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“Legend Ju,” Legend of the Warring States said to Legend Ju below after a moment of silence.

“Yes.” Legend Ju nodded and immediately teleported the fallen Demon Blade God back to the Sky Ship to recover.

At the same time, Shi Yu yawned and continued resting.

[After thinking about it, I should replicate it.]

[Confirm recording]

Skill: Demon Blade Curse

[Level]: Super level

< Introduction > Its an undead skill.

It can obtain the power of ghosts and gods by killing enemies and can use the power of ghosts to strengthen itself limitlessly!

The greater the increase, the stronger the curse on the body, and the easier it was to lose oneself!

At the same time, in the state of a ghost god, the attack had the power of a curse.

It could also make the attacked enemy lose themselves!

“Good skill!”

This skill… was very strong.

The feeling it gave Shi Yu was that it wasnt inferior to Elevens Inner Power, or Senior Lus Mythical Revival strengthening skill.

This skill should be the core skill of this Demon Blade guy.

It could allow them to obtain incomparably powerful power without legendary power!

Although it looked a little evil, Shi Yu didnt care.

He had copied it for Chi Tong to learn.

Chi Tongs Spirit Release originally relied on killing enemies to increase proficiency.

Its bone sword also had to kill enemies to be useful.

Now that it had a similar skill, there was nothing to worry about.

As long as it was useful.

As for the curse…

In any case, with Susus cleansing, these curses were just for show.

In addition to the energy suppression, the instant kill just now was actually also the suppression of the cleansing power.

With Susu around, how could Chi Tong and the others lose themselves If they were afraid of this, it was better to worry about losing themselves in the points.

Moreover, they had also sensed the nature of the power of ghosts and gods just now.

It was very conflicting with the power of the sun that burned the darkness.

It was also very suitable to be the energy for the Interlocking Sword.

Thats right.

This way, Chi Tong didnt have to worry about encountering an awkward situation where the level of the Nether Ghost Flame couldnt keep up with the level of the Yang Flame.

At the moment, Chi Tong really had a little too few super skills.

Apart from Ling, it was the least in Shi Yus team… The key was that Ling still had a bunch of super skills waiting to be taught.

Apart from three super racial skills, Chi Tong actually didnt have any teachable super skills.

Considering this, Shi Yu decisively chose to replicate this skill after discovering that it was not bad.

It was good to go abroad to train.

Otherwise, where could he find such a skill that matched Chi Tong in the country

“Apart from that, that Demon Blade Gods Beast Taming Talent feels pretty good…”

“Unfortunately, the other party isnt a mortal enemy… Otherwise maybe he could steal that talent despite it resulting in death…”

Shi Yu, who was in deep thought with his eyes closed, had clearly discovered the uniqueness of the other partys talent just now.

It was a talent that could transfer its injuries and consumption to pets…

If he had this talent, didnt that mean that the physical fitness and life lost could also be divided among the pets

Wasnt this infinitely increasing points!

However, Shi Yu wasnt sure if he could achieve such an effect.

After all, if he wanted to plunder “transfer talent”, transferring talent wouldnt appear on him.

It wouldnt let him have a third talent.

Instead, it would be absorbed by the Talent Bead and make it a talent tool.

At that time, if he wanted to activate the talent transfer, he could only use the Talent Bead as a transceiver and transfer it to his pet.

It was similar to using the Awakening Mirror.

However, considering that the level of the talent he had plundered might not be very high and could not continue to increase, Shi Yu felt that the transfer talent was a little useless.

After all, when his level was high, if the transfer range didnt increase, the transfer talent bead would be useless.

It wasnt as practical as a tool like the Awakening Mirror.

He needed a special talent that could display permanent strategic value even if it couldnt be upgraded after plundering.

Therefore, ordinary attribute strengthening talents, which relied very much on the increase in Beast Tamer level and required subsequent development, werent Shi Yus first choice.

When Shi Yu closed his eyes to rest, the sky ship was already in a mess.

On the Beast Tamers side, when they saw Shi Yu resting seriously, they also started to place their attention on the tenth level like Shi Yu.

From Shi Yus state, he was clearly preparing for the tenth level.

Moreover, his seriousness was much greater than the previous ninth level.

“The tenth level, overlord-level creature…”

“The seven islands probably wont let a top-notch overlord guard the tenth level, right” The Tyrannical Sea Legend looked at the War State Legend.

“Hmph, the seven islands arent that immoral,” said the legend of the Warring States.

“Thats good,” Tyrannical Sea Legend said with a smile.

As long as the seven islands didnt place the top-notch overlords in the tenth level, he still had some expectations for Shi Yu, Ji Feng, and the others.

Of course, this anticipation was very small.

Tyrannical Sea Legend also knew that even ordinary overlords werent so easy to defeat in a head-on battle…

Although the Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation had erupted with more than 40 million energy points just now, which was ridiculously high, this was only the low level of overlord-level creatures.

Ordinary overlords and conventional overlords referred to overlords with about 50 million energy points.

The proficiency of super racial skills didnt exceed the perfect level too much.

Back then, the gem cat was at this level.

But even so, it could still become the guardian of one of the nine top universities of Dong Huang.

It was obvious how rare an overlord was.

After the Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation erupted with such power, it was exhausted after one attack.

However, for ordinary overlords, it was not difficult to use such an attack, nor was it difficult to resist.


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