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As soon as his voice fell, Lin Qiye immediately took action.

The wings behind him suddenly flapped, and like a shooting star chasing after the moon, he caught up to Chen Yiyong.

Sensing the terrifying killing intent right in front of him, every pore on Chen Yiyongs body was terrified.

He felt a chill running down his spine as if someone had stuffed a lump of ice into it.

At the same time, he felt like a ghost was haunting him, lying on his neck and blowing cold air.

Despair filled his heart.

“Motherf*cker! What kind of treasure are that lightning wings How can it have such an exaggerated speed Its more than twice as fast as an ordinary Fourth Gate of Heavens expert!”

Chen Yiyongs face was deathly pale.

Even if he was facing the Qin Dynastys emperor, he could still contend with him for a few days.

However, not only was his arm chopped off in one move when facing Lin Qiye, but he was also completely suppressed.

He was defeated in terms of speed, which he was best at!

Chen Yiyongs heart pounded.

His face alternated between green and white.

His eyes were filled with fear and hatred as if he had been cuckolded ten times.

However, Chen Yiyong gritted his teeth and burned his Blood Essence and life force to escape.

His speed increased at a level visible to the naked eye.


Unfortunately, Lin Qiye had lit up the Gate of Injury.

His realm was higher than Chen Yiyong.

He also had the Natal Divine Weapon, Angels Wings.

His speed was too overwhelming.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Qiye rushed to Chen Yiyongs side.

He revealed an indifferent smile.

When Chen Yiyong turned his head and saw Lin Qiyes smile, looking like a grim reaper chasing after his life, Chen Yiyongs hair stood on end, and he let out a strangled cry.

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“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! What kind of monster are you”

Chen Yiyong wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

He couldnt beat Lin Qiye in a fight, and he couldnt run away either.

He could only curse in frustration.

Lin Qiye was expressionless.

He suddenly swung his Extreme Flame Ring Saber.

The dazzling saber ray slashed at Chen Yiyongs head diagonally.

“What a fast saber!”

Chen Yiyong was shocked.

He didnt have time to react and only saw a thin blue Saber Qi flash before his eyes.

Then, he felt a chill on his neck.

Blood spurted out of his neck, and his head flew up into the sky.

Chen Yiyong was dumbfounded.

Fear and horror froze on his face.

His head rolled in the air, and the whole world started to spin.

“Did I die like that”

Chen Yiyong realized a horrifying fact.

He wanted to make up for it.

He felt that he could still be healed.

Unfortunately, the world he saw with his eyes was quickly covered by darkness.

He could no longer see the colorful world.


Chen Yiyongs head fell on the roof below and rolled.

At this moment, the Qing Xuan Sects Supreme Elder, the first-rated expert of Qing Xuan Sect who had lit up the Three Gates of Heaven 500 years ago, and their legendary figure…

Was dead!

The Qing Xuan Sect cultivators were dumbstruck and stood rooted to the ground.

The Supreme Elder was Qing Xuan Sects God for over a thousand years!

He was one of the top powerhouses in the world!

Even the old emperor, who was known for his ruthlessness, couldnt do anything to him.

Everyone thought he would live for two thousand years and then pass away peacefully!

No one had ever thought that the Supreme Elder would be killed one day.

But on this day, the impossible happened.

It also happened with great impact because the Supreme Elder was instantly killed!

The young God with lightning wings instantly killed the religion of Qing Xuan Sects disciples in the sky.

It was too visually impactful and destroyed the beliefs of the cultivators.

It made them wonder if there was something wrong with their centuries of faith.

And so, the Qing Xuan Sects cultivators lost their sense of belonging.

“Run! The Supreme Elder was killed… The Qing Xuan Sect is finished!”

“The Supreme Elder died tragically.

We have no reason to stay here anymore.


“I didnt do anything bad.

The thirty or so women were all snatched by my underlings for me! It was the Supreme Elder who committed the most heinous crime!”

“Its all the Supreme Elders fault.

He is the source of all evil!”

The entire Qing Xuan Sect was in chaos.

Tens of thousands of cultivators fled with their hands covering their heads.

Looking at the ensuing chaos, Lin Qiyes face was cold.

He threw Chen Yiyongs head to Eunuch Cao.

“Help me guard the surroundings.

Dont let any cultivators from the Qing Xuan Sect escape.

I will kill them all!”

After that, Lin Qiye looked at the mountain peaks in the depths of the Qing Xuan Sect.

“First, Ill get rid of Fish Mouth.

Then, Ill slaughter all the other cultivators in the Qing Xuan Sect…

“After all, Fish Mouth is a Gold Practitioner.

If he escapes, there will be endless trouble!”

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye grabbed a bean-eyed cultivator.

“Where is the Seventh Peak”

The bean-eyed cultivator shivered.



Lin Qiye glanced at the bean-eyed cultivator, drenched in a cold sweat.

“You didnt do anything bad to rob the people.

Very well, Ill spare your life.

Stay here and dont move, lest you get hurt by accident.”

With that said, Lin Qiyes wings flapped, and like lightning, he flew into the depths of the Qing Xuan Sect.

At this moment, the elders, deacons, core disciples, and inner disciples of the Qing Xuan Sect all fled.

Some rode on spiritual beasts, and some flew through the sky.

Unfortunately, the speed of a mere Golden Core cultivator was like a wheelchair in front of Lin Qiye.


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