed, with a faint light in his eyes.

When he came to this world, he swore to himself that he would never accept the fate of the previous life!


The second day, early in the morning.

Fang Xian placed his hands behind his back and paced to the practice field.

"Dragon style, snake style, monkey style… Not bad, a few more times, and all the moves can be recorded, but the pillar skills still need to be explored or deliberated… "

This time, more moves were observed by 【The eye of the Mysterious Caverns】.

"Practising the tiger-shaped boxing to the extreme is also the peak of the day after tomorrow… Even if you have practiced the five styles, you still need to look at the highest level of accomplishments.

The same is true when you use it against the enemy...

But it is by analogy.

Very useful for creating your martial arts."

Fangxian stroked his forehead.

He had an instinct that his Tiger Fist was not perfect yet.

If you want to develop the internal strength with this outside family's skill and transform your True Chi, it is not hopeless, but chances are very slim.

"Guardian Fang, did you rest well last night"

Not long after, Xiao Zha greeted him with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

"Very good, when shall we go to meet the master"

Fangxian asked.

"The sect master is in retreat and can't see guests for the time being… But is Guardian Fang familiar with this city" Xiaozha asked, "Do you need me to take you on a tour"


Fang Xian raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth curled up: "That would be great!"

Joining the martial arts sect, although he can learn martial arts, he has to be commanded to do errands, he knows this very well.

Especially for Five style sect, which accepts all kinds of masters who have already learned martial arts, what they want is people who don’t need training who can be pulled out for a beating!

'As soon as you enter the underworld, you are no longer in control… '

Fang Xian sighed inwardly and followed Xiao Zha.

He has his ideas for people, Five style sect trains martial arts, allowing him to go to the side, protect the caravan, but if they wanted him to kill people unjustly, then he won't let himself be at their mercy.

To practice the techniques, you must first train your heart!

Only when your heart is set, can you attack without regrets!


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