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Time passed quickly.

Every day, the old emperor would make time to visit his precious son, Lin Qiye.

At the same time, he would go out to hunt once every three or five days.

He would catch spiritual beasts that contained abundant essence of heaven and earth and cook them for Lin Qiye.

Thus, Lin Qiye lived four years peacefully in the rich imperial palace.

He reached six years old, a turning point in his life.

He had matured!

His height was a towering 1.82 meters.

His soul and body had completely transmigrated into this world.

“Phew… I can finally arise,” Lin Qiye said with a deep laugh.

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His voice was mixed with some excitement and trembling.

He seemed to sigh, but it also contained the joy of reunion after waiting for so many years.

Lin Qiye clenched his fists.

He swallowed a mouthful of spiritual energy between heaven and earth.

It was enough to awaken his Supreme Dao Bone!

In an instant, purple lightning flickered in Lin Qiyes eyes.

Then, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled in Lin Qiyes body.

The earth-shattering roars of dragons and tigers resounded near the Yishui Palace.

Not long after, the aura on Lin Qiyes body rose, purple lightning dancing around.

It was as if a dragon had awakened.

The high-level ministers and the emperor all looked at Lin Qiye in shock.

“Little Seventeen, isnt your root bone fully-formed How did it transform again”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“A genius can awaken two kinds of talent!”

Lin Qiye flicked his fingers.

A pocket-sized thunder dragon appeared behind him.

It looked down at the world with cold eyes.

The old emperor and the other ministers couldnt help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

The thunders quality was enough to make Little Seventeen invincible among his peers!

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If Little Seventeen cultivated to a half step to the Nascent Soul Realm, the Wolf Tribes Young Lord would have to retreat even if he came!

Of course, the prerequisite was that the Young Lord hadnt broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm yet.

With this thought in mind, the old emperor and ministers eyes were full of hope.

However, the old emperor was slightly worried.

“Little Seventeen, how do you feel Are you unwell Will the two Dao Bones clash”

Lin Qiye was calm.

“Theres no problem at all.

Now, my body is flawless, unsullied, and dustless.

My cultivation speed is advancing by leaps and bounds.

I can finally cultivate!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye shook his body.

He activated the Qi Refinement technique!

And so, the surrounding spiritual energy surged over.

His unsullied body was like a dry sponge, rapidly devouring the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

At an efficient rate, he converted the spiritual energy of heaven and earth into pure cultivation, flowing endlessly in his body.

In a few dozen seconds, all the spiritual energy in the vicinity of Yishui Palace was devoured by Lin Qiye.

Of course, the spiritual energy in a mere palace couldnt satisfy Lin Qiye.

He continued to devour!

Thereupon, the spiritual energy above the entire imperial palace was guided by the Qi Refinement technique and turned into clouds condensed from spiritual energy.

They gathered in the sky above Yishui Palace.

However, they were torn apart by the whirlpool above Lin Qiyes head and merged into his body after the clouds floated over.

Within five minutes, the spiritual energy in the palace became empty.

The old emperor and the ministers looked at each other.

“This is the divine level bone structure”

“Your Majesty, you gave birth to a living legend!”

The corners of the mouths of the two half-steps Nascent Soul Realm experts curled up, and the ecstasy on their faces couldnt be suppressed.

However, while they were ecstatic, the old emperor didnt delay Lin Qiyes cultivation.

He threw out all ten thousand spiritual stones in his storage ring.

Lin Qiye, who still wanted more, sensed the aura of the spiritual stones.

He started to devour them again.

Not long after, the spiritual stones vanished into thin air.

Lin Qiyes cultivation had stepped into the flawless Foundation Establishment Realm.

Dense spiritual energy was flowing within his body like a surging river.

“How comfortable! As expected of a Golden Spacetime.

Its made to cultivate.

It suits me too well!”

Lin Qiye exhaled a deep breath of air, feeling extremely pleased.

At this moment, his cultivation had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The First-turn Dragon Elephant Body had reached 60% potential.

Combined with the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body, he could pulverize a cultivator at the Seventh Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Upon seeing that Lin Qiye instantly stepped into the Foundation Establishment Realm, the old emperor and ministers suddenly started to doubt themselves.

The times are changing too fast, and they have become old.

As half-step Nascent Soul Realm experts, it took them four to five years to cultivate the Foundation Establishment Realm!

But Little Seventeen in front of them could do it in just a few minutes!

It was even more terrifying that Little Seventeen did not use any shortcut for his cultivation.

His potential was a hundred times stronger than theirs!

One had to admit that it was an eye-opening experience for them.

The old emperors eyes flickered with excitement.

He was excited for a while.

After that, he looked at the roofs not far away and quickly sent a secret message.

There was a mixture of joy and showing off.

“Old Cao, this is the appearance of a legend-born emperor.

Did you see it He is much stronger than I was back then.”

Eunuch Cao raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Your Majesty, the seventeenth prince is a natural-born emperor.

Congratulations, Your Majesty!”


The old emperor stroked his beard.

His face brimming with joy, he walked up to Lin Qiye and pinched his arms from top to bottom.

His words were filled with sincere emotions.

“In the blink of an eye, six years have passed.

Youve grown from a little boy to a man…”

The old emperor was a little teary-eyed.

Back then, Little Seventeen was still a little meatball the size of two palms.

Five years ago, he was still a little boy who stood behind him and healed his wounds with sweat all over his head.

But in the blink of an eye,Little Seventeen had become a man as tall as him.

To be honest, he was a little reluctant to let Little Seventeen grow up so quickly.

But when he saw how strong Little Seventeen was, the old emperor was gratified and proud.

“Your growth has exceeded my imagination…

“Ill go prepare cultivation resources for you.

Take your time and cultivate slowly.

Dont be anxious.

Father can still shelter you for ten or twenty years.

“In addition, Father will take you to the library to choose your martial arts technique!”

“Martial arts techniques are extremely important.

Only by mastering a martial art to perfection can one unleash 100%, or even 200% of ones cultivation!”

Hearing these words, Lin Qiyes heart couldnt help but beat wildly.

In a Silver Spacetime, cultivators frequently crossed the universe.

Spiritual energy circulated and blotted out the sky and the Earth.

They did not need martial arts, nor could they develop martial arts.

They merely bombard each other with nuclear bombs.

However, the Golden Spacetime was different.

The rules of a Golden Spacetime were more complete, and there was also the art of battle.

Cultivators had to learn to control their spiritual energy exquisitely so that their combat power could be brought into full play.

Martial Arts.

It was a method to control spiritual energy exquisitely!

A gold-tier martial art technique could increase ones combat power by 20%, or even 40%!

According to the scroll Lin Qiye bought, he learned that a part of martial arts technique in the imperial palace was of gold-tier quality!

There might even be a Peak gold-tier martial arts technique!

There was once a Galaxy Practitioner who cut himself and became a eunuch.

He worked hard in the palace for 400 years.

Finally, he was rewarded with a gold-tier martial arts technique.

From then on, he soared to the sky!

He cut off his member and worked hard for 400 years to get a gold-tier martial arts technique.

Was he lucky


However, Lin Qiyes luck was even better.

He could choose any martial arts technique under the guidance of the old emperor.

What an opportunity!

Lin Qiyes heart was filled with anticipation, but on the surface, he restrained the corners of his mouth from rising.

“Then… Can Father bring me to choose a few high-quality martial arts techniques”

The old emperors eyes contained a doting smile.

“Come, follow me! There are a few good treasures in the Qin Dynasty Imperial Palaces treasure vault! It will be suitable for your talent and innate ability…”

As they spoke, the old emperor turned around and led Lin Qiye towards the treasure vault of the Imperial Palace.


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