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Another Diamond Level captain of Ideal Island, Zhang Jin, slightly turned his head and asked Wen Shuhong.

Wen Shuhong looked at the calm Lin Qiye and couldnt help but feel confused.

He personally brought Lin Qiye to Ideal Island.

After several encounters, he had a pretty good impression of Lin Qiye.

However, there were indeed a lot of mysteries about Lin Qiye.

For example, when Lin Qiye first came to Star City, he had just reached the city gate when the Hydra Demon targeted him.

At that time, Lin Qiye was only a Platinum Practitioner, but he was being chased by the Hydra Demon.

A demon at the peak of the Incarnation Realm was chasing after a Platinum Practitioner

Wen Shuhong remembered that the Hydra Demon was fuming.

It wanted nothing more than to kill Lin Qiye.

But in its fury, Lin Qiye could escape from the hands of the Hydra Demon.

Was this possible

An average Platinum Practitioner couldnt do it.

Since that was the case, there was only one other possibility.

Lin Qiye and the Hydra Demon were acting! The Temple Demon went easy on Lin Qiye because of his identity! The demons in the Black Fog Swamp didnt dare to touch Lin Qiye!

Lin Qiyes identity was extraordinary!

Wen Shuhong felt his heart go numb.

He didnt want to believe it, but after combing through Lin Qiyes experiences, he felt that the demons words were reasonable.

Wen Shuhong shook his head.

“I dont know Lin Qiyes identity, but… As for the demon…”

Seeing that the guy relatively familiar with Lin Qiye wasnt sure, all the experts present looked at Lin Qiye warily.

The atmosphere became tenser, and the air froze under the pressure of the experts auras.

At this moment, a figure lifted his cloak and stood out.

Seeing him appear, everyone couldnt help but look at him.

“Hes the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association!”

“I didnt expect the chief to come personally.”

In Star City, the most powerful and feared peak Diamond Level Practitioner was also a renowned alchemist.

His prestige, strength, and connections were among the best.

Rumor had it he could refine Immortal Level pills.

Every auction of his could make a fortune.

Seeing the chief executive officer appear, everyone was relieved.

“Lin Qiye, can you prove your innocence”

The chief stared at Lin Qiye with a grave expression.

At this moment, all the Incarnation Realm Practitioners turned to Lin Qiye.

Instantly, Lin Qiye felt dozens of powerful auras lock onto him.

Lin Qiyes gaze was calm.

Of course, he knew that the matter was extremely urgent.

If he couldnt explain himself, then this group of people would immediately take action to suppress him.

Even though all of them combined could not trap Lin Qiye, and he could even kill dozens of them, he didnt want to shed all pretenses of cordiality.

He still needed to stay in Star City.

Lin Qiye had people to protect, and he also had to cherish his time to save Zhu Yuhengs soul.

He did not want to waste his time with these people.

With this in mind, Lin Qiye smiled indifferently.

“How do I prove myself Is thisenough”

Lin Qiye looked at the group, and streaks of lightning suddenly appeared on his fingertip.

Then, the lightning threads weaved together.

The lightning with a destructive aura turned into fine threads that twined around the bodies of the demons, instantly turning them into ashes.

“I have the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone.

Is that enough

“To demons, lightning is one of the things they fear the most.

So, am I innocent”

Feeling Lin Qiyes dense and high-quality aura comparable to that of heavenly tribulation, the experts present were all shocked.

“A top-notch lightning Dao Bone!”

“Its quality is probably already Immortal Level!”

Seeing everyone shocked, Lin Qiye shook his head slightly, maintaining his poker face.

He summoned his Thunder God Aspect.

A two-meter-tall statue stood beside Lin Qiye.

It was solemn and majestic, and the light that could purify everything made everyones scalps go numb.

The purifying power made the evil aura in the air disappear like smoke.

At this moment, Lin Qiye, emitting the purifying power, spoke calmly.

“I have the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone and a Thunder God Aspect that can purify evil.

So, do you still think that Im a demon

“Or do you think demons can also have a lightning Dao Bone

“Am I innocent enough”


Under the pressure of the Thunder God Aspect, some people couldnt help but swallow.

“No… Its not possible to be a demon.”

The group of Diamond Practitioners looked at Lin Qiye, and the doubts in their eyes gradually disappeared.

What a joke! With such pure and powerful lightning energy and purifying power, even a high-level demon wouldnt dare to touch it.

How could a demon control it

Upon hearing that wavering answer, Lin Qiyes eyes lit up and swept around.

“It seems that you guys still dont believe me.

“In that case, Ill let you guys experience it again!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye activated his Resentment Immortal Eye.

Instantly, an image appeared in front of Lin Qiyes eyes.

Demons covered the sky and destroyed a giant universe.

The Supreme Youth, who returned late, was filled with resentment.

He dug out his eyeball and sacrificed the magic in the Resentment Immortal Eye, burnt his fate, future, and blood to refine an eyeball targeting demons.

His whole races hatred for the demons has been absorbed into the eyeball.

“Kill all the demons!

“Whoever wields the Eye must have the determination and ability to kill all demons!”

One scene after another flashed across everyones minds.

A mournful roar resounded in everyones sea of consciousness.

They felt their hair stand on end, and a chill spread behind them.

“Immortal, Immortal Eye… Kill all the demons! What a heavy grudge!”

“It seems to only target demons.

Otherwise, that attack just now would be sufficient to turn us into idiots!”

“How terrifying! I did not expect such a great treasure to exist in this world!”

When the Immortal Eye appeared, no one dared to utter the slightest bit of doubt.

Even the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association was shocked when he saw the Resentment Immortal Eye.

“To possess this Eye, you are definitely not a demon! It is a sharp weapon to kill demons.

Many big families have similar eyes.

However, this one is a little special.”

The chief executive officer was born in a bigger city, and his knowledge wasnt something the local forces of Star City could compare to.

A bright light subconsciously shone through one of the experts of the Light and Shadow Group.

But soon, they couldnt help but reveal a regretful expression.

“The Immortal Technique in this Eye seems to have been destroyed.

What a pity….”

“The resentment is too heavy, and the Immortal Technique has been destroyed.

Otherwise, this would definitely be a good Immortal Eye.”

The two experts of the Light and Shadow Group and the Science and Technology Association shook their heads slightly.

When they saw Lin Qiyes Immortal Eye, they could not help but feel a bit greedy.

If the Eye still had the Immortal Technique, or if it did not have the endless resentment, they might have already been unable to resist attacking Lin Qiye.

Unfortunately, the Eye had too many flaws.

Not to mention the Immortal Technique, once someone carries the burden of resentment in the Eye, it would mean a lifetime of fighting with demons.

Therefore, the greed in their hearts was quickly extinguished.

They nodded slightly.

“Well, Lin Qiye cannot be a demon.

He is innocent.

He is also Star Citys Savior.”

“Weve wronged Lin Qiye.”

“Little Lin, please dont take offense.

In the past two days, weve been panicking because of demons.”

Everyone lowered their heads and apologized.

Lin Qiye said, “Thats fine too.

You only need to gather 50,000,000 points to pay for the mental damage.

“Of course.

Im only suggesting.

If youre unwilling to pay, I wont force you.

After all, I dont want to exhaust myself to eliminate all the demons,” Lin Qiye said sarcastically.

The group of people was speechless.

Lin Qiye was basically threatening them by refusing to identify the demons!

The group cursed in their hearts, but what could they do

The chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association could only shake his head.

“Everyone present today, please pool your points together!

“Well give it to you tomorrow!”

Lin Qiye agreed immediately, “Alright!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the Two-faced demons in the sky prison.

At this moment, they werefrightened.

“You… You…”

Their emotions were complicated.

There was shock, anger, and deep fear.

Hence, they stuttered when they spoke.

“What” Lin Qiye smiled gently.

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