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After returning to the Crown Prince Mansion, Xia Hongyuan looked at Liu Shun.

“Official Liu, follow me to the study.”

Liu Shun nodded and followed Xia Hongyuan into the mansion.

After returning to the study, Xia Hongyuan asked directly.

“Official Liu, do you know who my sister will marry”

Liu Shun looked at Xia Hongyuan and said, “Your Highness, its not good to foretell a marriage.

The Seventh Princess is born rich, so her marriage naturally wont be bad.

The Seventh Princess is lively and beautiful.

Whoever marries her will love her.”

Liu Shun could not remember who Xia Qiluo married in his dream.

He only cared about getting rich and powerful.

Xia Qiluo was a princess and was doted upon by the emperor.

Her eldest brother was the crown prince who would succeed to the throne one day.

Xia Hongyuan smiled.

“Thats true.

You can leave.”

Although he really wanted to know who was so lucky as to be liked by his sister, it was indeed not a good thing to foretell a marriage.

No matter who it was, it was a blessing to be able to marry the most favored and respected princess of the royal family.

How could they dare to treat her badly

Liu Shun left.

He needed some time to go through everything he could remember in his dream.

However, the more he thought about it, the more flustered he became.

In his dream, he did not marry Liu Yinniang, but another person.

He studied hard for ten years before finally becoming an official.

He wanted to climb up the bureaucratic ladder step by step.

That woman was naturally not worthy of him, so he divorced her.

Due to that, he was criticized and spat upon by everyone, causing his career to grind to a halt.

Even though he successfully became an official, he was still not respected.

He only found out later why Liu Sanniang rejected him.

When he returned to Yong County, he saw Liu Sanniang who was already middle-aged.

She was gentle and beautiful.

Years had added charm to her.

No matter how he looked at her, she was charming.

He knew that she was not married.

When her parents were around, they protected her.

When her parents were gone, her two brothers also protected her.

He would never forget her for the rest of his life.

After Liu Sanniang died, he even paid a visit to her grave.

The feng shui was very good and the grave was clean.

When she died, she also enjoyed the respect of the younglings in her family.

She never married nor did she suffer any injustice.

Before he died, he thought that if he married Liu Sanniang, his life would definitely be smooth-sailing.

He liked that kind of gentle woman.

As soon as he woke up from his dream, he thought of a way to make this marriage happen, but the heavens seemed to be going against him.

He knew that Liu Sanniang was a soft-hearted person.

She and Liu Yinniang were relatives.

If Liu Yinniang did not live a good life, she would probably feel guilty.

Another reason was that he knew that she would not marry for the rest of her life.

After marrying Liu Yinniang, he could return to Yong County in a few years when he became rich and take Liu Sanniang in as his concubine.

However, nothing happened according to the trajectory in his dream.

Liu Sanniang had become a psychic and was with Chu Yan.

Everything was different.

Now, he was even more uncertain.

There seemed to be a demon in his heart, devouring him bit by bit.

When he returned to the mansion, the servant greeted respectfully.

“Master, Madam is taking care of Old Madam.”

Liu Shuns voice was sinister.

“Go and get her to come to the study.”

The servant nodded and left.

Liu Shuns face darkened, and he was extremely indignant, almost on the verge of explosion.

Liu Cheng was sent to the army by him.

With Liu Shuns prophecy, Liu Cheng would soon be able to make a name for himself.

In his dream, the stories of Chu Yans victories were proverbial.

He remembered them by heart.

As long as Liu Cheng did what he said, he would definitely be able to achieve something.

Liu Yinniang arrived very quickly.

After entering, she started to tremble like a lone tree in the raging wind.

Liu Shun looked at her.

“Yinniang, what are you afraid of”

Liu Yinniang trembled.

“Please, be gentle.”

Liu Shun smiled.

“It depends on my mood.”

Abuse was really the ultimate joy.

He grabbed Liu Yinniangs hair and said fiercely, “Yinniang, do you know Liu Sanniang is in the capital Shes a big shot now.

Do you hate her Shes a psychic.

She saw through me long ago, but she didnt save you.

She knew what would happen to you, but she didnt do anything.

Do you hate her”

Liu Yinniangs eyes widened.

“Sanniang, she…”

So, she had known all along

Did Sanniang try to save her Yes, she did, but she just didnt believe her, and her parents didnt believe her either.

It was because of their greed that she ended up in such a state.

Liu Shun smiled sinisterly.

“Yinniang, Yinniang, shes amazing now.

Do you want to meet her and see if she feels guilty when she sees you”

Liu Yinniang did not speak.

Who could save her from such a miserable life

Could Liu Sanniang save her

She was like a withered flower, on the verge of collapse.

She didnt even know how long she could live.

She hoped that someone would come to save her, but would anyone

Liu Shun was simply a demon.

After coming to the capital, he became the crown princes trusted aide.

Her parents had a comfortable life, and so did her brothers.

But all of this was given to them by Liu Shun.

He could take it back at any time if he felt displeased.

Liu Yinniang gritted her teeth and endured it silently.

The capital was thousands of kilometers away from Yong County, and her family didnt have the ability to escape from the grip of this demonic abuser.

If he wanted to take her life, so be it.

As she was about to faint from pain, Liu Yinniang heard Liu shuns sinister voice.

“Yinniang, Liu Sanniang is a Buddha and the chosen one.

If she knew that you were living in hell now, she would definitely come to your rescue.

She was the one who pushed you into the fire pit.

Go and find her.”

Liu Yinniang did not know if she should go and find Liu Sanniang.

She didnt even know if she could live to see the sun rising tomorrow.

Liu Shun let out a long sigh.

He finally had everything he wanted and would never let Liu Sanniang have the chance to ruin his plan.

As long as she was not in the capital, he didnt care where she was.

It would naturally be best if she died.

After giving Liu Yinniang a glance, he put on his clothes and left the study.

As for Liu Yinniang, who was lying on the floor, she was covered in wounds and blood.

She was biting a piece of wood with teeth marks all over it.

If not for her heaving chest, people would think that she had already died.

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