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“The White Head Church This organization doesnt seem to be the culprit of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon either.”

Lin Qiye glanced at it and quickly scrolled down.

[The three-month-long inspection of Jiang Citys sewers has been completed.

The sewers are intact and connected to the nodes and outposts outside the city.

There are also Awakened guarding the sewers strictly.

No demon beasts or demons can invade through the sewers.]

It was news from a year ago.

The sewers of Jiang City were inspected and repaired yearly.

A year ago, the inspection went through smoothly.

Lin Qiye was deep in thought.

“Does having no abnormalities at the outposts mean it is 100% safe”

He expressed his doubt.

“If I am a demon, I will definitely dig tunnels in other hidden locations.

It would be best if it is in a place with many mountains.

I will slowly dig from the ground.

The deeper, the better!”

Lin Qiye analyzed and suddenly had a thought.

He hurriedly raised his head and looked at the map of Jiang City on his laptop.

On the east side, there was a beautiful emerald lake and a boundless plain.

The Awakened lived nearby, so security was extremely tight.

Demon beasts or demons probably wouldnt dig a tunnel under this place.

If they dug into the lake, they would immediately be exposed.

As for the business district on the west side, people were coming and going.

It was not well-hidden.

On the north and south of the outer city, there were only hills.

It was best to dig underground under the mountains.

“If I dig a hole and connect it to the sewer, then make the connection tighter so that the maintenance personnel and the Awakened wouldnt find it, I will be safe!

“But where is the node”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

He opened the Deduction of Genesis once again.

[This deduction requires 1,000,000 movement points.

After consumption, you will have 1,210,000 remaining points.

Do you want to proceed]

“It needs 1,000,000 movement points!”

Lin Qiye was shockedby this number.

“If it requires 1,000,000 points, there are two possibilities.

Either the sewer has no problems, or the mastermind is too secretive, and I am far away from the truth.”

Lin Qiye frowned.

“As expected of a White Disaster that collapsed the whole Jiang City… Its secrecy is really astounding.”

He sighed and gave up on the deduction.

Then, he merely used the phone he got from Father Gus pocket to enter the Demon Hunter Forum to search for useful information one by one.

In the forum, Jiang Citys military leader issued a bounty mission.

[The Red Winged Wolf King had suddenly descended from the sky in Jiang City.

The hill-level demon hunting squads and even the mountain levels had not noticed it.

It was likely that important members of the White Head Church were hiding in Jiang City.

Or, groups of demon beasts might have dug tunnels under the sewers.

To eliminate all dangers, I am willing to hire a hundred demon-hunting squads at a high price to investigate this matter in Jiang City thoroughly.

I hope that you will all participate.]

Jiang Citys commander was cautious.

He had issued a bounty mission as soon as it happened.

The high reward caused many demon-hunting squads to start fighting over the mission.

Not long after, Uncle Zhao called through video call.

Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhou crowded in front of the camera.

The five of them looked excited.

“Ah Xuan, Ah Yan, weve received a mission from Jiang City! This mission isnt a battle, and the risk factor isnt high.

Its still within Jiang City.

We can complete it together!”

There was no doubt that as the captain, Uncle Zhao wanted to take care of Father and Mother Gu.

The couple was touched.

“Was it a mission issued by the Jiang Citys commander It was indeed a perfect mission.

“In that case, lets do it together as a team of seven! It has been more than two years since we fought side by side.”

The two looked nostalgic.

Since they accidentally got pregnant with Little Shaoshang two years ago, they had not had the time to do demon hunting missions.

This time, the mission was right outside their house, which was convenient for them!

The next day.

The bald superhuman; the archer Uncle Zhao; the square-faced shield Uncle Xiong; the bearded Uncle Li with Soul Taunt; the short-haired Aunt Wang who could freely control shields and armor; along with the healer Aunt Zhou who had long black hair, arrived at Jiang City and knocked on Lin Qiyes villa by driving an SUV.

When they saw Lin Qiye, Captain Zhao, who was stroking his bald head, immediately rushed up and lifted him.

“Good kid, youve grown a lot taller.

Youre almost 1.4 meters tall!”

Lin Qiye: “…Put me down.”

At this moment, Lin Qiye did not have a hint of happiness on his face, nor was there the excitement of a child.

He was terrifyingly calm.

“Sigh, Ah Yan, your son is too smart.

Hes not cute at all.”

Captain Zhao placed Lin Qiye on the sofa.

He helplessly took the hot tea and drank it awkwardly.

The group of people laughed loudly.

“Although Little Shaoshang is only one year old, you cant use the mentality of a one-year-old child to tease him.

“Is that right, Little Shaoshang Can I hug you”

The busty Aunt Zhou opened her arms wide.

Her chest trembled slightly, wanting to take Lin Qiye into her arms, but he dodged it.

Lin Qiye sat at the side, concentrating on all sorts of information.

The adults were stunned and could only sit on the sofa, smiling bitterly.

Father and Mother Gu giggled slightly.

“Dont worry about him.

Hes like this.

Lets talk about this mission.”

And so, the seven of them began to discuss the mission.

“Our demon-hunting squad only needs to be responsible for patrolling the sewers near the east city residential area! If we encounter any demon beasts or demons, kill them on the spot!”


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