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What is wrong with being read by your child

People generally had this similar reaction.

Exile, the head of the Vaintz family, felt annoyed.

What are you doing that is so clean and dignified that you ignore the value of secrets

Am I the only one who is dirty

Hypocritical people...

Just like the head of a family with murder as its business, Exile easily had a killing heart.

The slightest conflict caused him to be engulfed in the desire to resolve it with murder.

Exile tried to hide himself.

He realized that he wouldnt be treated as a human being the moment he was discovered by someone.

How to blend into society.

How to understand the ordinary.

How to maintain the right spirit, etc.

The studies that the previous head of the family taught him since childhood acted as safeguards.

It happened when he was getting further away from his own flesh and blood...

He suddenly had doubts.

Why does my wife sympathize with me Why is she as afraid of our daughters Keen Insight as I am Does this mean she is as dirty as I am...


“Looking at it this way, you are truly the blood of my family.”

The head of the statue of Pluto, which had been handed down from generation to generation, flew away.

The culprit was the one who left the family a long time ago.

Coincidentally, it was his only blood that still existed.

Therefore, he accepted her request to take the test to become the head of the family.

He used the excuse ofHow dare I go against Your Highness and wanted to re-embrace the child he had abandoned a long time ago.

He never dreamed of this development.

“I never thought you would destroy it without hesitation.”

“Get rid of it first,” Mercedes declared coldly.

Was it called the god of slaughter He was as sinister as the red flesh she saw in hell.

The fact that she was breathing under the same sky as him gave her goosebumps.

She couldnt accept the fact that her father had accepted such a polluted divinity.

Now she wasnt worried about her fathers personal safety.

She would stop him from doing things he shouldnt do.

It was her chivalry.

“Wasnt it Your Highness who asked to become the head of the family If you are the head of the family, how can you turn a blind eye to what you should learn This isnt just a thing, but thestatus of a god.

It is the power and symbol that our family has served for hundreds of years.

It isnt something to use the impolite expression ofthrow it away.”

“Stop talking and obey the order.” Mercedes voice sank even more.

Her blue hair seemed like flowers in a snowy field.

That was how cold she felt.

It meant that Mercedes had reached the point where she was routinely expressing her mental image and it also meant that Exile was at least in the same realm.


The Vaintz family, which had been less frequently used since the time of Juander—a faint smile spread across the face of the head of the family, Exile, who had been protecting the declining family alone.

It was a surprise even for Exile because it was a smile that was regained after decades.

A woman born with blue hair and Keen Insight that transcended human intelligence.

Whose child was she He always had this question, but now he realized it.

This kid is my child.

A personality who took action before words.

The way of telling her father to shut up.

It was evidence that the blood of the Vaintz family had thickened.

Im sorry to my wife. He made his wife look like that because he doubted it.

Exile casually shook off this trivial guilt and opened his arms wide.

The flesh that was revealed through the long sleeves seemed to have been cut and glued with the night sky.

Countless starlight floated on the dark blue skin.

It was a very ominous divinity compared to Grids divinity, which was likened to a sunset, or twilight.

It felt more like the demonic energy of Baal rather than an abyss.

Mercedes eyes, which were still unfamiliar with the status of anevil god, started to heat up.

It was Keen Insights effort to understand the new concept.

Exile didnt give her this time.

“Ive decided.”

Exiles body scattered like fog.

The strongest head of the Vaintz family of all time—Exile was different from his ancestors.

He was someone who communicated deeply with Pluto.

If only at least one more head of the family had skills that were half as good as Exiles...

The former emperor, Juander, wouldve faced Exile directly rather than turn away from him.

He wouldve trusted the power of the Vaintz family that was described in history and sent out infinite trust.

He wouldve covered up the transgression of abandoning a child.

“At the risk of being rude, I will pluck out your eyes.

I think I need proper reins in order to properly discipline you as the head of the family.”

Ever since accepting the god, there had been no hesitation in Exiles words and actions.

The appearance of the old man who treated the imperial queen carefully had disappeared.

It was the aftermath of omnipotence that dulled the sense of reality.

Exiles body, which had scattered as fog, soon returned to its human form.

It was right in front of Mercedes nose.

The dark blue divinity spread as quickly as an electric current.

Every wave was harder than steel and sharper than a blade.

It was a divinity that seemed to exist in order to lead everything to destruction.

It was deformed considering the fact that even the gods of Asgard, who turned away from humanity, basically had a warm divinity.

The sword that Mercedes raised in front of her let out a sharp sound.

The dark blue divinity that penetrated the White Tiger Sword like an electric current eroded the blade.

To be precise, it was closer to the principle of disintegrating it from the inside.

This was the power of Pluto, the god of slaughter.

It killed and destroyed life, matter, and even destiny.

“I sat here every day and prayed.”

It was from the time that Mercedes became Piaros disciple.

Exile stopped being called by Juander.

It had been decades since then.

It was years of being stuck here alone and communing with God.

It was why Exiles Gods Descent was more powerful than any other head of the family.

The heavenly talent was intertwined with solitude and time.


“I unintentionally left the world until this day.”

The dark blue divinity shaken off by Mercedes wrapped around Exiles wrist and between his fingers.

It took the form of swords in an instant.

They were swords that were integrated with Exiles hands.

It was in the shape of dual wielding.

It was the precursor to the Vaintz style swordsmanship.

“I have forgotten about the world as well as myself, but Your Highness reminded me.

You have given me new inspiration.”

Did she say that the empire was rebuilt after the demons invaded Until this time, Exile had no interest.

However, the sudden news from Mercedes made him interested.

She became one of the emperors wives.

The emperors perverted taste of welcoming her as a companion despite her deformed eyes was interesting.

He was also excited that the Vaintz family would have another chance.

He didnt want a revival of the family.

He just wanted to show the world the skills he had honed over the decades.

Maybe it was the wish of God Pluto, not Exile himself.

The god of slaughter—Plutos desire to spread the word about his forgotten self forcibly inspired an aspiration in him.

It didnt matter.

Exile was gradually welcoming the aftermath of meeting Mercedes.

As a gods companion before the emperors companion, how would she evaluate God Pluto What would happen if she finally accepted him Exile was curious.

“Abandon those eyes.”

Let go of the curse that has afflicted you for decades.

“Accept God.”

Embrace the blessing that has sustained me for decades.

Exile expressed his will and swung his swords.

It was literally a wave of attacks.

Exile was extraordinary as he wielded two swords with all types of trajectories.

He used the help of the divinity to continue the offensive in a single breath.

The position of his hands holding the swords changed in real time at every moment.

There was almost the illusion that his sword guards were spinning.

Plutos divinity was making him even greater.

It retained the shape of the sword while forming fog, walls, thorns, or electric currents to help Exiles swordsmanship so that the concept of a gap didnt exist.

Mercedes was under great pressure due to the repeated topographical features of the divinity that rose and disappeared in succession.

She was constrained every time she did something.

She didnt care.

She had made up her mind from the moment she hadnt raised her shield.


Exiles offensive stopped for the first time.

The transparent sword that still maintained its shape despite being eroded by Plutos divinity—he couldnt stand its destructive power, which approached by breaking through the tsunami-like sword trajectories with force.

He quickly crossed the swords in front of him to defend.

The wide space deep underneath the Vaintz familys mansion started to shake.

It was due to Exile repeatedly hitting the walls and bouncing off.

It was a place where people communicated with a god for hundreds of years and it became a sanctuary.

If this place wasnt judged to be a sanctuary, the entire underground area wouldve collapsed and the Vaintz familys mansion wouldve sank.

Mercedes blow had that much power.

The sword energy of dramatic victory, created through the repeated writing of the chivalric code, scattered like pieces of ice in the winter wind.

At the center was Mercedes, who was reminiscent of a monster of the north that Exile had seen a long time ago in the past.

It was a monstrous power who handled the perpetual snow with its own strength.

“I have finished evaluating it.”

Mercedes gathered the scattered sword energy.

Her revealed body was covered in wounds.

Her armor was rusted all over like it had been hit by hundreds of years of time.

Nevertheless, it still worked properly.

It was the work of the Overgeared God, who overshadowed the years.

“It is meaningless to use any more trivial techniques.”

“Trivial techniques... Arent you disparaging your familys secret techniques more than necessary It is a skill that Your Highness wanted to learn even if it meant carrying the burden of sin.”

Gods Descent.

Additionally, it was flawless swordsmanship using Gods Descent.

Mercedes was even aware that Exile hadnt revealed his true skills yet.

There was a white glow like stars between Plutos dark blue divinity.

According to the analysis, this was the power that Keen Insight should truly be wary of.

However, Mercedes attitude didnt change.

“It is because I didnt know it was a trivial technique until just now.”

The secret techniques Mercedes wanted from her family was swordsmanship.

Maybe she hoped it would be the process of learning divinity from her father.

Divinity She didnt need such a thing.

She already had the true and unique divinity of her god.

She was just enlightened.

“Gods Descent.”

Light fell on the dark underground, which had previously relied on glow stones.

It was a surprise flash but it was comfortable rather than dazzling.

“The sunset...” Exiles skin got goosebumps.

He couldnt understand the situation for a moment.

Why was Mercedes able to use Gods Descent It was even in the sanctuary of Pluto, the god of slaughter.

It was the place where the energy of other gods couldnt intervene recklessly.

“...Keen Insight...”

Did she realize the principles of Gods Descent with her Keen Insight and analyze and destroy even the structure of the sanctuary How much more of a monster had she become

“You wont throw it away, so Ill take it away.

Be careful because you might die.”

Orange sword energy swirled around Mercedes, who spoke firmly.


[Your apostle,Mercedes, has requested the use of Gods Descent.]

[Gods Descent]

[Give the target the right to use your divinity.

Depending on the situation, you can descend directly in the targets body.

However, a direct descent might seriously damage the targets mind and body.

Giving permission to use your divinity wont consume your divinity.

All resources consumed by the skill usage will be paid by the person who requested Gods Descent.]

“...Is she having a good fight”

At the same time, Grid opened up a new system thanks to Mercedes and was flustered.

It was while imagining Mercedes dancing in a colorful, striped hanbok.

It was the aftermath of the intense memory of the shaman, who was active () in the resurrection ceremony of the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger.


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