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Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

Liu Sanniang suddenly came back to her senses and thought to herself.

‘What did I just say

Chu Yan had already let go of her and walked towards the courtyard.

Liu Sanniang looked at Chu Yans back.

For some reason, she could tell Chu Yan was upset.

What was he upset about

Liu Sanniang did not dare to think about it.

If they werent interrupted, would he have kissed her

Liu Sanniang walked out.

Chu Yans expression was cold.

Wei Zhicheng entered the courtyard and looked at Liu Sanniang.

“Miss Liu, please save my mothers life.”

Wei Zhicheng was afraid that Liu Sanniang would not agree.

He continued.

“Miss Liu, if you can save my mother, you can ask for anything.

As long as its something our Wei family can give, we will definitely give it to you.”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Zhicheng with a calm expression.

“Lets go.”

She would no longer be anxious about anything else other than the matters related to her family.

Only when she faced Chu Yan would she feel that she was still a fifteen-year-old girl with all the emotions of a young girl.

Wei Zhicheng looked at Liu Sanniang and said, “Thank you.”

Wei Zhicheng thought it would be hard to persuade Liu Sanniang to help him, but before he could say anything, she agreed.

Wei Zhicheng was a little puzzled.

General Black stayed at home to watch the house while Chu Yan acted as the coachman.

On the way, Wei Zhicheng even lifted the curtain to see if Liu Sanniang was really inside.

After confirming that she was really sitting there, he found it unbelievable that it was so easy to get Liu Sanniang to come.

Soon, they arrived at the commanders mansion.

Wei Zhicheng got out of the carriage.

Wei Zhigao and his wife were waiting outside the mansion.

When they saw Wei Zhicheng return, they quickly asked.

“Brother, how is it Is Miss Liu here”

Wei Zhicheng nodded.

“Yes, shes here.

How is Father Is he better”

Wei Zhigao frowned.

“Its still the same.

If Mother doesnt recover, Im afraid Father will…”

Wei Zhicheng opened the curtain.

He looked at Chu Yan and forced a smile.

“Miss Liu, Mr.

Chu, please come in.”

Liu Sanniang nodded and Chu Yan followed beside her.

Wei Zhicheng looked at Chu Yan and was puzzled.

He had seen him last time, but he felt like it was the first time they met.

After taking a closer look at Chu Yan, he found his aura terrifyingly cold.

When Liu Sanniang walked into the commanders mansion, Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao quickly led the way.

When they reached the main courtyard, Wei Zhicheng knocked on the door and shouted.

“Father, weve invited Miss Liu over.

Open the door.

Miss Liu can definitely save Mother.”

At the thought that his mother was about to die, Wei Zhicheng was filled with sadness and his eyes turned red.

Wei Zhigao also shouted in a choked voice.

“Father, open the door.”

His mother was crippled after giving birth to him.

She would never recover in her life.

It was not easy for her to get back on her feet again, but it only lasted for a moment.

His parents were very close to each other.

However, Mrs.

Wei suddenly became critically ill.

This made Wei Nanxi feel like it was the end of the world.

He kept muttering something about extending her life by using his life.

After closing the door, he refused to see anyone.

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao had no choice.

In their anxiety, their wives thought of Liu Sanniang.

Liu Sanniang could even bring Wei Nanxi back to life, so she should have a way to save their mother.

Wei Zhigao wanted to get a servant to invite Liu Sanniang, but Wei Zhicheng stopped the servant and went himself.

Initially, he wanted to use money or even threaten Liu Sanniang to come if he had to, but none of that was necessary.

Wei Zhigao and Wei Zhicheng shouted from outside the door.

Wei Nanxi did not open the door.

He said calmly from inside, “Let Miss Liu go back.

I have a way to save your mother.”

Wei Zhicheng frowned.

“Father, open the door first.”

Wei Zhigao was a little embarrassed.

He looked at Liu Sanniang and thought to himself.

‘Father is probably still blaming Miss Liu.

He sacrificed his life to help his wife get back on her feet, but in the end, Miss Liu interfered and ruined his plan, so he doesnt want to see Miss Liu now.

The two wives looked at Liu Sanniang.

At this moment, it wasnt their place to interfere.

They might not even be able to interfere in their husbands matters, let alone their father-in-laws.

Wei Nanxi said coldly, “I already said that I dont need her help.

Let her go back.”

Liu Sanniang walked up, and with a gentle push, the door opened.

She walked into the house.

“Why doesnt Commander Wei want my help Are you afraid of something”

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao quickly entered the room to stop Liu Sanniang from going further.

Wei Zhicheng said apologetically, “Miss Liu, Im sorry.”

Liu Sanniang looked around the room and said slowly, “I feel her life force is draining away.

Is your wifes life sustained artificially She should have died long ago.”

Wei Nanxi came out of the inner room with a cold expression.

“Who are you Its not your place to interfere in my family matters.

Zhigao, Zhicheng, kick her out.”

Wei Zhigao looked at Wei Zhicheng and asked for his opinion.

Wei Zhicheng was the eldest brother, so he would listen to him.

Wei Zhicheng looked at Wei Nanxi and then at Liu Sanniang.

He felt that there was something more to Liu Sanniangs words.

He gritted his teeth and said to Wei Nanxi, “Father, why dont you want Miss Lius help What does Miss Liu mean If you dont explain it clearly, Im afraid I cant listen to you this time.”

Wei Nanxi said sternly, “If you want your mother to live, listen to me and kick her out.

She wont be able to save your mother.”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi.

“Commander Wei, have you ever thought about how that son feels Isnt thirty years enough”

Wei Nanxi looked at Liu Sanniang coldly.

“What do you know Who told you”

Liu Sanniang looked at Wei Nanxi without fear.

She said calmly, “Commander Wei and Mrs.

Wei are deeply in love, but do you know how painful that son is He is forced to stay for 30 years, but you still refused to let him go.”

Wei Nanxi pursed his lips tightly, his eyes terrifyingly cold.

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao looked confused, not knowing what Wei Nanxi and Liu Sanniang were talking about.

Wei Nanxi stared at Liu Sanniang coldly for a while before responding in a low voice.

“All of you, leave.

I have something to say to Miss Liu alone.”

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao frowned and said anxiously, “Father, what cant you say in front of us Brother and I are no longer children.”

They were already adults, officials, married, and had children.

Now, they were treated like children.

This made them very unhappy, and they felt compelled to rebel against their fathers order.

Wei Nanxi looked at Liu Sanniang with a cold expression.

He gritted his teeth and said again, “Even if youre my children, you dont get to interfere with my business.

Get out.”

He looked at Liu Sanniang coldly.

Even if he did not do anything, people could tell from his eyes that he wanted to kill Liu Sanniang.

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